Saturday, July 11, 2009


Welcome to thirty-seven weeks! Time is going by too fast...I cannot believe we are already planning his first birthday...well, not really planning, but at least thinking about it. And I know you all would not be shocked if I was planning it because I am a planner...and there is nothing wrong with being a planner. Anyway, another great week!

So, what happened in week thirty-seven? Well, the VERY bad eating continued...he no longer will take a bottle when he wakes up, it takes three plus hours to finish eight ounces of milk, he prefers to drink his bottles while sleeping or when he is really tired, and the list goes on. However, we praise God that Hugh is continuing to take his solids really well and we have found out that he LOVES yogurt (minus the chunks). We really thought the meds would help, but they haven't made a difference. We also think his top teeth are coming in because he is VERY irritable and will scream when you touch his top gums. Seriously, why does it take so long for teeth to come in? So, the first teeth we didn't notice and these ones...we are noticing...BIG TIME...he is making up for us not noticing the first two coming in...awesome. So, we'll call Dr. P back next week to make sure he is getting enough in calories and fluids since he has cut his milk intake by at least six to eight ounces. Hopefully, the teeth will come in soon and we can all move on. He had another feeding therapy session and he is doing really well. She explained to me that he is still working on his gag reflex, so he still cannot handle chunks of food...but she thinks we'll be there in the next couple months. We also introduced "Honey Bear"...basically, a honey bear with aquarium tubing...we are trying to "introduce" the straw to him. I know I gave her a look like, "you are totally nuts...this is never going to happen" - because she says to me, "I know you think I am crazy, but you'll see - he'll be drinking from a straw in four months." We'll see about that...but we'll be faithful to work on it. This is replacing the sippy cup for him - she does not want him to try a sippy cup at all. She explained that he would really benefit from using a straw (his muscles, motor skills, etc.). So, we have lots of "homework" and "fun" feeding sessions...not to be confused with "not fun" feeding sessions. Also, I need to lighten up and get silly with the eating...oh joy. He knows now that he can get wherever he, he just leaves. So, of course what do I do now that our son has found freedom...I brought out his "cage"...he wasn't a big fan which was shocking. A baby doesn't like boundaries...cannot believe it. Well, we will continue to work on "boundaries" (aka "the cage"). We think he has finally grasped how to put his paci in correctly...yes, this took a long time...those Soothie pacis are tough...he chews and sucks on every angle. He has finally learned to sit-up from laying down...was starting think he was never going to master that skill and we would always have to help him up...clearly, he proved us wrong. He loves to explore everything and we are starting to wonder why we ever bought toys...he would be happy with some cords, an old cell phone, and some paper. Basically, he wants everything he cannot have and shows his lovely sin nature when we take something away. We are still doing "time-out" all can stop laughing and we have started "no touch". I have been given a glimpse of our future and it involves many, many "corrections" for this little boy - he is starting to understand what we say, but he goes for it anyway...he must get that from Jake. He is all boy - loves to make a mess, knock things down, throw things, be loud...and the list goes on. We love that he is all boy and that he loves to keeps us on our game...however, we hope he keeps his destruction to a minimum in the future. He is so much fun!

We are constantly seeking God in all things and learning to trust Him more and more. We are so completely dependent upon Him and could not live a single day without Him. We praise Him for being so incredibly patient with us. We pray everyday that we can love one another and love our son in the same way that Christ has loved us. We hope you all are doing well! Thanks for your prayers!

(Oh, yeah - we can no longer get him to smile for the camera...he is so over the paparazzi.)


Melissa said...

I think that he should come over here for a "therapy session" he can't make my high chair messier! :)
I begged Troy for one of those "cages" and he wouldn't buy it, I think it will be the best 80 bucks you'll ever spend.

AprilJ said...

I'd like a cage now, for a 4 year old. Wise, wise purchase. The thing is, I think mine would need a lid which makes it more like a kennel..which would get me in trouble all different ways. Looking forward to seeing Hugh in about a week.

Amy said...

I need a cage for my animals too. Jenn, really get used to the mess. It's only the beginning. At least pretend it's fun to be messy like me, they can't read your mind that your actually screaming NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :)

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

My mom used to put honey on my binky to shut me up. I guess they've learned that honey can kill babies... but I'm pretty sure it didn't kill me. The fact that I'm only "pretty sure" might signify that the honey did a little damage.

Krista said...

I love your posts, thanks for sharing where you all are at! :) I think a cage would be great, but I am afraid that putting my 4 year old and 2 year old in there would cause more damage than they do out of the cage. It would be it's own version of kid cage fighting. :)

Filleman Family said...

Funny thing about yogurt . . . I swear for about six months the only thing Davis consistently ate was yogurt and bananas (melissa will confirm - I think it made her crazy) but to give you some hope - he is now my best eater - will eat anything! I was also really wanting G to drink out of a straw (it is easier with other kids who do) so I gave him a Jamba juice about three times and that did it. It is thicker so it stays up in the straw longer and they learn to suck to get yummy jamba. definitely didn't take four months! I do think you should start planning the partay! It is the only first birthday you will ever really plan - might as well blow it out!!