Saturday, May 30, 2009

Same Story, Different Week.

Here it is...week thirty-one! Can you believe it is already week thirty-one? We CANNOT believe it. Hugh is getting to be such a big boy. We have really been noticing this week that he is starting to lose his baby look and is starting to look more like a little boy everyday (not that he wasn't already a boy...just more of a baby boy). It is making me a little sad! We love this little boy so much...and we fall more in love with him each day! We continue to praise God for the incredible blessing we have been given.

So, what did week thirty-one bring? Well, I'll be honest...not a whole lot. It hasn't been the most exciting week, but we did do some new things. Hugh had his first experience in the "big" pool and it is official, this boy is a water baby...he loves the water! He even started shivering towards the end, but kept smiling the whole time. So, with Hugh's first time in the big pool meant my first time back in a bathing really is unfortunate that chubby rolls aren't cute as you get older in life. I am sure we will have many more times in the pool this summer. We are continuing to work on the crawling...well, not "we" - more me, but Hugh will entertain it for a short period of time. However, after seeing this child go buck wild in the jumper...I think I will be just fine with the longer time he remains immobile. Also, he feels the need to grab EVERYTHING and thinks everything (except food) needs to be licked...I am sure once he starts crawling, I will no longer need a vacuum cleaner...finally, he can start doing some chores around this house! We are still working on the sign language...again, me working on it and Hugh entertaining it. We worked on "hug" today (I made up my own sign) was very fun. So, we have tried starting the "no" and "no touch" with him...we especially do the "no" when he is spitting. Seriously, the spitting could drive me insane...insane! Well, all he does is smile and laugh when you try to be stern with him and then continues spitting...awesome. We try really hard not to laugh...normally, it doesn't work. I am really looking forward to disciplining this child...right. He had his first choking experience...on a piece of bread no bigger than a piece of lint - he was very dramatic (he gets that from Jake...right), no worries though...Jake knows the Heimlich maneuver. On a sad note, he had to say goodbye to his friend, Luca...she is moving back to Nebraska...I guess he won't have his Mrs. Robinson chance with the older woman (KIDDING!)...we'll miss you Luca (and Joe and Brooke). And the eating...same story, different week. He still has his good days and bad days. He still likes fruit and will eat squash. We tried carrots and he likes those as much as green beans and rice cereal. We should tape this kid eating...he opens his mouth, takes the bite, and then spits it all back, we spend about thirty minutes feeding him and get about ten to fifteen bites completed. Yes, it is a little tiring! He is finishing about three containers of baby food a week. So, I was very excited about making baby food for him (yep, going all Susie Homemaker over here...I know, some things still surprise me everyday); however, I have yet to do this since his intake is still so minimal. I coming to the reality that baby food making is not going to happen...guess we'll just stick to baby making. He is growing though...since he is starting to get a gut! So, overall...not the most exciting week (no increase in diaper size (now, that is exciting), but he did poop on a towel right after tub time while Jake was on solo baby duty...too funny), but a good week...sometimes, it is nice to have a low key can't expect new adventures like sitting in a high chair or riding in a grocery cart every week!

Thank you all for your prayers. God is amazing and we pray for you all. We pray that you all have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and Saviour. God saved me nearly eight years ago and I am forever grateful to Him for completely changing my life. Thank you Lord for your gracious encouragement and saving grace! We love you all!


AprilJ said...

Too funny.... I love the swimming pictures! He'll be a regular swimmer by the time we get there in July :) It sounds like he's made lots of headway with his eating since you guys left us. Good work, mom and dad!

Filleman Family said...

sticking to baby MAKING eh? do you have an announcement :) hahaha cute pictures as always. As a side note, yesterday Davis said "I think I like Hugh more than Grayson." (He doesn't really understand how mean that is - he just means that he likes Hugh) He had fun playing with him in the nursery last time we were in there.

Amy said...

I was thinking EXACTLY what Michelle you have news? Well, hold on to those not so exciting weeks b/c some day you will wish for them back. :)...oh, and the food thing. Some day you will be like me and think all I ever do is stand in this kitchen and make food for these boys.

Evy said...

In reply to what you sent me...I'm glad that you did. :) Hugh is still cute as ever!