Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our little guy is just over five weeks now...I cannot believe it! He is starting to look so big and I am already getting nervous about him getting married and leaving his Momma (I know, I know...I have a long way to go..., but we are already praying for his future spouse). So, we celebrated our first major holiday with Hugh - Thanksgiving. As you all know, he hates his car seat and we have been praying (and praying and praying) for good rides in the car seat...well, it wasn't perfect, but he didn't cry the entire time for the rides...only about 50%. Praise God! We also praise God for the times when he does cry since we know he is alive! We have also started to mock him a little when he is screaming in the car seat - we cry back (I know, we are so mature...but sometimes it is so funny). We are still working on consistent sleeping...still likes to be awake all of the time. He is so alert and so strong - he amazes me already. And this morning, he rolled himself over from his stomach to his back! He tries to army crawl when he has tummy time...very active...already looking forward to the toddler years! He smiled at Daddy (I am very jealous - we work on that everyday!). What else is new this week? Well, Hugh found his thumb at his Gramma's house, but he hasn't found it again - it was so cute (I wish I had a picture). He loves bath time with Daddy - loves it...he calms down as soon as he gets in the tub (he has loved this for weeks, but I forgot to blog about it). He still hasn't decided whether he loves swaddling or not...we'll see. He also sat in his swing for almost 45 minutes this morning...we were able to get so much done! Most of all, he met lots of new family members and he loved many cousins, uncles, aunts, extended family...all wonderful! His cousin Anna Kate is super cute and hearing her say "Baby Hugh" is so sweet. He will love playing with them all one day.

Thanksgiving was great and we have some really cute pictures of our "Little Turkey" that I will post later this week. We enjoyed spending time with all of our family. Funny thing from Thanksgiving - we have been trying to figure out who he looks like (yes, I know it is Jake - the Saylor genes have overpowered the Johnson genes, which is surprising...have you seen Eli!)...anyway, we ask Eli and he says, "Jake." and when asked why - "because of his hair." It was very cute!

We are so blessed by God's grace and his patience. I was reminded of 1 Corinthians 10:31 this week, "...whatever you do, do all unto the glory of God." This was and is a great verse for me to mediate on when parenting all things unto the glory of God. We continue to thank of all of our friends and family for their prayers and support - thanks to Dan and Peggy for letting us go on our first alone date this past was very nice. We hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting BIG!!!

First, praise God for our little boy, Hugh - God hears our pleas and answers us. We serve an amazing Lord! Second, thanks to everyone for reading the blog - I love posting to the blog and appreciate everyones kind words of support. We are fortunate to have so many friends and family that love us.

Well, our little boy is four weeks old! I cannot believe it. Jake reminded me last night that four weeks ago, I was pushing to deliver Hugh - still too early to have those memories (kidding). However, it is crazy to think it has already been four weeks. So, what did week four bring? Well, it brought an amazing lactation consultant who helped me immensely with breast feeding. Hugh has been doing so much better and we are so excited. It also brought the "brest friend" - it is a breast feeding pillow and it is awesome! It brought a loss of hair to Hugh on top of his head - it took Jake 25 years to lose it (I love you husband!) and 25 days for Hugh! The crib has been brought back into Hugh's life along with a noise machine...everyone loves to hear the stream running. He has been doing so much better with the crib and we are very fortunate. I am not going to go into details yet because I don't want to have the curse of the blog (i.e., I type about the success on the blog and it never happens again!). It brought me doing something I swore I would never do as a parent - I picked his nose! I know it is gross, but it helped him breathe! It has brought more outings (in the last month Hugh has enjoyed his cousin's dinner party, time at Grandma's house, time at Uncle Troy and Aunt Melissa's house, and time at the Caruso Farm - still no love for the car seat (please pray for Thanksgiving - over an hour in the way!). What else? Well, it has brought me to my knees continuously before God - we pray all the time...we know we can't do this alone. It has made me love our little boy more and more everyday...especially the times at 2:30AM (and I already miss the last four weeks). It has made me appreciate the little things more and more (showers, putting on make-up, cooking, typing with two hands, running errands, etc.). It has made me appreciate family and friends - especially my wonderful husband (father of the year)!

Also, we want to praise God for Hugh's jaundice (which is almost gone) and Hugh's growth - he weighs 9lbs. 1oz. now...gained 20oz. in two weeks! So, he is definitely getting enough to eat and is well on his way to being our chubby baby! Thanks to everyone for their prayers - we love you all!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Three Weeks Old and Growing...

I cannot believe Hugh is already three weeks old...time flies by so fast. You don't think time flies when you are up night after night, but it truly does. Soon, he'll be crawling, walking, talking back (he better not)...but for now, he is still figuring out breastfeeding and sleeping. We love him so much and want to treasure these moments with him.

Well, what has the third week brought us? It brought a mental breakdown for me, but God's grace brought me thru it (Ps. 18:2 " God, my rock, in whom I take refuge..."). Let's just say that breastfeeding has been a bit of a struggle, but we are battling thru it together and it has been our project this week. Hugh decided the crib is overrated and doesn't like to sleep in it (I cursed myself last week by putting in my blog that he was sleeping in his crib). We are going to work on crib sleeping next project at a time. He decided he hates his car seat...screams like a dying kitty (you actually have to laugh at times because it really sounds like a dying kitty). However, we are going to see if adjusting the shoulder straps will help. He still is very unsure of the swing (the picture below is staged), but sometimes he'll sleep in there if I put him in there already sleeping. He has decided he loves being held (all the time) and loves sleeping on my chest...for all of you who are thinking, "don't create those bad habits" me, I know, but you do what you need to project at a time. We are getting him a new swaddle blanket, which will hopefully trap his arms and he won't overheat. So, overall...we are learning lots together. I am in the house all day, which is taking some time to get used to, but this is where we are at in our lives. To women with multiple children (especially those who have them very close together), you all are my heroes.

Thanks to my wonderful husband for dealing with my craziness and tears - he is so patient and loving. Thanks to my amazing family for supporting me in my craziness...we are very blessed. We look forward to week month old!

(I forgot to give his stats last week - 21in. and 7lbs. 14oz. - getting so big!)

Friday, November 7, 2008

What We Learned in Week Two...

It was a big week for us all...we are learning new things everyday. So, what did we learn this week?

We learned that Hugh added a new phase to, wake, "cry", sleep. He really struggles with transitioning to sleep, but we are working on it. Hugh learned he has a new best friend (and Mommy's best friend too) - see him with the "paci" below. He learned he will take a bottle...not all the time, but when he is hungry he will take what he can get. He has learned to sleep in his crib...all naps and at night (praise God for sleep positioners!). He cannot decide if he likes his car seat, stroller, or swing yet...we are working on this as well. He knows that he loves to be held, cuddled, and loved...and we love to do all of these things!

What have I learned? Well, I love being a mom...but I have so much to learn. I have learned that pumping is not fun. I have learned to reenter the human world...very slowly. I have learned I can leave Hugh and he will be okay (left him with my mom yesterday to run some errands). I have learned to use the time I have wisely (well, not really...Facebook can be so addicting). I have learned that my husband is so wonderful. I have learned that our family and friends are so amazing and so giving. I have learned that we are surrounded by a church family that loves us and desires to serve us. I have learned Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." I continue to learn God's grace and mercy in my life - He is amazing!

Thanks to you all for your prayers! We love you all!