Saturday, May 30, 2009

Same Story, Different Week.

Here it is...week thirty-one! Can you believe it is already week thirty-one? We CANNOT believe it. Hugh is getting to be such a big boy. We have really been noticing this week that he is starting to lose his baby look and is starting to look more like a little boy everyday (not that he wasn't already a boy...just more of a baby boy). It is making me a little sad! We love this little boy so much...and we fall more in love with him each day! We continue to praise God for the incredible blessing we have been given.

So, what did week thirty-one bring? Well, I'll be honest...not a whole lot. It hasn't been the most exciting week, but we did do some new things. Hugh had his first experience in the "big" pool and it is official, this boy is a water baby...he loves the water! He even started shivering towards the end, but kept smiling the whole time. So, with Hugh's first time in the big pool meant my first time back in a bathing really is unfortunate that chubby rolls aren't cute as you get older in life. I am sure we will have many more times in the pool this summer. We are continuing to work on the crawling...well, not "we" - more me, but Hugh will entertain it for a short period of time. However, after seeing this child go buck wild in the jumper...I think I will be just fine with the longer time he remains immobile. Also, he feels the need to grab EVERYTHING and thinks everything (except food) needs to be licked...I am sure once he starts crawling, I will no longer need a vacuum cleaner...finally, he can start doing some chores around this house! We are still working on the sign language...again, me working on it and Hugh entertaining it. We worked on "hug" today (I made up my own sign) was very fun. So, we have tried starting the "no" and "no touch" with him...we especially do the "no" when he is spitting. Seriously, the spitting could drive me insane...insane! Well, all he does is smile and laugh when you try to be stern with him and then continues spitting...awesome. We try really hard not to laugh...normally, it doesn't work. I am really looking forward to disciplining this child...right. He had his first choking experience...on a piece of bread no bigger than a piece of lint - he was very dramatic (he gets that from Jake...right), no worries though...Jake knows the Heimlich maneuver. On a sad note, he had to say goodbye to his friend, Luca...she is moving back to Nebraska...I guess he won't have his Mrs. Robinson chance with the older woman (KIDDING!)...we'll miss you Luca (and Joe and Brooke). And the eating...same story, different week. He still has his good days and bad days. He still likes fruit and will eat squash. We tried carrots and he likes those as much as green beans and rice cereal. We should tape this kid eating...he opens his mouth, takes the bite, and then spits it all back, we spend about thirty minutes feeding him and get about ten to fifteen bites completed. Yes, it is a little tiring! He is finishing about three containers of baby food a week. So, I was very excited about making baby food for him (yep, going all Susie Homemaker over here...I know, some things still surprise me everyday); however, I have yet to do this since his intake is still so minimal. I coming to the reality that baby food making is not going to happen...guess we'll just stick to baby making. He is growing though...since he is starting to get a gut! So, overall...not the most exciting week (no increase in diaper size (now, that is exciting), but he did poop on a towel right after tub time while Jake was on solo baby duty...too funny), but a good week...sometimes, it is nice to have a low key can't expect new adventures like sitting in a high chair or riding in a grocery cart every week!

Thank you all for your prayers. God is amazing and we pray for you all. We pray that you all have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and Saviour. God saved me nearly eight years ago and I am forever grateful to Him for completely changing my life. Thank you Lord for your gracious encouragement and saving grace! We love you all!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

He Likes It, Hubey Likes It!

Here we are...week thirty and officially seven months! Hugh is doing so great and so are we. We continue to feel God's blessing in our lives everyday. He is so incredibly good to us when we are completely undeserving. We praise God for our little boy! We are excited for each new day and every new, fun thing for him. Thank you Lord, children are truly a blessing from you.

