Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We have arrived...week thirty-four! We cannot believe our baby is getting to be so many weeks! I was remembering my thirty-fourth week of, things are so different now! It has been an exciting week...first Father's Day, first hotel stay, first lazy river...lots of fun. We are so fortunate to be his parents - God has blessed us so much with this little boy. We love every minute of it!

So, what did week thirty-four bring? Well, like I stated brought his first Father's Day. Hugh gave Daddy a book that he wrote (well, maybe Mama wrote it...but Hugh's idea) - Daddy loved it. Hugh is so very lucky to have such an amazing and wonderful father in Jake (and I am so lucky to have an amazing and wonderful husband in Jake). We also enjoyed a great brunch with Gramma and Papa. He had his first staycation at a local hotel...and he loved it (Jake had a work conference and we visited for a night). This baby is definitely first class (well, I know I know, G-L-A-M...). I have decided that hotel stays with babies equals no fun. Seriously, you have to break your back to bring a million different things and then there are no refrigerators or microwaves...what is that all about?!? It was still lots of fun and it was nice to get to see Daddy (Hugh had a lot of Mama time last week because Daddy was gone all week at his work event...ah, those can be long weeks). He got to enjoy the pools and the lazy river...well, Hugh was lazy and Mama was the river (we went very early in the morning and the lazy river wasn't moving, Mama moved us along). He is such a water baby! We have learned that putting on sunblock is a contact changing diapers and getting dressed. He got more play time with Logan and Logan calls him "Cueby"...very cute. Logan likes to show "Cueby" all around Grandma's house. I left him for the longest I have ever left him this past very long day trip(yep, back to traveling...but very rare) and an overnight trip with Jake (celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary). The overnight with Jake was nice (sleep, glorious sleep), but we missed him and we were very excited to see him. He is still trying to work on getting mobile - he can get what he wants...he looks funny doing it, but we're not here to judge. Seriously, I think he'll be content for a LONG time just being carried everywhere (and who can blame him...sign me up). He is working more and more on his sounds...we are working on Mama and Dada - we get the crazy look when we try to work on them. We are still working on the sign language...and we still get the crazy looks (I will not give up on the sign language, no, I won't...this baby will sign even if it is just shaking his head no (works as sign language for me)). He continues to want to be a big "helper"...(we have a new definition of "helper" in this household now). He is learning how to give kisses. He also loves looking at himself in the mirror...he thinks he is pretty cute (so do we). We continue to see his personality come out more and more...he is so curious, and I love it. We are realizing that this child is "all boy" and we wouldn't want it any other way (I am sure it will drive me crazy at times...hopefully, he'll make me skinny with how crazy active he is trying to be...a girl can hope (put down the bon bons)). We are still working on sleeping...well, Jake and I are working on it...Hugh hasn't made up his mind yet. Seriously, he is not a good sleeper...but we are not giving up hope. Each new day continues to bring lots of fun things...we love it!

So, we met with his feeding therapist (speech pathologist) this week...she is awesome. She thinks he is doing great...just a VERY distracted eater. She says he shows the true signs of reflux...major food avoidance. She kept laughing and telling me, "Wow, you are really going to have your hands full in a couple months...he is everywhere." It is funny to watch him eat - he shakes his head all over the place, bats the bottle, rolls over...again, major food avoidance. However, he is doing better and better everyday - taking lots more solids and even munching on biter biscuits. She said the muscles in his mouth look great and the true test will be how he swallows, which we'll find out in August. We are working on some new things and he is doing great. Praise God! She reiterated how important it is for him to get "messy" with food and let it get all over his face. So, she fed him and the food was EVERYWHERE...face, hands, hair, name it. So, once I stopped hyperventilating...I realized it would all be okay...I become like Rainman in those situations...nervous ticks, myself off the ledge. I want him to be a boy, which means messy. So, we are excited to keep working on everything and get him past this moment in time (in his life...and ours)!

Overall, great week! God is so faithful...even when we are not. We are thankful that God doesn't rely on our faithfulness. We thank you all for your prayers. We hope you all are doing well!


Amy said...

Happy Father's Day Jake! I can guarantee you that if he is all boy he will NOT care about messes even when you do. Trust me. I'm so thankful that the speech pathologist was so encouraging! Praise the Lord!

Jason and Lisa said...

Happy Father's Day Jake! Cueby is cute (I bet that is where Cueby comes from... Hugh+cute+Hubey=cueby). :) That is great that the pathologist was encouraging and things seem to be improving. A messy pic would be fun to see...I love messy faces although I'm not big on cleaning those messy faces. There have been a few times were we take Grant straight to the bath because he is such a mess and too hard to clean with a wet paper towell or wipe!

AprilJ said...

Hope you guys had a great day. Hugh has changed so much since you were out here! Glad it went well with the SLP. That is awesome!

Cristina said...

Happy Father's Day! I absolutely love the last photo you posted.

Brandie said...

Okay, I'm sitting here and the girls are asleep, so it's actually QUIET! Your Rainman comment made me LOL!!! I almost woke the girls I was laughing so hard!

We are actually thinking about moving. How is showing our house going to be possibe with Abby having Hueby-like moments with food regularly? I'll be checking into loony town next week. Please come visit. If you want, I'll see if there is room for you. It would be a vacation.

Theresa said...

Ill say it darn cute! I think my fave is the second picture. So glad it seems things are settling down a bit with the eating getting better (or it's not as stressful now?)...sounds like it's time to mix 'er up a little and have another!!

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness, Hubey is just the cutest boy ever! Love the pictures! If sunscreen application gets really hard, strap some goggles over his eyes and use the spray on kind. :) It worked at the daycare. Happy Father's Day Jake!