Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another New Week...

Another new week...week thirty-five and eight months (sorry, trying to get creative with my opening isn't working...oh, well)! (And time to put on the broken record...) I cannot believe it...eight months! It is so crazy to us to think it has been eight months...time goes by too fast. We love this baby...he is so cute and has the greatest personality...I love seeing him grow each day!

So, what did week thirty-five bring? Well, like we all know...not every week can be super exciting...but it was still a fun week. Hugh is still working like crazy on his crawl...hasn't quite figured out that he needs to move his arms, so there is a lot of belly flopping. I am excited for him to be mobile because I know he wants to explore and "experience" life in a whole new way and I am not excited for him to be mobile because I know he wants to explore and "experience" life in a whole new way. We are still working on our signs and sounds...and we still get the crazy looks. He has learned to turn on his crib kicking it (yep, we can hear him kicking it from our room and the camera monitor confirms it). What a skill...I am thinking genius on our hands! We are fine with it though because it keeps him entertained for another thirty to forty minutes in the morning...shoot, I would let him play with matches if it entertained him in the morning so I could go running (AKA sleep, but I am running in my dreams and I am really fast...oh, and the matches..kidding...just a joke, no need to call CPS). He has decided that he LOVES hair...sometimes, he'll just run his fingers through my hair and other times he pulls it so hard that I start crying. I try to keep him away from other children with hair (and that is a hard job...shockingly, most children have hair). He even likes to tug at his own hair...very cute. We had a play date with our neighbors...lots of fun...he loves watching the "big" kids play...thinks everything they do is so funny (however, had to watch out for hair pulling because our neighbor's handsome, little boy has the most amazing was a close call...Hugh was mesmorized by his hair). We are still working on his sleep habits (or lack of sleep habits)...however, God has been incredibly faithful (as always) and Hugh had a great week of night sleep...we pray it continues. We are trying the sippy cup...Hugh thinks it is another "teething" toy and gags just about every time liquid comes out. Oh, and him holding it...why would he want to do that when someone else can hold it for him? (I think I am sensing a pattern with this child.) Who knows, maybe bringing a bottle to kindergarten will be cool five years from now. He is getting so much better with his eating...seriously, it is like a different baby! He will try anything (and I mean anything) you put on his tray. However, by "try", I mean placing it into his mouth and then spitting it out. He has yet to get anything down the hatch, but he is always willing to bring it to his mouth. So, we let him get all sorts of messy and he loves it (and the Valium I take to relax is working wonders...kidding, I am getting to be okay with it all...I know it is good for him). Overall, it was another great week...lots of smiles and giggles.

We just have to say how much we love this baby...seriously. I cannot tell you how much I love getting him in the mornings and after naps. We have a routine and he always gets so excited...he just gets it and it is so cute. He is also so ticklish and I love to tickle him like crazy...kind of to the point where it hurts so good. Ah, so much fun. God is so amazing and as we continue to see His creation grow, we are so amazed...seriously.

We hope you all are doing well. We love you all and please know that you all in our prayers everyday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We have arrived...week thirty-four! We cannot believe our baby is getting to be so many weeks! I was remembering my thirty-fourth week of, things are so different now! It has been an exciting week...first Father's Day, first hotel stay, first lazy river...lots of fun. We are so fortunate to be his parents - God has blessed us so much with this little boy. We love every minute of it!

