Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big, BIG Biter!

Well, here it is...week thirty-three. (And I am one thousand five hundred and sixty weeks (yikes!) old. Okay, over the self pity party and back to Hugh.) This has been a BIG week for our little guy...lots of BIG things. We just think he is the cutest thing ever and we fall more in love with him everyday. We'll admit that this week has ended a little tougher than other weeks, but our love still grows more and more...even on the hard days. We thank God for this baby boy!

So, what are the "BIG" things in week thirty-three? Well, first of all...Hugh has teeth...yep, two teeth! We cannot believe it and we almost didn't notice them...Jake let him gnaw on his glass the other night and we heard, "click, click, click" was teeth. Well, then the last few days, he has DEFINITELY let us know that he has teeth...seriously. Whining should be illegal...seriously. He is very needy, which is fine...but a little draining (or maybe a lot draining). It is hard to believe our baby has teeth! We are hoping (and praying...especially me since I am going to have A LOT of Mama and Baby time over the next week) that the whining ends...soon...or I will definitely be buying a ticket to Crazy Land (no, not Candy Land...Crazy Land). What else? Well, he has really starting reaching for people melts my heart (when he reaches for me, of course...not for others (kidding)). Actually, he reached for Papa first (my dad...aka Cussing Grandpa, Crazy Papa)...seriously, Crazy Papa over Mama?!? Oh, yes...he did. I am so over it. He has also started to get really excited when we come home from work. I cannot tell you how awesome it is to see my little one get so excited when he sees me...definitely makes me forget about everything else. Gramma Peggy has started watching him this week and he loves it. He misses his time with Grandma Anne, but she'll be back and he loves his time with Gramma Peggy. He got his first set of professional pictures done (and I use the word "professional" in a very loose was Walmart (yes, Walmart...yes, I am fine with it and no, I am not ashamed)) - they turned out cute. There are so many funny stories about the girl (Ronda) who shot his pictures, but I just can't go there. He is still trying to crawl, but still "swims" the majority of the time. He can get what he wants for the most part...he'll push backwards and then pivot...very odd, but it works for him. He loves to "spend time" with me while I am on the computer...this week I noticed him chewing on cord...awesome, that is some good parenting. He got to play with some boys (Trey and Tyson) from church and had lots of fun...he loves watching the older boys and they are very sweet to him. He also got some good play time with his cousin, Logan (Logan is the sweetest boy and we so look forward to them being good friends as they grow up together). They played in the pool and took a bath together (well, Hugh was taking a bath and all of a sudden, Logan is totally naked and jumping in the tub...very fun). I tried to get some shots in the was hard to get "clean" shots (I wasn't about to put a naked picture of my nephew on my brother would kill me...there was a very cute shot of Loges covering his "junk"...but not my, not on my blog). He is still enjoying pool time, play time, and signing time. Overall, a BIG, fun week (with some whine)!

You know who is "BIG"...Hubey! He is 17lbs. 11oz. (25%) and a little over 28in. (50% - 75%)! We had a great appointment with our GI doctor (Dr. P). He said Hugh is growing right on track and looks perfect. God is so faithful! I told Dr. P that I think Hugh has really turned a corner, which he agrees with...but he doesn't want us to think that Hugh is going to magically be "normal" once he grows out of the aspiration issue. He explained that we still haven't addressed the dysphagia issue, and those problems can become HUGE if we don't do anything. So, we are meeting with a feeding therapist next week to address this issue. She is going to show us some new techniques on feeding Hugh...I am thinking maybe a good sleeper hold or some other good wrestling moves (kidding). I'll have to feed him in front of her...that should be interesting. "So, how clean is your floor? And, do you mind holding his other arm?" (kidding...not about the floor) We have done what works for gotta do what you gotta do. She'll also determine how often she needs to see him. I am really trying to keep my thoughts captive and stay away from the "black hole" (the can scare you to death). I had bought my ticket to Crazy Land, but luckily, Jake took me on a detour and led me back to the Cross. We know God is faithful and wherever the path goes...we will gladly take it. Also, in the grand scheme of things...this is so tiny. We are looking forward to the appointment...unless she calls CPS on me....that could kill it.

We are really looking forward to this next week...should be lots of fun (hopefully, he'll put his whine away or I may need to get my wine out). Thanks for all your prayers. We are constantly reminded of God's true are His words, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." God is amazing and we are truly blessed!


Amy said...

Jenn you make me laugh so hard. I will be praying for his appointment this week. When you get him to stop whining please let me know how because I go to crazy land often with a 4 year old whiner.

Filleman Family said...

Wow that is a lot of weeks old :) I'm sure the last 33 top the list! I don't think you need the feeding specialist - you just need to hire a Nate Herbrandson to be your personal feeder. Hugh chowed more baby food than G tonight. He was right in there playing too - he is so sweet. I hope G and Hugh are good buddies!

AprilJ said...

I don't even want to think about how many weeks old I am!!! Will be praying for the appt., too. I wonder what a feeding specialist does!! Hugs to Hubey. He's a looker. I love the first picture.

Krista said...

Don't worry about crazyland, I believe I no longer visit, I reside there! :) If you can figure out a way to outlaw whining, I would be happy to sign the petition!! Oh and happy belated birthday!

Mindy said...

I love the pictures this week!