Saturday, January 31, 2009

Always Learning...

Well, here we are in week fourteen...I cannot believe Hugh is already fourteen weeks (at what point do I stop counting the weeks?)! He is so big...well, long and lean (I haven't gotten my chubby baby yet...but I think he is trying to get there.). We are so blessed to be his parents - God has entrusted us with such an amazing gift. We love him so much!

So, what has week fourteen brought us? It brought a great vomit session...he was covered and so was I. While I was changing him, he just smiled and thought it was so fun. What did we learn? Expiration dates are on formula bottles for a reason. However, the funniest thing was when my mom came over the next morning and I told her about it and she says, "So, I should probably change him right when he gets up." Okay, I am not that bad of a mom...of course, I changed him! It has brought a loss of hair...mine (what happened to my luscious locks from pregnancy)! It has brought a love of flying (lifting him high in the air - he has enjoyed it for awhile now). It has brought a crib with no sleep positioner (we actually did this a couple weeks ago) and moving all over the crib while he sleeps (he completely did a 180 in the crib when I picked him up this morning). It has brought a lot of time outside while we (me, Jake, my mom (yes, my mom...she likes to do it)) pull weeds. It has brought a lot of serious talks with Dad (I know what he is saying..."and then she made me drink my whole bottle and then she made drink another one and I swear she only gave me like a two minute break..."). It has brought more staring...I love it when he stares at me (but then I get nervous that he is going to be like his Uncle Troy...kidding). It has brought the Level 2 nipple on the Dr. Brown bottle...yes, still struggling with the bottle, but the flow is faster. It brought lots of errands...he is easy to take to the store or wherever...I would have thought I would never have said this after the first four weeks of his life! Every week continues to bring lots of smiles and lots of love!

We desire to live our lives for Christ everyday, but we also struggle everyday. We want our children to be saved from a very young age and for their lives to glorify Christ everyday. I have been convicted lately to always live as if Christ is coming today because He is coming and to share His word, but I have learned this past week that it is hard to share when no one wants to listen. It breaks my heart to see so many people want to follow a human man with a lot of false promises and they turn their backs on their Heavenly Father everyday, but then again, I turn my back on Him as well. Praise be to God for His overwhelming grace and patience! So, I will pray for people and share when I can because I know I don't change hearts...only God does.

We hope everyone is doing well! We love you all. Thank you for your prayers!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

He Survived...And So Did I.

Well, we have passed the three month mark and we don't know how Hugh can get any cuter! He is such a sweet, little guy. We are so fortunate to have him. So, I went back to work this week...and it wasn't too bad. I did shed some tears on the ride in on Tuesday (I didn't break down in front of Hugh...I needed to be strong for him..ha), but overall it was fine. I enjoy the people I work with and the work I do, so it is the best possible situation right now. Hugh was great for my mom, which was a huge answer to prayer (not that I thought he would freak out, but you never know). It made it much easier to leave him knowing that he was in good hands. I loved coming home to him...I could barely wait to run inside the house to see him and his sweet. We love this little guy so much - we love to snuggle with him in the morning, we love his smiles all day, we love how he'll talk to us, we love how sometimes he looks at us like we are crazy (we probably are), we love his big forehead (our Cro-Magnon), we love how he gets the biggest smile on his face after he goes poo - like it is the biggest accomplishment ever, we love how he is patient with us and trusts us...we just love getting to be with him everyday.

So, what did week thirteen bring (besides me going back to work) brought his first has only happened a couple of times (and only for Jake...of course, why would he giggle for his Mama who has been waiting for this for weeks), but it is so cute...I cannot wait to hear it again; it has brought a lot of drool...all the time; it has brought the love of his his mouth any chance he gets - I don't think he'll just limit his sucking to his thumb...he is going to bring in the rest of the piggies; it brought the tasting of fruit (I was gone and Jake let him lick frozen blueberries...he liked them); it has brought a very stubborn side with resisting the pacifier...we have seen this with the bottle, but now he fights the pacifier; it brought the first time in the Bumbo chair (not sure how much he was into it, but he sat in it), we busted out the toys...not really into those yet; it brought his first trip to Flagstaff, the snow, and Uncle Jared's house. Overall, it was a busy week and it was a lot of fun. We are still battling with the bottle...we think it gets better and then it gets bad again...oh, well. He is growing and I shouldn't freak out about it...easier said than done. This weekend we pretty much let him eat all day long...yes, I know, I am creating the best habits...well, he is our boy and we'll be the ones to deal with it...sometimes you do what you gotta do.

