Saturday, January 31, 2009

Always Learning...

Well, here we are in week fourteen...I cannot believe Hugh is already fourteen weeks (at what point do I stop counting the weeks?)! He is so big...well, long and lean (I haven't gotten my chubby baby yet...but I think he is trying to get there.). We are so blessed to be his parents - God has entrusted us with such an amazing gift. We love him so much!

So, what has week fourteen brought us? It brought a great vomit session...he was covered and so was I. While I was changing him, he just smiled and thought it was so fun. What did we learn? Expiration dates are on formula bottles for a reason. However, the funniest thing was when my mom came over the next morning and I told her about it and she says, "So, I should probably change him right when he gets up." Okay, I am not that bad of a mom...of course, I changed him! It has brought a loss of hair...mine (what happened to my luscious locks from pregnancy)! It has brought a love of flying (lifting him high in the air - he has enjoyed it for awhile now). It has brought a crib with no sleep positioner (we actually did this a couple weeks ago) and moving all over the crib while he sleeps (he completely did a 180 in the crib when I picked him up this morning). It has brought a lot of time outside while we (me, Jake, my mom (yes, my mom...she likes to do it)) pull weeds. It has brought a lot of serious talks with Dad (I know what he is saying..."and then she made me drink my whole bottle and then she made drink another one and I swear she only gave me like a two minute break..."). It has brought more staring...I love it when he stares at me (but then I get nervous that he is going to be like his Uncle Troy...kidding). It has brought the Level 2 nipple on the Dr. Brown bottle...yes, still struggling with the bottle, but the flow is faster. It brought lots of errands...he is easy to take to the store or wherever...I would have thought I would never have said this after the first four weeks of his life! Every week continues to bring lots of smiles and lots of love!

We desire to live our lives for Christ everyday, but we also struggle everyday. We want our children to be saved from a very young age and for their lives to glorify Christ everyday. I have been convicted lately to always live as if Christ is coming today because He is coming and to share His word, but I have learned this past week that it is hard to share when no one wants to listen. It breaks my heart to see so many people want to follow a human man with a lot of false promises and they turn their backs on their Heavenly Father everyday, but then again, I turn my back on Him as well. Praise be to God for His overwhelming grace and patience! So, I will pray for people and share when I can because I know I don't change hearts...only God does.

We hope everyone is doing well! We love you all. Thank you for your prayers!


AprilJ said...

I'll vouch for you that your mom loves to pull weeds (at least she seemed like she did in TX!).. and maybe he's going to be a pilot like his Uncle Clayton (or maybe just a pilot on the side..that might be better) since he loves to fly ;) He's a cutie for sure. Here's a little side note.. I started Kara, our 5# baby out on the Avent nipple #2 when she was 4 weeks old. Was that bad? (ha ha)

twingeneration said...

Hugh is so're right - he's long! I enjoy your posts as they let me know what to look forward to! I can't wait to leave the house and pull weeds OR run errands!

Melissa said...

Dude, why did I get left out of the Anne doing housekeeping??? I wouldn't make her pull weeds I would have a LONG list of chores inside the house, how does she feel about cleaning toilets??
I think Hugh will get chunkier when he stops getting so long, he is going to be tall.
What did week 14 bring to his Aunt Melissa, the realization that his mommy isn't crazy and he really does need a break. :)

Amy said...

I think at this point you can start counting in months. So 14 weeks, mathmetician, would be 3 1/2 mos!:) I am glad that you have a good attitude about the bottle thing - you make me laugh...and about the staring thing...I thought it was just me:)LOL

the Aukers said...

Hi Jenn

I am not sure we have ever met....might have....I went to NAU with the Saylor guys....have known Jake and Jared for years....and I am one of those Blog Stalkers (don't be worried.) I got your link from Jake's Facebook! Anyways.....I just love your blog. It is soooo uplifting and heartwarming. I read it and have wanted to comment to you before (but did not want to freak you out). Anyways, it sounds like motherhood is truly fitting you well.....thanks be to God...and it is just so refreshing to hear you give so much of the glory, praise and credit to our Father. He truly has blessed you guys in so many ways with your precious son...and I can tell you, it will only get better. I have a five month old and a three year old and I cherish my life with them sooo sooo much. They bring such joy to life.....I am sure you often think of life before him and literally can't remember (or want to). =)

My children too are Babywise rocks and I swear by it.
And don't worry about the breastfeeding issues (we've all had goal was 6 months...I only got to four.)

Ok, just wanted to send you a smile and tell you it sounds like you are doing an amazing job! Keep it up! And have more babies.....sounds like you have been put here on God's earth for the job! We need more people like you two to be parents to these precious little people! God Bless you.
Joy Auker