So, what did week thirty-four bring? Well, like I stated brought his first Father's Day. Hugh gave Daddy a book that he wrote (well, maybe Mama wrote it...but Hugh's idea) - Daddy loved it. Hugh is so very lucky to have such an amazing and wonderful father in Jake (and I am so lucky to have an amazing and wonderful husband in Jake). We also enjoyed a great brunch with Gramma and Papa. He had his first staycation at a local hotel...and he loved it (Jake had a work conference and we visited for a night). This baby is definitely first class (well, I know I know, G-L-A-M...). I have decided that hotel stays with babies equals no fun. Seriously, you have to break your back to bring a million different things and then there are no refrigerators or microwaves...what is that all about?!? It was still lots of fun and it was nice to get to see Daddy (Hugh had a lot of Mama time last week because Daddy was gone all week at his work event...ah, those can be long weeks). He got to enjoy the pools and the lazy river...well, Hugh was lazy and Mama was the river (we went very early in the morning and the lazy river wasn't moving, Mama moved us along). He is such a water baby! We have learned that putting on sunblock is a contact changing diapers and getting dressed. He got more play time with Logan and Logan calls him "Cueby"...very cute. Logan likes to show "Cueby" all around Grandma's house. I left him for the longest I have ever left him this past very long day trip(yep, back to traveling...but very rare) and an overnight trip with Jake (celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary). The overnight with Jake was nice (sleep, glorious sleep), but we missed him and we were very excited to see him. He is still trying to work on getting mobile - he can get what he wants...he looks funny doing it, but we're not here to judge. Seriously, I think he'll be content for a LONG time just being carried everywhere (and who can blame him...sign me up). He is working more and more on his sounds...we are working on Mama and Dada - we get the crazy look when we try to work on them. We are still working on the sign language...and we still get the crazy looks (I will not give up on the sign language, no, I won't...this baby will sign even if it is just shaking his head no (works as sign language for me)). He continues to want to be a big "helper"...(we have a new definition of "helper" in this household now). He is learning how to give kisses. He also loves looking at himself in the mirror...he thinks he is pretty cute (so do we). We continue to see his personality come out more and more...he is so curious, and I love it. We are realizing that this child is "all boy" and we wouldn't want it any other way (I am sure it will drive me crazy at times...hopefully, he'll make me skinny with how crazy active he is trying to be...a girl can hope (put down the bon bons)). We are still working on sleeping...well, Jake and I are working on it...Hugh hasn't made up his mind yet. Seriously, he is not a good sleeper...but we are not giving up hope. Each new day continues to bring lots of fun things...we love it!

So, we met with his feeding therapist (speech pathologist) this week...she is awesome. She thinks he is doing great...just a VERY distracted eater. She says he shows the true signs of reflux...major food avoidance. She kept laughing and telling me, "Wow, you are really going to have your hands full in a couple months...he is everywhere." It is funny to watch him eat - he shakes his head all over the place, bats the bottle, rolls over...again, major food avoidance. However, he is doing better and better everyday - taking lots more solids and even munching on biter biscuits. She said the muscles in his mouth look great and the true test will be how he swallows, which we'll find out in August. We are working on some new things and he is doing great. Praise God! She reiterated how important it is for him to get "messy" with food and let it get all over his face. So, she fed him and the food was EVERYWHERE...face, hands, hair, name it. So, once I stopped hyperventilating...I realized it would all be okay...I become like Rainman in those situations...nervous ticks, myself off the ledge. I want him to be a boy, which means messy. So, we are excited to keep working on everything and get him past this moment in time (in his life...and ours)!

Overall, great week! God is so faithful...even when we are not. We are thankful that God doesn't rely on our faithfulness. We thank you all for your prayers. We hope you all are doing well!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big, BIG Biter!

Well, here it is...week thirty-three. (And I am one thousand five hundred and sixty weeks (yikes!) old. Okay, over the self pity party and back to Hugh.) This has been a BIG week for our little guy...lots of BIG things. We just think he is the cutest thing ever and we fall more in love with him everyday. We'll admit that this week has ended a little tougher than other weeks, but our love still grows more and more...even on the hard days. We thank God for this baby boy!

So, what are the "BIG" things in week thirty-three? Well, first of all...Hugh has teeth...yep, two teeth! We cannot believe it and we almost didn't notice them...Jake let him gnaw on his glass the other night and we heard, "click, click, click" was teeth. Well, then the last few days, he has DEFINITELY let us know that he has teeth...seriously. Whining should be illegal...seriously. He is very needy, which is fine...but a little draining (or maybe a lot draining). It is hard to believe our baby has teeth! We are hoping (and praying...especially me since I am going to have A LOT of Mama and Baby time over the next week) that the whining ends...soon...or I will definitely be buying a ticket to Crazy Land (no, not Candy Land...Crazy Land). What else? Well, he has really starting reaching for people melts my heart (when he reaches for me, of course...not for others (kidding)). Actually, he reached for Papa first (my dad...aka Cussing Grandpa, Crazy Papa)...seriously, Crazy Papa over Mama?!? Oh, yes...he did. I am so over it. He has also started to get really excited when we come home from work. I cannot tell you how awesome it is to see my little one get so excited when he sees me...definitely makes me forget about everything else. Gramma Peggy has started watching him this week and he loves it. He misses his time with Grandma Anne, but she'll be back and he loves his time with Gramma Peggy. He got his first set of professional pictures done (and I use the word "professional" in a very loose was Walmart (yes, Walmart...yes, I am fine with it and no, I am not ashamed)) - they turned out cute. There are so many funny stories about the girl (Ronda) who shot his pictures, but I just can't go there. He is still trying to crawl, but still "swims" the majority of the time. He can get what he wants for the most part...he'll push backwards and then pivot...very odd, but it works for him. He loves to "spend time" with me while I am on the computer...this week I noticed him chewing on cord...awesome, that is some good parenting. He got to play with some boys (Trey and Tyson) from church and had lots of fun...he loves watching the older boys and they are very sweet to him. He also got some good play time with his cousin, Logan (Logan is the sweetest boy and we so look forward to them being good friends as they grow up together). They played in the pool and took a bath together (well, Hugh was taking a bath and all of a sudden, Logan is totally naked and jumping in the tub...very fun). I tried to get some shots in the was hard to get "clean" shots (I wasn't about to put a naked picture of my nephew on my brother would kill me...there was a very cute shot of Loges covering his "junk"...but not my, not on my blog). He is still enjoying pool time, play time, and signing time. Overall, a BIG, fun week (with some whine)!

