Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Bare Minimum...

Yeah, week twenty-four! We cannot believe it has almost been six months! He is getting so big and so cute! We are so in love with our little blessed! We are amazed by God's goodness and His grace everyday.

So...quick update on the eating issues (or lack of eating). Good feeding tube! We spoke with the GI nurse on Monday to discuss how much Hugh needs to eat. At first, she tells me thirty-eight ounces...I started laughing. She then told me the dietitian said thirty-one ounces. So...we discussed our options. We explained that we boost (think Jamba Juice) each bottle with a half scoop of formula and after she heard that, she said twenty-six ounces was the new goal...the bare minimum. Well, I explained it would be the total maximum since we were starting at twenty. So, we are back to waking him, but we are getting twenty-six to twenty-eight each day...praise God! So, I am slowly readjusting to less sleep...and I am surviving, which is shocking (I have been trying to watch and learn from my sister-in-law, Melissa...there is no way she is getting sleep and she always has everything together!). Unfortunately, the "glue" he has to eat is working as a laxative (I would try it for myself, but it doesn't work if you don't wear diapers), but we think his stomach is finally starting to be able to handle it (ah, yes...the Johnson IBS). So, we start weekly weight checks on Monday...Jake was thrilled, "So, they charge us $30 to weigh him? Awesome." Yes, they do...the beauty of doctors and our health care system. He started off the week great and we really thought we were turning a corner, but he is back to really struggling; however, we think he is teething (I know, I know...aren't all babies teething all the time?) and he has a, those things are not helping with the eating. We are praying he is gaining weight (our scale would prove otherwise) and we will go from there. We know God will grow just won't be on our terms. We trust God in His wisdom and glory!

So, what did week twenty-four bring? Well, it brought the eating, lots of smiles and giggles, flirting, and fussing. However, it also brought the first time sitting in a high chair and a grocery cart (Okay, so I know what you all are she really blogging about this? Yes, I am. I have one child right now and I can remember him doing these things. I am sure when I do this blog for a future child it will go more like this..."Week twenty-four brought survival...Hugh still hasn't managed to poke any eyes out." But for now, I can blog about first times in a high chair and grocery cart.). We also tried to bring the fruits back out (Jake was really pushing)...he got to try applesauce...not on his fave five, Jake ate it (now, I know why he was pushing...I could have just bought him some applesauce). We'll keep trying. We really thought this week would bring teeth since he is chewing on EVERYTHING, drooling like crazy, and whining, whining, whining (all the whining gives me a headache and leads me to get my own wine), but no teeth. He has learned a party trick (that I would like to take credit for)...he can stick his fist in his mouth (no, you cannot book him for parties...yet). He got to wear some leggings (well, really long socks...but he looked like my tiny dancer...Jake loved it). We have learned that he likes to always have his "snuggle" by his face or covering his face (his soft blanket or Teddy...I stopped freaking out with him covering his took a long time). We are also busting out the six to nine month jammies...he is getting too long for the three to six months...he is getting too big! Overall, it was a great week! He is so sweet (at least when he is not whining)!

We are so excited to celebrate his first Easter (and not just to wear the super cute outfit - check the blog on Sunday or Monday for pictures)! Our hearts are so burdened for our little guy to know the Lord - we desire for him to honor and glorify the Lord from a very early age. We are reminded of the incredible sacrifice the Lord made for His children by sending his perfect son to die for our sins - we are so unworthy. Now, that we have our own son, we cannot imagine this incredible sacrifice, but we are so thankful. The Lord is Risen!

We thank you all for your prayers! We hope everyone is doing well. We love you all!


Jen said...

Love the picture in the Bumbo!

AprilJ said...

Yay for no feeding tube!! Yay for fruit!!! Yay for man leggings!!! Love you guys :)

Amy said...

So cute and you crack me up! The no feeding tube is such an answer to prayer!

MommySecrets said...

The Easter pics are beautiful!!!

In regards to 'holding it together' with no sleep, no mom really has it 'all together'!! We're all just doing the best we can minute by minute, desperately praying for wisdom to do our jobs well and strength to finish our tasks. Parenting is an incredible lesson in humility and depending on God!

Filleman Family said...

Oh your blog cracks me up - Last week he is playing with a plastic bag and this week you are drinking wine all day :) I think it is great that you write down all the little stuff. You will never remember and it is sweet to look back. He is a sweet boy.

Brandie said...

Oh how I can relate to your celebrations of gaining weight and meeting the MINIMUM requirements. It's exciting!! PRAISE GOD!

We've got to get Hugh and Abby together soon, then again...there is a chance we can meet up at the GI office. We'll be heading in there frequently in the days to come. No need to schedule play dates, we can just have weight dates.

Thanks for checking in with us and for all your prayers. We need them, appreciate them and are sending some back your way!