So, what does Hubey like and what did week thirty bring? Well, as you can read, we (especially me) call Hugh, "Hubey", which was Hugh and Baby morphed together. It is my nickname for him and I am sure he'll just love it as he gets older...right. We have LOTS of nicknames for this boy...lots of ones that are probably mean, but they make us laugh...yes, we are SO mature. So, he likes fruit...he actually likes fruit! No, we didn't go in the order of foods that the Doctor likes to see...we started with whatever we felt like and whatever he would eat. Yes, we would feed this kid ice cream for every meal if he would open his mouth for it and swallow it. He doesn't like green all. (Similar to cousin Brendan, he is constantly trying to tell us, "You put the green beans in at the wrong time."...he spits them out over and over and over (you get it). However, he will eat some squash and we'll revisit sweet potatoes and carrots this week. So, it takes him about three days to finish a size two jar of baby food. I know some of you are thinking, "And you consider that good?!?" Yes, we is all about baby steps...and we save a lot of money! We estimate he is getting around four tablespoons of baby food a day. He is a very purposeful eater and will not just open his mouth for any bite. I like to think he is thinking, "Is this bite really worth it? A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Chubby may be cute now, but what about ten years from now?"...which is very different than his Mama, who thinks, "Just one more bite...I'll eat a smaller lunch. Thank goodness my husband likes me big and plumpy." Anyway, he is making progress and we praise God. He still struggles with his bottles and is very adamant that he'll eat when he feels like it. We are still working on the "crying it out", but it is very difficult when we cannot be consistent. I just keep telling myself that Hugh is prepping us for the second baby (no, I am not pregnant) because we won't know what it is like to get a full nights sleep. He still really enjoys waking up around 5:30AM (we do not enjoy all)...we let him hang out in his one should have to get up before 7AM in this house...including Hubey. He moved up to size three diapers (wow, now isn't that exciting bet it is). He enjoyed his first party at our home...of course, he napped terrible all day and then ended up sleeping through the majority of the party. However, he did get to see lots of family and some friends, which he always enjoys (I didn't take a single picture...ahhh!). He is really loving his exersaucer/jumper...this kid goes to town in it...hilarious. We are still working on the baby signs and he is still looking at us like we are crazy. We are still working on the "crawling" and he is really getting the pivoting down and the backwards scoot. He experienced the splash park...still a little too small to really enjoy it. He enjoyed more pool time and is looking forward to his "big" pool experience this coming week. Overall, it was a great week!

Thank you all for your prayers. We are so blessed by so many people that love and care for us. We hope you all are doing well!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bring on the Heat!

Here it is...week twenty-nine! Everyday we are inching closer and closer to a full year with our little guy...unbelievable! We are so excited for each new day and love to see Hugh's personality develop more and more each new week. We are reminded daily that we are so blessed to be his parents and that children are truly a blessing from the Lord.