We are so blessed to be the parents of this little boy and we see God's goodness constantly. We are amazed at God's goodness even when things don't seem to be that great...when we find out our house was used as a paintball target (yes, green...awesome) - God is still good; when we find out we may owe more than our house is worth - God is still good; when we have to go back to work - God is still good; when we have a President that we may not agree with - God is still good. We know that even when our circumstances may not be exactly what we thought they were going to be, God is still good and is still sitting in His throne. We are so blessed to serve an amazing God who is so patient and loving with us even when we are not good. We place our hope and trust in God...not in man.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers - we are appreciate you all. We love you all and hope you are doing well!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It is Time.

Well, Hugh has reached twelve weeks! He is such a big boy. And now that Hugh has reached twelve weeks, it is time for me to go back to work. I have known for the last twelve weeks that this week would arrive, but it didn't make it any easier. It has been an emotional is hard to leave him, but it is only for two days a week and our moms will be watching, I cannot complain. God has blessed me with a flexible employer and gracious moms that are able to watch him at our home while I work...we couldn't ask for a better situation. So, I am sure the tears will come again on Tuesday and Hugh will look at me like I am crazy, but it is time. We are so fortunate and blessed to have a very easy going little guy who will let anyone love on him (though Jake and I seem to have the market on getting smiles from him). We praise God and seek His wisdom in raising this child everyday.

So, what did week twelve bring for Hugh? It brought his first time in church nursery (he did fine and so did we), it brought play dates with Luca and his cousins, it brought bath toys, it brought size two diapers, it brought seeing where Jake works and meeting his coworkers (Hugh was very into the engineering posters...could we have a future nerd on our hands?...kidding), it brought his first happy hour (it was at Papadeux and it wasn't so happy - he did fine, but the food was gross), it brought meeting new friends, and lots more. He started rolling over again (only when he feels like it) and has started napping so much better (when we are home...and in the swing...blackout shades are coming - I am convinced that napping in the crib is just around the corner). He is still battling with the bottle, but we are starting to see a little bit of progress each day...we have realized that he will eat when he feels like it - I see long battles in the high chair in our future. He has started having conversations with Jake (it is really cute and I should try to record it) and loves for people to look at him. He still loves his time in the bath, taking walks, and reading. I would say that Hugh has really enjoyed his first few months!

I still cannot believe it has been twelve weeks...time flies. I look back to some of my earlier posts and I realize that I was a little crazy, but I am much better now (at least I can say this...I am sure some would still say I am crazy). I am still pumping (I am sure you are all glad that I still continue to share this, but I want everyone to be as proud of me as I am of myself...yes, it is called pride and please pray for me.). So, this week will bring a new change (when we finally have such a great schedule), but we trust in God for it to go smoothly. Since I knew I would always be going back to work, for the last twelve weeks I have had a closet of work clothes staring at me and reminding me that all my clothes are one size (mental note...diversify my wardrobe with more than one size), I have finally been able to fit into some of my clothes...not all, but some and that is all I coworkers can see me in the same pants every week...lucky them. I really thought my body would just bounce right back...I have realized that I am not Melissa and I can no longer eat anything I want and say, "It is for the baby." Hugh, you have changed me heart...and my body (but it is all worth it)!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support...we are so blessed! We have a lot of great shots this week thanks to Melissa and her camera (which I covet...please pray for me)...thanks Melissa!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shots, shots, shots...

Hugh just passed eleven weeks! He is getting so big...we are packing up all the zero to three month clothes and he should be transitioning to a bigger diaper soon (diapers that we will start having to buy...we have yet to buy any diapers since so many people were so nice and bought them for, now we only have to buy diapers for another two years (yes, our son will be very advanced and potty trained by two years old...ha!). He is so active and has started trying to roll from his back to his stomach...lifting his legs up and rolling back and forth. He has forgotten how to roll from his stomach to his back...the doctor told me not to worry - he just has more "body mass" to move now (polite way of saying, "His stomach is too big."). He is so sweet and we love having him with us!

