Monday, September 29, 2008

Boy or Girl???

Well, we had another doctor appointment today...I am at 35 weeeks. Glad to say the weight gain wasn't excessive this time and I haven't really cut out too many, I think I'll just eat whatever I want these last five weeks :). Everything seems to be coming right along. Dr. Mouer mentioned the baby no longer has his or her head down low, but it isn't a big deal since we still have five weeks to go. He said I'll know when the baby has officially "dropped" because of the pressure I'll I haven't been feeling this intense pressure for the last couple months?!? I guess it will get more intense...yeah!

So, Dr. Mouer checks the heart rate at every appointment, but we never ask what it is. Well, today Jake asked him what it was. Dr. Mouer had to reposition the baby to get the heart rate (which totally freaked me out - having a doctor looking for your baby's heart beat for more than three seconds can feel like a lifetime). Since the baby was got excited and the heart rate spiked to 180 and then ranged from 155 to 170. So, Dr. Mouer mentioned that back in the day (before ultrasounds) they would predict the baby's sex based on the heart rate. Well, of course I wasn't going to let the conversation die at that point...I wanted to know what he would predict (he doesn't know the sex of the baby either - it is not in our chart)...and he said girl. He said anything below 140 is boy and anything above 140 is girl. He also said he was wrong 50% of the, we are back to are 50/50 odds! Anyway, I had to then check out the Chinese calendar for a prediction and take some silly quiz online for a prediction...both said girl. So, for all of you out there who think it is a may want to consider switching to the very small team of Jake, my mom, and Jake's dad who say girl. I guess we'll find out soon enough!

We have appointments every week really feels like we could have a baby in no time (but hopefully at least a few more weeks)!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers - we are very blessed by so many loving friends and family. We are most of all blessed by God and His incredible gifts in our lives!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big, Big, Big...

Well, here I am at 35 weeks! I got all dressed up for my baby shower, which was so much fun. I am incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and am so excited for Baby Saylor to have so many people love him or her. Thanks to everyone at the shower!


The nursery is finally done! Jake put a ton of work into the nursery and we love it! A special thanks to Dan (Jake's Dad) as well for all of his hard work in the nursery. Only five more weeks and our little one will be in this room!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Saylor Update...33 Weeks and Counting...

Well, we had a doctor appointment this morning to check on Baby Saylor. Everything looks great with a strong heart beat. Praise the Lord for keeping this baby and me so healthy during this pregnancy. We sat with Dr. Mouer for some time and asked all of our questions (this is especially for Jake...if it was just me, I would be out of there in less than 30 seconds) and he answered them all (I skipped the question on bringing our birthplan to the delivery...I am sure he would have loved that one). We have a wonderful doctor and we are blessed to have him deliver this baby. Anyway, I asked about how big I was getting (because the comments don't stop on my size...the last one was at church last night and someone said, "Wow, were you due yesterday?") and if there was any concern...of course, he said I wasn't too big...just "average". He said I was measuring one week ahead at my last appointment, which would make sense since my due date is November 4th, but the ultrasound due date is October 24th. So, we'll have a baby around that time. He said the baby's head is down, but it isn't very low...Jake and I are always trying to figure out where the baby is, so now we think we have a good idea.

Now for the sad news...we decided no more treats for me...I am still really putting on the pounds and I need to slow it down a little. So, no more "It isn't for me, it is for Baby." or "I don't like cake, Baby likes it." Jake told me I need to start viewing my Craisins as my "treat" and not a snack I eat 24/7. For those of you who know me, fruit (whether fresh, dried, dipped in chocolate, etc.) is not a "treat", it is health food...I don't believe in the "nature's sugar" line. So, we'll be cutting out the candy, baked goods, slurpees, etc. for the next seven weeks (unless I have to have it...which could happen).

Thank you to you all for your prayers. God has blessed us with this pregnancy and we are so excited for this baby. I know I promised pictures of the nursery and they will be coming this week. We hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Wonderful Nephews...

This is too funny not to share (Melissa, you'll appreciate this.)...

Last night, we were able to have dinner with Troy and Melissa and their three wonderful boys. After dinner, we were giving hugs and Eli always kisses my belly and says bye to the baby. Last time we asked TJ to say bye to the baby, he looked at me funny and said, "Oh, you got too much food." Well, last night I went over to TJ and gave him a hug and Melissa and I were asking him where my baby was and he pointed to my belly (of course, he had to lift up my shirt to see the belly...always a wonderful thing) and he said bye to the baby. Well, then he points to my breast (I am being very politically correct) and says, "Oh, you've got two babies." It was very funny. We are very blessed by our wonderful nephews (they always make us laugh)!

No Fly Zone...

Well, someone told me the point of the blog is to update, here we go...

So, I am finally done traveling since I just passed the eight month mark. Our doctor explained that I could travel for as long as I wanted, but needed to be prepared to deliver in whatever city I was in after 32 weeks. So, we made the decision to end my travel (which I have been looking forward to for the last eight months). Also, it will be nice to end the stares from people at the airport (they are usually thinking...what is that woman doing flying when she is about to deliver a baby) and the comments..."Really, you still have two more months...are you sure you are not having twins?" or "Wow, you are really big for eight months!". As I was reminded from a friend at church last night, now I have a list of things never to say to a pregnant woman. Anyway, thank you to everyone for your prayers...God has blessed us with a smooth pregnancy and we are extremely grateful to Him.

We are almost done with the nursery and we will post pictures once we are done!