Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Saylor Update...33 Weeks and Counting...

Well, we had a doctor appointment this morning to check on Baby Saylor. Everything looks great with a strong heart beat. Praise the Lord for keeping this baby and me so healthy during this pregnancy. We sat with Dr. Mouer for some time and asked all of our questions (this is especially for Jake...if it was just me, I would be out of there in less than 30 seconds) and he answered them all (I skipped the question on bringing our birthplan to the delivery...I am sure he would have loved that one). We have a wonderful doctor and we are blessed to have him deliver this baby. Anyway, I asked about how big I was getting (because the comments don't stop on my size...the last one was at church last night and someone said, "Wow, were you due yesterday?") and if there was any concern...of course, he said I wasn't too big...just "average". He said I was measuring one week ahead at my last appointment, which would make sense since my due date is November 4th, but the ultrasound due date is October 24th. So, we'll have a baby around that time. He said the baby's head is down, but it isn't very low...Jake and I are always trying to figure out where the baby is, so now we think we have a good idea.

Now for the sad news...we decided no more treats for me...I am still really putting on the pounds and I need to slow it down a little. So, no more "It isn't for me, it is for Baby." or "I don't like cake, Baby likes it." Jake told me I need to start viewing my Craisins as my "treat" and not a snack I eat 24/7. For those of you who know me, fruit (whether fresh, dried, dipped in chocolate, etc.) is not a "treat", it is health food...I don't believe in the "nature's sugar" line. So, we'll be cutting out the candy, baked goods, slurpees, etc. for the next seven weeks (unless I have to have it...which could happen).

Thank you to you all for your prayers. God has blessed us with this pregnancy and we are so excited for this baby. I know I promised pictures of the nursery and they will be coming this week. We hope everyone is doing well!


Amy said...

So glad to hear that baby Saylor is healthy! Average, huh? Was that good or bad to hear :)? Smart idea to watch the poundage...I am the perfect example of that and what not to do :).

AprilJ said...

Well, I say to treat yourself every now and then anyway. Sometimes you actually do have a physical need for a blue slurpee. I'm a dietitian. I know these things so there :)

Jared said...

So sad to hear the standard excuse won't work anymore, sis. I think you will make it though. Love and prayers for you all.

Filleman Family said...

so is the "blue" backgroud on your blog a subtle hint that you think it is a boy??

I think you are CRAZY to cut that stuff out. It is the only time when eating it doesn't seem to directly impact your waistline . . you are going to keep growing anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake & Jenn!
Yes!!! Our little darling will be here soon.
We love you guys!
Mom (Peggy)