Saturday, March 28, 2009

Get In (GI) My Belly!

(Jake's case you are all wondering...he is so "witty".)

Welcome to week twenty-two and "officially" five months! Hugh is getting to be so big and so sweet! We just love him so much. We love that he'll just stare and smile at us, it is the sweetest thing...melts our hearts. We love that he loves to sneeze - he gets the biggest smile on his face...he sneezes all the time, especially every time we go into the sun. We love how happy he gets - he giggles and squeals (this really throaty squeal) all the time. Lately, I have been taking advantage of some additional "snuggle" time with him...I'll sit and rock with him for a few minutes before laying him down...I miss my little baby at times. I know my "snuggle" times are limited and I'll take them when I can get them. He is growing too fast!

So, what did week twenty-two bring? Well, it brought the long awaited appointment with the GI specialist at PCH. I really liked the doctor - he was very young...I have decided that when doctors start to look young, it means I am old. Anyway, he was very nice and answered some questions. However, he wasn't able to magically fix everything. So, we will be going for a barium swallow test this coming Friday and he'll meet with a feeding specialist. We are also going to try him on Prevacid (another anti-acid drug) and the doctor increased his Zantac dose - he explained that every pediatrician under prescribes Zantac (awesome). Also, I am off dairy for another two weeks (so sad...luckily the Cap'n had already set sail prior to the no dairy rule...we'll meet again my Cap'n) and we supplement with Nutramigen formula (super expensive - Jake explained to me that there is a new liquid gold in town...I guess mine has lost it's value). So, Hugh is growing (Praise God!) - he is now 15lbs. 7oz. (25%) and 26.5in. (75%); however, he is continuing to slide back on the growth charts. The doctor explained that we need to be grateful for any growth in a baby that has feeding issues and need to be prepared for him to potentially fall farther and farther back on the charts. Who cares about the charts?!? (Not, not me. I would never spend hours searching on the internet for information on growth, not me.) Yes, I know 25% is not bad and you all probably think I am overreacting; however, I don't want him to get to the 10% or less...why would I? I want his growth to me crazy and tell me I am overreacting...I am okay with that. However, God has really been teaching me about patience lately and I am doing so much better with Hugh's feedings. I am no longer getting frustrated with him and am allowing him to eat when he wants without so much forcing. We have to get up with him in the night to feed him, I don't need to spend my days freaking out. The doctor explained to us that we are feeding around fourteen times a day (I argued with him at first) since feedings only last thirty minutes (he explained that a baby will take what he wants in the first thirty minutes and then they are done). So, yes...we are feeding him fourteen times a day! Hugh did great for the appointment - he was a total ham, but was so sweet for the nurse and doctor. We are praying he'll be able to handle the barium swallow test...could get interesting with a child who doesn't eat. He may need to have a feeding tube...we'll see. So, we are thankful we are taking the next steps and trusting in God to protect our little guy and to grow our little guy...we know God is faithful. I have realized that I continue to have no control and God will handle things His way, which are the best way. Also, we are reminded that Hugh is so healthy and struggles with eating - I read another woman's blog and her son has been in the hospital the last week with a serious heart condition (please pray for Stellan)...we need this perspective. God is good!

So, enough with the constant "My son doesn't eat" sob story...there is more to this child than not eating. So, what else did week twenty-two bring? It brought hair gel! I have been wanting to put gel in his hair forever (Jake didn't love the idea...I think he was just jealous since it was his old hair gel.), I went ahead and did it. I love it and he will have many more hair gel days! It brought attempts to try and break the swing naps...not going that well; however, he hasn't really wanted to nap much lately (lucky me). It brought attempts (unsuccessful) to sit up...I see this happening in the next few weeks. It brought more toys and games - I play a game (that I made up all by myself) called "Launch" where I'll launch things at him (his head)...he has a blast - don't judge me. It brought Karo syrup to get some things going down got them going and going and going! It has continued to bring lots of smiles and giggles...this little guy is so cute!

Thanks to you all for your prayers and support! We are so blessed by so many amazing family and friends!


Pam said...

Hugh is such a cutie...and yes, isn't "snuggle time" wonderful. I will continue to pray for him and his eating issues. As for "the charts"...Nadine kept sliding backwards, too. She was 17 lbs. at one year and in the 5th percentile in weight, but in a much higher percentile in height. Joshua is often "off the charts"...the other way (95+ percentile).

AprilJ said...

I'm grateful that Hugh is still growing as well.. I've heard that the Karo works wonders. We'll continue to pray for his eating issues. Love you!

Melissa said...

Haha, Jake is SO witty. :)
The pictures are awesome, but I always think hair gel makes them look to old.
Your mom told us that you got in for that test earlier then May, that is SO great. We will be praying for the test.
Maybe, MAYBE after Hugh's test he can come meet his new cousin :), I sure hope. :)

Jason and Lisa said...

Oh my goodness is he ever handsome with the hair gel. Love it.

Amy said...

I agree with Melissa, hair gel makes them look old. But I get it too. I'm not judging :). I am glad that he is growing - that is something to focus on! I love the pics - what a sweet boy. Oh, and can you reenact the "launch" game for me sometime?

Cristina said...

Wow! Waht a contraption he is sitting in on that photo! Is that a jumparoo of sorts???