Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bring Back the Milk!

Well, here we are at week twenty! We cannot believe how much fun we are having with Hugh. He is such a sweet little guy and we are so blessed to have him. I love waking up each day with him and finding out what is going to happen that day...I love that when we get him in the morning, he has the biggest smile on his face. What a great way to start the day!

So, what did week twenty bring? Well, it continued the bad eating habits. We called the Doctor on Monday...and we have decided to see a specialist. So, we'll be going to Phoenix Children's in a couple weeks. I talked with the nurse about adding the scoop of formula to each bottle and she said, "Did someone tell you to do that?", of course, I explained to her that it was all my idea (being the Dr. Saylor that I am). Well, we found out it isn't the best idea...the milk is getting too rich for him and making the reflux worse. So, we are putting a half scoop in each bottle now. Oh, well...he will survive. I also decided to cut out dairy this week and see if that made a difference. I did this before, but thought I would try it again (the only sign of a milk allergy he has is the refusal to eat). Well, for those of you who know me know that I love me some cereal. I dream about waking up and eating a big bowl of cereal everyday. Well, I had to sit and explain to the Cap'n (Cap'n Crunch) that I would not be able to enjoy breakfast with him this week because I couldn't have any milk. It was very sad. You learn that dairy is in almost everything (well anything good)...seriously. So, we have realized it hasn't made a, I am back to dairy (and swimming in cereal)! We really wanted it to be a dairy issue (I really did...I know some of you may think that I didn't, but I really did); however, now that we have realized that it is not...bring on the milk! We also tried a soy based formula...the jury is still out on that one. We have also realized he is not constipated...just changed his poo patterns. So, now when he goes poo...he brings the serious NASTY with him (that is another story). He also stinks when he has a big boy (or Jake)...very nasty (maybe he has the Johnson IBS). Ah, gotta love my boys. We have also started waking him up to feed him (the Doctor recommended it); however, we decided to do it around 11PM rather than makes for a much happier Mama. My mom also mentioned that maybe he is just like me when I was baby...let's hope not. I was a failure to thrive baby and almost died...I weighed 25lbs. in kindergarten and 50lbs. in sixth grade. I would hide food (even the good stuff like McDonald's) and went through a phase of only eating mayonnaise, sticks of butter, pancakes, and hot dogs...yes, my mom let me eat all those goodies because they were high in fat. So, no...I don't want him to be just like me and have to ride in a car seat until he is me crazy. So, we are just being patient and dealing with the eating issues...I have a new peace about it (God is so good) and don't freak out anymore (or don't freak out everyday I should say). Week twenty brought lots of guests, which was a lot of fun. He got to spend time with Gracie, who is the daughter of Jake's cousin, David, and his wife, Amanda. She is two weeks younger than Hugh and is very sweet. They talked to each other...too bad she didn't convince him to eat! He was very sweet with all the company, which was an answer to prayer. God has blessed us with a very sweet baby. We brought out the backpack carrier this week (we would love to take him hiking), but he isn't quite ready yet. He is starting to pull toys off (like Mr. Redbird...renamed MS. Redbird after the way Hugh "handled" her) the play mat, which makes me a little sad since he is getting too big - I love the play mat. He has decided on his future career...we know some kids want to be firefighters or race car drivers, but not our son, oh no, he is going to be just like his parents and love the office job (see the picture below)...he is obsessed with the computer (which I am sure he has learned from me). We think his hair is starting to grow in some more...definitely will be dark and definitely will have more than Jake. He is trying so hard to roll from his back to his stomach...he hasn't quite figured out that he needs to take his head with that roll (darn head).

God teaches us everyday while we stumble along trying to parent Hugh. He has taught me so much about control (that I don't have any and He does) and that I need to trust in Him daily. I have learned that I don't need to schedule everything (I have a cleaning schedule, a meal schedule, etc., etc....I am a schedule freak) because not everything (Hugh) fits into a schedule box. We praise God for the little things everyday and that His mercies are new every morning. We have stopped asking, "Why can't he eat more?" and have started saying, "Praise God for what he did eat today." We have decided that Babyhappy works better for us than Babywise; and I am okay without the schedule (Hugh loves the no schedule thing).

Thanks to you all for your prayers. We hope everyone is doing well! How blessed are we are to serve such an amazing God!


Theresa said...

Such a cute picture of Hugh with Dadddy, but the second one from the top looks SO much like Jake. Ugh, you are going through a lot with this eating thing, but I'm so encouraged by your trust in the Lord. It's a hard thing to put into practice for sure.

AprilJ said...

I love the one with his computer!! Also, congrats on getting back together with dairy. Hmmmm.. maybe your mom needs to take Hugh to Frankie (the lady who got you to eat) for some of her "magic touch". Just kidding :)

Jason and Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are still struggling with the eating stuff but I am encouraged that you are trusting the Lord and having a godly perspective (thank you for what Hugh did eat). Hugh is such a all the pics!

Krista said...

Don't ever feel guilty about the Babywise thing. I have friends who say it is the only way to parent, but with both my kids the extreme scheduling thing did NOT work. We just did the BabyHappy as well and I would like to think they have turned out okay so far! You all are doing a great job!!! :)

Melissa said...

Very cute pics, he is looking so big. Of course I am happy for you and your cereal addiction, I would hate to loose a fellow member, and it is encouraging that in the midst of this situation you can learn and see God' hand. That encourages me to be thankful. :)

Mindy said...

The girl next to me in the dorms used to eat sticks of butter... very gross.

He looks amazing! I am so glad to hear that the whole schedule thing isn't for everyone. Kind of freaks me out.

Have a great week!

Brandie said...

Oh, I'm SO with you on the dairy thing...I had to go without ALL high allergy foods for about six weeks when nursing Abby (that meant just eating meat, fruit and veggies - no carbs, no peanut butter and no milk. I though I was going to die. REALLY!). In the end, nothing really ended up helping Abby's skin issues so the ped. told me I could eat whatever I wanted. I cried in her office that happy to have MILK again! When Abby turned one and we tried to switch her to milk, we found out that she does in fact have a diary allergy --- I now carry an epi pen in my diaper bag. SCARY! The past two months I have found some GREAT dairy free things (I'm a super dooper label reader now) and we are managing fine.

I'm keeping all of you in my prayers. I know how much strength it takes to get by every day. You are doing such a great job! I'll be tuning in for updates.

Love to you all,
B day maybe we can get Hugh and Abby together for a play date.