So, what did week twenty-nine bring? Well, it is really hard to top week, I don't even think we are going to try. This week we were welcomed into the scorching heat...ah, Arizona (why do we live here?!?). So, we got a pool...yes, a real pool and it would be an awesome pool if we were only nineteen inches tall; however, we are, it is definitely a baby pool for Hugh. He loves his tub, so we figured he would love the pool...and we are right...he is a water baby. We'll be spending lots of time in the pool this summer. We look forward to taking him in the "big" pool soon. So, his pool meant a new suit for me (ah, lucky me), I went with the Old Navy special for $12.50...I figure, "Why would I spend a lot of money on something I don't enjoy wearing and will most likely try to cover up?" Anyway, the mirrors are so unforgiving and I am sure they add ten pounds (similar to a camera). Oh well, I will suck it up and put on the suit to enjoy "lounging" by the pool with Hugh all summer. What else for this week? He tried his first biter biscuit...and now I know why it is so hard to find these things...they are NASTY. Most of it went on him or the high chair, but it kept him entertained while I cooked (and maybe while I watched Grey's)'ll do whatever to keep a child entertained. He has learned to chew on the bottle nipple while pretending to drink (how can a baby learn so many things that drive parents crazy!?!). He drank a forty...of milk...well, forty in Hugh's world (his alternate reality world where thirty-two ounces of milk is forty ounces, he is held all the time, he is waited on all day, etc.). He is getting much better with milk intake and is doing slightly better with his solid feedings. He always eats the best for my mom...we are still convinced that she is chowing some for him. We will continue to work on the feedings (with Hugh, not my mom...she has got them down). So, with the forty brought some "crying it out" time for Hugh. He only cried for a couple minutes in the middle of the night, so it wasn't too bad. However, he is now deciding that his wake-up time will be five in the morning (which is still the middle of the night in the Saylor household). So, we are trying to break this as well...a little harder than we would like. This week brought a preview of his first birthday...we let him go at Jake's birthday cupcake at a, he mashed it all up but would not put anything into his mouth...shocker. Seriously, this kid will put anything and everything into his mouth, but when any food item comes near him...he closes up shop. I am sure the first birthday will be interesting. So, we realized that we will be staying away from restaurants for the next five years...too much work. Hugh has taken away all the enjoyment from trying to enjoy a nice meal. He enjoyed some cousin time...they were all loving on him. Logan was especially sweet and even offered to carry him (I thought about it...I needed a break, but then Jake's face popped into my head and I thought maybe next time). He enjoyed some sweet time with Evie...she is getting too big, too soon (notice the size of my son's head versus her head...and now we know why it took two LONG hours of pushing)! So, I think we can officially say that Hugh is 100% broken from swing napping...we have been working on this for six weeks, but I didn't want to blog about it and get the blog curse. He is still not the best sleeper, but some naps are better than no naps. We are starting to work the baby signs with him...he just stares at us. He has started moving his hands in the "all done" motion (of course this would be the first one he learns...he is all done before he even starts), but I don't think he really understands what he is doing yet. We are going to keep working on them. We are still working on tummy time...definitely not Hugh's favorite thing. He thinks that if he balances on his tummy and kicks his legs and swings his arms really fast that he will magically start hasn't worked yet, but we are glad to see he isn't giving up on his dream. He still has no teeth (and like the broken record that I am...I swear they are coming...he chews on EVERYTHING (except food) and drools like crazy). He has started to get more dramatic in his the world is ending unless we fix his problem immediately. Each week brings more personality and lots more love! We are so blessed!

Thank you all for your prayers...we are so blessed by each of you. We cannot believe that Hugh will be seven months this next week...where does the time go?!? We thank God everyday for the amazing gift of salvation and all the incredible blessings he has given to us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hugh has SOMETHING to say...


Jake, you are an amazing husband and a wonderful father. Hugh and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for being the man God has called you to be.


Monday, May 11, 2009

The Great Adventure!

Here we past week twenty-eight, but this post is still for week twenty-eight (I am not missing a week!). Week twenty-eight (and some of week twenty-nine) was a HUGE week for Hugh with lots (and lots) of "firsts" and lots of "firsts" for us as well. We had the priviledge of visiting the Johnson AK Crew and it was awesome! This trip had been planned since last summer (yes, I am a planner) and it was amazing! Thanks to the Johnson Family for an incredible Alaska Adventure!

So, what did week twenty-eight bring...well, what did week twenty-eight not bring?!? Hugh experienced his first airplane ride...he did really well. He was able to sit in first class for one leg of the trip and he has decided that he is definitely first class and is not coach (I feel the exact same way). He also got to experience a diaper change in an airplane lavatory (my worst nightmare came true...yes, I was that mom with the stinky kid on the airplane). He got his first sickness...fever, cough, etc. However, it only lasted the first couple days...and luckily, Dr. Dixon (neighbor from down the street) checked him out and said he was fine. Yes, we freak out with every cough...the doctors can really freak you out when you have a child that struggles with aspiration. So, Hugh survived...and so did we. He got to experience ALASKA! I waited almost thirty years to see this amazing state and he waited six months...something doesn't seem right. He got lots of love from Aunt April, Uncle Clayton, and his cousins (Kara and Clay). Kara and Clay were so sweet with him...he love himself some cousin lovin'. He is definitely going to miss the constant attention from them (I am going to miss my free entertainment for him.). He was called "Bayee Hugh" (picture an almost four year-old with a Texas twang saying Baby was great). We think we found a new "best" friend...the tv...hmmm...a whole new way to parent (kidding). He got to go on his first hike(s)...and got to have meltdowns on a couple of them. We didn't have to worry about bears coming near us...Hugh was our "bear bell". He got to wear shorts in Alaska (I was not prepared for this...I brought a snow suit...not shorts (hey, I am like McGyver...I always want to be prepared for the worst))...the weather was amazing! He got to hang out with the cats...first animal experience (true animal experience...he has gotten lots of "animal" cousin experience). He got lots (and lots) of car time...hopefully, everyone's ears will stop bleeding soon (kidding...he did fairly well). He got to see Kara in her school production...he was very impressed. He got to meet some more extended family and some of Jake's college friends. We left him for the first time with a stranger (no...not just some was a friend (Kamdon) of April's...don't worry, Jake did fine). He loved all the family time (especially the hold time, the attention time, the giggle fests with Uncle Clayton and Aunt April, and the list goes on)...sorry, but now it is back to real life and the play mat. Overall, a week to remember (but aren't they all?)!