You know who is "BIG"...Hubey! He is 17lbs. 11oz. (25%) and a little over 28in. (50% - 75%)! We had a great appointment with our GI doctor (Dr. P). He said Hugh is growing right on track and looks perfect. God is so faithful! I told Dr. P that I think Hugh has really turned a corner, which he agrees with...but he doesn't want us to think that Hugh is going to magically be "normal" once he grows out of the aspiration issue. He explained that we still haven't addressed the dysphagia issue, and those problems can become HUGE if we don't do anything. So, we are meeting with a feeding therapist next week to address this issue. She is going to show us some new techniques on feeding Hugh...I am thinking maybe a good sleeper hold or some other good wrestling moves (kidding). I'll have to feed him in front of her...that should be interesting. "So, how clean is your floor? And, do you mind holding his other arm?" (kidding...not about the floor) We have done what works for gotta do what you gotta do. She'll also determine how often she needs to see him. I am really trying to keep my thoughts captive and stay away from the "black hole" (the can scare you to death). I had bought my ticket to Crazy Land, but luckily, Jake took me on a detour and led me back to the Cross. We know God is faithful and wherever the path goes...we will gladly take it. Also, in the grand scheme of things...this is so tiny. We are looking forward to the appointment...unless she calls CPS on me....that could kill it.

We are really looking forward to this next week...should be lots of fun (hopefully, he'll put his whine away or I may need to get my wine out). Thanks for all your prayers. We are constantly reminded of God's true are His words, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." God is amazing and we are truly blessed!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Second Time's a Charm...

(So, I finished my blog and went to delete something and deleted the entire, second time's a charm...(and I am sure not as clever, witty, or long...))

Here it is...week thirty-two! We cannot believe how fast time is going by...too fast (I know, I know...broken hear it every week). Hugh continues to become more of a big boy and less of a baby every sad. We continue to see his independence (or sin nature as we like to call it) come out every day. God has blessed us so much with this little boy...we are incredibly amazed by His faithfulness when we are so undeserving.

So, what did week thirty-two bring? Well...again...not the most exciting week, but we enjoyed every minute of it. Hugh is still "trying" to crawl with little success. He can push himself to his knees/toes from sitting and will rock and rock and where to go. However, he does have the "swimming" thing down...too bad he can't swim on dry land. I am not terribly anxious from him to become mobile...seems like a lot more work. I'll be honest...I love that I can lay him in one place and know he'll be there when I get back. I know once he becomes mobile then it will leave less time for my "chores" (aka checking Facebook and blog stalking). We have brought out more toys and he loves his play time. He still loves his activity jumper and we love to laugh at him in it. Seriously, he goes crazy and it is so funny. We are still working on the sign language for Hugh...and Jake. Jake needs as much help as Hugh does...he has started making up his own signs. He (back to Hugh, not Jake) is starting to roll all around in the never know if you'll find him on his back, tummy, or side (most likely side...just like Mama) and you never know which direction he'll be laying. I love sneaking up on him in the crib when he gets up in the morning or naps...he gets so excited. We are still working on the "crying it out"...he had a good week, only one bad night. He gets VERY angry with us when we let him cry it is so hard. He is enjoying "snuggle" time with Mama less and less...he has started this new back arching, flailing thing...called "fish out of water"...basically, it is his non-verbal way of expressing his "independence". He still loves his pool time and has taken a few headers this week...he has no fear with the water (makes me glad we don't own a big pool). Today, he started trying to pull himself up on the edge of the pool and with his toys...not ready for all (time to lower the crib mattress and hurt my back). Overall, another wonderful week filled with lots of smiles and lots of giggles!

