Monday, July 6, 2009

On the Move...

One more week down…week thirty-six! Wow, thirty-six weeks…pretty much a full term pregnancy. I can remember being thirty-six weeks pregnant…I was HUGE! And I just couldn’t believe that I could possibly get any bigger…well, it was possible…and bigger I got! So, now that baby is living on the outside and it is great. We continue to enjoy each week more and more…he is continuing to form his own personality and we love it. We praise God that He has allowed us to parent this little guy. And let’s all say it together… “We are so blessed!”

So, what did week thirty-six bring? Well, it has really brought “the crawl”…or Hugh’s version of it, which we call the inch worm. He can get what he wants…and he will crawl for electronics. However, he still hasn’t figured out that he could really drive us crazy with his new freedom…he thinks he can only get things when you make him work for them. I am sure once he figures out that he can go anywhere he wants, it will be game on. So, it made me realize my floors are DIRTY…seriously. I kept telling myself that my peaches and cream baby was showing signs of his first tan, but it was just dirt…awesome. He will try to get into whatever I am doing…like folding the laundry. He tries to climb into the laundry basket…why? so, he can lick the clothes (you know, to make sure they are clean). It brought another trip to Flagstaff to see Uncle Jared, which was a lot of fun. He got lots of family time and love (lots of Daddy time, which is always the best for Hugh…and me). He also got to ride on a fire truck…for fun. He was more interested in the cords for the communication devices than the actual ride. We went to an indoor pool area and he froze…not sure how much he enjoyed it. He didn’t cry at all, but he didn’t stop shivering. We (Jake, Jared, and I) enjoyed it…love me some waterslides! He enjoyed his first time in “time-out” (yes, time-out – we try slapping the hand, but he just laughs and smiles…we’ll get there) for spitting food and refusing to eat. He understands this is not allowed, but will continue to do it (whoa, we just think we saw a glimpse of our future…). So, we turned his seat to the wall to let him think about his actions…hmm, or to let us have a minute to think about what we were doing. Disciplining your kids is not easy…we really needed to remind ourselves to bring it back to the Cross. Why can’t he just do everything we ask? Doesn’t seem that hard to me (and we all know that I always did what I was told). He enjoyed his first Fourth of July barbeque, but no fireworks this year…we figured that sleep was more important than scaring him with loud explosions…maybe we can scare him next year. We love every minute with this baby – he is so cute and so curious. He inspects everyone and really listens to them…it is really sweet. We really miss our little baby, but we really love seeing this little baby become a little boy. It was another great week!

And the eating? (I know you all are hoping for a post that will have nothing to do with eating…never gonna happen…plus, what would I have to write about?) Well, he continues to enjoy experiencing new flavors and showing off his food throwing skills. This weekend we let him have a pickle (sandwich slice style) and it was a mess…however, we did see his future in the rodeo with his amazing ability to lasso the pickle. Unfortunately, this week brought back some terrible eating…back to only drinking an ounce or so of milk at a time…so, four hours to finish bottles. Also, he has been struggling again with solid feedings…refusal to open the mouth, lots of spitting, and the list goes on. Oh, and did I mention he has brought back his vomit sessions?…those are the best. We are thinking it is a change in his meds (awesome…my kid is addicted to drugs)…so, we’ll be calling Dr. P and trying to fix this…immediately. I have had to revert back to some of my “tricks”, which the doctors and therapists just love…when you have to feed your baby, you have to feed your baby (don’t worry; it is nothing scary…just tricks). I saw myself buying tickets for the next train to Crazy Town…no bueno. Hopefully, we’ll be able to address the problem and get back to where we were making so much progress.

I have realized (yet once again) that Christ always needs to be at the center of everything. I know I can allow myself to get caught up in “stuff” and really lose focus of what is important. I need to constantly remind myself that it is Christ first in ALL things and I need to do ALL things unto His glory. I thank God for His patience, grace, mercy, and love for me – I hope and pray that I have this same patience, grace, mercy, and love for every person that comes into my life – especially my husband and son.

We hope and pray you all are doing well and enjoyed your holiday weekend! I guess it is back to the real world this week…bummer!

(Oh, and remember all two thousand ounces of milk...gone! Unreal! Formula City for this baby.)


AprilJ said...

No fireworks for Hugh? Oh well, next year :) Next year he'll be lighting his own!!

Amy said...

praying for the eating stuff. and I just have to say what you said about the "discipline" thing in the high chair made me literally laugh out loud to where my mother came running into the room to see what was going on. So funny.

Theresa said...

I hope you aren't planning on quitting the weekly updates at one year! You make me DO need to write a book! ;)

Melissa said...

Can't wait to see him moving!! Cute pictures!
We are ready for a play date on Thursday :)