Sunday, October 12, 2008

Urban Camping

Well, every year we give our AZ Johnson nephews "memories" for Christmas. So, we finally got around to making the memory with them (it has been a busy year). We picked them up on Saturday afternoon - we went to the train park and had a great time. We then took them to our house for a sleepover. We had a great dinner ( the blue box and hot dogs...doesn't get much better than that) and some interesting dinner talk - boys are very fun. Since we were doing the "urban camping" with the boys - I (Jake was much smarter than me) thought s'mores would be a great idea. Well, after making a total mess and the boys trying to eat them (me hand feeding TJ and Eli telling me they were "too sticky")...we went to Plan B...oreos.

After our super fun dessert (I still think the s'mores were a good idea), we watched "The Rescuers" (this is an older Disney movie and we had a VHS tape - Eli was very confused when he saw the today...and yes, Jake and I still use a VCR - we tape our Tivo for us). Jake brought out the glow sticks during the movie (thank you Peggy - great idea) and the boys loved them. After the movie, it was bed time...tent style.

Jake really wanted to sleep in the tent as well, but there was no room for him. The boys went to sleep a little late, but they didn't get up at 5:30AM (which happened last year with Eli). We had a great time with the boys and look forward to our next sleepover!


mkronwald said...

ELI and TJ both had a GREAT time!!! They LOVE you guys SO much. Eli said his favorite thing was the "glow sticks" and TJ said, "playing with you guys and watching a movie" (no shocker there, he loves himself some tv). Thank you guys so much for loving them and being so sweet to them, they are lucky.
Commenting on the Pictures.... Does Eli has Troy's lips? And do you all love that my 4 and 3 year olds still drink milk before bed??? Me too, I am still penning my parenting book. :)

Jen said...

How fun, it looks like you guys had soooo much fun! :)

AprilJ said...

uh... my 5 yr old is still drinking WARMED milk before bed and when she gets up in the morning. I'll write the forward for your parenting book :)

Filleman Family said...

Come on - if you really need a forward for your parenting book you know you need the "mom who nurses during the night until they are one-years-old" or "mom who has to tell her almost 4-yr-old to get his nuk out of his mouth 100x/day" - that is the pool of infinite knowledge that everyone is desperate to tap into. :)