And the eating...this will always be the same story, different week line. I have finally decided to give up on the carrots (Jake is thrilled) - we tried mixing them with bananas and pears...still not a taker (I know, aren't you all shocked...I mean carrots mixed with bananas and pears and he still didn't like is such a delicious combo). So, we'll move onto sweet potatoes. Also, I have idea why I got those...I won't eat peas. He is still eating around two to three containers per week...two feedings a day for thirty steps. I think we'll add another feeding this week. Good news is...he is enjoying the table food more. He doesn't really eat it, but he'll play with it and bring it to his mouth to try. I have read that children with eating issues need to learn to "experience" (aka get messy) the food so they don't fear food. So, I have to learn to experience the mess so I don't "fear" (aka freak out supa panic) the mess. We are going back to the GI doctor this week...hopefully, we'll be out of the sixteen pound range or we'll have a very angry nurse - not that we aren't working on this all the time like crazy!

Well, things are good and God is good. As you all know from my last post, we slaughtered the "cow" (aka me) and we'll use the remaining milk we have. It is crazy to think that the thousand plus ounces we have will only last one month! All that hard work for one month! I swear Jake is going to need to start lactating for the next baby...he does have nipples. So, I need to learn to eat a lot less food now...that is a struggle...too bad I cannot burn as many calories sitting on the couch as I did pumping. Overall, everything is good and we look forward to each new day. We hope and pray you all are doing well. We love you all and thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pump, Pump!!!

Well, I am posting twice in one week again…what is the world coming to? No, this post is not the weekly update on Hugh…it is a special shout out to Mr. Pump. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Pump has been a companion of mine for the last seven months…especially the last five months. Where I went, he went…he became a girl’s “breast” friend. Who would have thought that the pump that I brought back from Texas over a year ago would become so important in my life. You see, I tried (and tried and tried and tried…you get it) breastfeeding Hugh, but at eight weeks of life on this earth, we both decided that in order for life to continue for me that I would no longer breastfeed Hugh…little did we know that his dysphagia would never allow for breastfeeding and he should have never been breastfed (wow, learning that earlier on would have made me much more sane). So, that led me to Mr. Pump. Now, we interacted early on after Hugh was born – I’ll never forget the first time…I started crying within thirty seconds. Mr. Pump was not Mr. Gentle and I swore (and probably not in a nice way) that he would NEVER touch me again. Well, I slowly warmed up to him (he is a good listener…never has an opinion) and our relationship began…he has been with lots of women over his six years and he certainly “knows” what he is doing. And yes, he did know what he doing…thousands of ounces later. Well, the time has come for us to say goodbye to Mr. Pump…and the timing is just right since Mr. Pump is dying. So, this is a shout out to Mr. Pump…

Random Reasons Why Mr. Pump and I are Good Friends…

1. There is no demand feeding with Mr. Pump…he eats when I decide to feed him.
2. Mr. Pump never cries for food – he is patient with me and doesn’t “yell” at me when he is hungry…oh, wait…neither does Hugh!
3. He sleeps thru the night…every night unless I decide to wake him.
4. He never “snack fed” – it was always full feedings for him.
5. He never bit me.
6. We never dealt with the pulling on and off deal – he was never distracted…when he was feeding, there was no playing around.
7. He could finish a full feeding in less than eight minutes.
8. If I forgot him at home, no one would call CPS on me.
9. He saved me money…rather than cost me LOTS of money!
10. He is very fashionable in sleek, black attire.
11. He allowed for me to eat the cupcakes, ding dongs, ho hos, twinkies…you get it. He was like my “gym”…too bad he couldn’t be my “surgeon” and move some “junk” around on the body. This, I will truly miss.

And I know there are lots more reasons, but just wanted to highlight a few.

So, Mr. Pump has been “weaned” (and let me tell you that weaning a six year-old is no easy task and neither is weaning in general…PAIN…seriously…I am so much better dealing with pain when I know the time frame that it will end) and we close this chapter in our lives. We know this will not be the last chapter on pumping in my book of life, but we hope that pumping will not be a big story line in our future children’s lives (and no, I am not pregnant). So, thank you April for Mr. Pump…I am sorry he is dying. And thank you to Melissa, who will provide the future Mr. Pump.