So, he had his big appointment this week...shots! Honestly, I had a lot of anxiety over the vaccinations, but I really prayed about it and was reminded of Phil. 4:6 (not to be anxious). You can just read so much on the internet...the internet is a blessing and a curse. Anyway, God calmed my heart and he got his first big round of shots on Friday. He took them like a champ (of course, we drugged him first, which we will plan to do with all our children) and he only cried for a minute. He did run a fever for the rest of the day (and still has one while I type this post), but is feeling fine and not acting like he is in any pain. We praise God for his great appointment. He is now 12lbs. 14oz. (50%), 24.25in. (90%), and has a small head (25%). So, he is our big boy with a little head! He'll be back in another two months to get some more shots...lucky him (not like we haven't all been mom took me to get shots on my fifth birthday (yes, I still remember...who does that?!?)). Hugh had his first trip to the zoo with some friends from church (he didn't see much and slept when we walked through the monkey house) and had a play date with his cousin, Logan. Logan is so sweet with him; however, he can be a little clumsy and almost fell right on top of him, but we know it was in love. He spent his first week in the church nursery, which again gave us a little anxiety, but we trust in God to keep him healthy. He is still sleeping well at night...about seven to eight hours and is taking all his naps in his swing (our neighbors let us borrow their is awesome...I love the swing!). We are still struggling with the bottle feeding, but it gets better and better...we'll keep working on it. I am still pumping and I love it (not really, but I am thinking positively) - I still have to talk myself into turning it on every time...yes, I can be a little dramatic. He loves his new aquarium, reading with his Mama, and taking walks in the stroller (he finally got to look out in the stroller...loves that). Overall, we have a healthy, happy, little boy and a dramatic Mama.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support...we greatly appreciate it. I am looking forward to enjoying my last full week of being home with Hugh...I cannot believe it has almost been twelve weeks...time has flown by. We continue to look forward to experiencing all the new things with Hugh...we are so lucky!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Funny Post

So, I forgot to mention on my last post a comment Eli (our nephew) said to me. I was at Troy and Melissa's house and Melissa was giving Hugh a bottle, so Eli points to my "breasts" and says, "Aren't you supposed to feed with those?" Wow, this child has been around a lot of breastfeeding women. It was very funny. I love you, Eli!

Battle of the Bottle

So...our little boy is ten weeks old now! We absolutely love having him with us. He is so sweet and we are so lucky to be his parents. God has entrusted us with a wonderful gift and we treasure having him everyday (I wish I could say we treasure every second of everyday, but...sometimes I can have a bad attitude - I am working on it.). I love his sweet smiles and how he talks to us...he has a lot to say. I love it when he cuddles and when he naps with me (yes, he still sleeps on me for his naps...not all of his naps, but some of them and you know what...I am okay with it and I love it). I love being Hugh's momma and Jake loves being Hugh's daddy.

What has week ten brought us? Well, it brought the battle of the bottle. Hugh does not love taking the bottle...we have decided that he would prefer another way to eat so he can still play. He acts like eating is a waste of his, we are working on it and I am sure creating more bad habits since we let him have "play breaks" during the feeding times...whatever works and he eventually finishes the bottle. So, of course we had to try a million bottles (Avent, Dr. Brown, Soothie, Breastflow, etc.) because the issue couldn't be with had to be the bottle. Well, like I said before the issue is with Hugh and not the bottle; however, we did have a winner on the bottle...Dr. Brown! Of course, it is the most expensive bottle, the one that leaks, and the hardest one to clean. I really thought the Soothie bottle would be a hit since he loves the Soothie pacifier now...I was wrong. Anyway, we are working through it and will survive. He has started sleeping more at night...normally goes down by 11PM and gets up around 7AM (it isn't every night, but it has been about 90% of the time the last two weeks). So, we are enjoying more restful sleep at night - I am convinced that the sleeping during the night is dependent upon how many ounces he gets during the day...yes, I am an Ounce Nazi...counting them like crazy. He is turning into a little chunky monkey - fat and happy. He is also getting better about his warm milk - drinking it cold is absolutely out of the question, but lukewarm and he will tolerate it. I am still pumping five times a day and I have to talk myself into turning on the pump every time (Jake laughs at is quite funny), but it isn't too bad; however, the pump goes everywhere with me...don't want to get lost somewhere and not have my pump (it could be ugly). He is starting to lose his hair in the back (similar to where Jake started to lose his...sorry, I couldn't resist) and I make fun of his clown hair. He loves taking walks in the stroller and he has given up the fight in the car seat and actually sleeps in it. Praise God - He is so faithful. Lastly, he loved spending time with all his family and had a great time at Uncle Troy's b-day dinner.

The last couple weeks Jake has been home more and we have been loving it. It is so nice to have him home and I love watching him with Hugh. He is so helpful and is willing to do anything. Hugh has so many smiles for him and loves being with Daddy. Hugh's favorite time is bath time with Daddy - he can be fussy, hungry, or tired and once he is in the tub with is all smiles - I love it. Thank you, Jake, for being a wonderful husband and father - God has blessed me so much!

(For my brother-in-law - Benjamin Button was of the better movies we have seen in a long time. It is long, but we thought it was well worth it. Thanks to Gramma and Papa for watching Hugh.)