So, what "firsts" for us? Well, it brought pumping sessions in the airport and the car...finally, I have arrived and come full circle. Nothing is better than pumping milk in an airport bathroom or the backseat of a car. I got to experience my first Mother's Day - I love being a Mama...God has blessed me so much and I am in awe everyday. Jake got me a new game for my Nintendo DS (yes, I have a DS and no, I am not twelve...the highlight was when Kara says to her neighborhood friend, "My aunt is so cool, she has a DS." Kara is almost six years-old...enough said.) I got to go on a glacier tour (thanks to my wonderful husband) with April to Denali (which is Mt. McKinley to all you non-natives) was absolutely amazing. We got to see Clayton fly his F-22...and for a brief moment (very brief), I actually thought my brother was cool ( was a very brief moment). We got to experience AK wildlife (you should see my niece and nephew...kidding!)...bears, moose, caribou, tigers...yes, we saw them all (and yes, it was at the zoo...however, we did see moose on the loose a couple times). We got to do lots of hiking, which was amazing (the views are incredible...seriously)...we even saw bear tracks (I thought Clayton was just trying to freak us out at first...but we definitely saw bear tracks or a dog on steroids). We were eaten alive by small, winged creatures (aka mosquitoes...they were enormous). We got to sleep with a noise machine (which is another worst nightmare for me), but we actually really liked the running peaceful. I realized Alaska isn't "third world" (they don't have a major mall...I was a little nervous) and it is awesome (except it was still light outside at 11PM...crazy). The best thing was all the family time...we love getting to see the Johnson Family and they make us laugh. I realized it will be so funny once Hugh is talking...great quotable from Clay when we were discussing Mother's Day..."When is Little Boy's Day?"...isn't that everday?!? It was very funny...there were lots of quotables from Clay...he is hilarious. Oh, and how could I forget...I got new sunglasses (this was for Melissa...I finally have entered the "Big Eyed" Club...I have been wanting to fit in with Melissa for finally happened (well, I guess she'll be the judge of that)...and no, I am not sporting them in the picture above (Melissa, I know you were getting nervous that I bought the exact same pair from the 90's.)). Overall, it was an amazing trip and we cannot wait to go back.

Oh...the eating issues? Still there...not a big shock. We are still waiting to hear about a feeding evaluation, which could take months to even get an appointment scheduled...we are learning to be patient. We are still diligently working on solid feedings...he got some new eats in Alaska...we still haven't figured out what "wets" his palette. He is still not sleeping well and we are considering doing the "crying out" thing this week...just don't know yet because it all depends on his intake...he normally is counting on getting that extra feeding in the late night hours (lucky us). He has good days (thirty ounces) and bad days (eighteen ounces) with his eating. This week we will be back to tummy time...this kid needs to learn to start moving. He is very content with someone carrying him everywhere...I guess I would be as well. We love this baby (even if he is a little lazy)!

So, definitely a week to remember for us all and now it is back to the real world (why can't we just vacation all the time?!?). God has blessed us so much with His creation and has allowed us to enjoy it...what an amazing God. We also are so blessed by so many amazing family members...praise God! Thanks to you all for your prayers for a safe was incredible! We hope everyone is doing well!