Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bring on the Fat!

Yes, we are at week forty-four...crazy! We cannot believe it...we will be at week fifty-two before we know it. And just for Melissa, we are only 4,725,023 seconds from his birthday! I knew we would always get there ( super powers haven't been able to stop time...yet), but it is going too fast. It is hard to even remember when he was just an itty, he wants to be such a big boy with lots of freedom. I guess we'll never go back. We are so in love - he is such a joy in our lives!

So, what did week forty-four bring? Well, he has mastered straw drinking (well, I guess I cannot say "mastered", but he can do it...that is all that matters). We are very excited for this as we get one step closer to winning the battle against his worst enemy...the bottle. The funny thing is that now when he tries to eat baby food, he sucks it off the spoon like he is sucking a straw...ah, the joys of learning new things. He can stand independently without falling, he is not just standing up, but he can stand by himself with help or when he goes all "no hands" on us. He is totally fearless - will crawl off any edge, constantly trying to nose dive when you hold him, head first into a pool, and the list goes on...we need to work on his "healthy fear." I dunked him in the pool for the first, I am not a mean Mama, just felt he was ready...he did fine...and no - it wasn't like one of those chicken games where I was holding him down under was a very brief dunking. He got his first wish granted...the super fun play yard didn't come back out this week...oh, but don't worry - we are not done with boundaries, just trying to figure out the best way to cage him. He is getting MORE teeth!!! Yes, two more top ones are almost popping thru...yikes, I am sure this has been totally brutal for him. Also, the top two front teeth are looking a little Billy Bobish...nice big gap, which adds character. My mom says, "Oh, that is good...means he'll have lots of room for his big teeth." And she knows this because she was a dentist in her past life...hmmm, maybe not...we are thinking a future with braces. Unfortunately, this kid is so over the novelty of medicine...seriously. So, we don't give him anything for the, we are not trying to make him "man up" and deal with the pain...he seriously thinks taking Tylenol is worse than the teeth pain. Of course, all the teeth pain = no eating and lots of spitting, which is just fantastic. The spray spitting (emphasis on spray) is truly wonderful...nothing like getting sprayed with sweet potatoes or peaches...drives me crazy!!! I am praying for lots of patience and we are constantly trying to do new things with in progress (and sorry in advance to the church nursery workers: however, as I stated before...feedinh him truly is an experience to remember). So, we are done with the appetite stimulant drug - really didn't see any change, so we are not going to refill it. We are on a new plan for him...Operation Fatty. Yep, we have to fatten everything we can...that means lots of oil, ranch, coconut milk (which actually makes me vomit...but he doesn't seem to mind it and yes, I still gave it to him after it almost made me vomit...Mother of the Year...check), juice, ice cream, smoothies, Nestle Qwik...basically, fat, fat and some more fat (very similar to the diet Jake and I are on). My judgmental ways really bit me in the tail this week...after getting the new diet plan I said, "I really don't want to create these bad habits this young."...I got laughed at and was basically told to get over it (I kind of felt like Jake when he brought out the "birth plan" during my delivery). So, I learned an important lesson - stop the judging...some battles are not worth fighting. He needs to gain weight and he cannot do that with "healthy" choices...I was actually told "no water, but juice is good"...awesome. He is really struggling with the eating...down to less than two containers of baby food a day and the bottles are a constant battle; however, we know God is faithful and will grow this little one and with this new diet, he should be obese in no time. He is still crazy busy (which doesn't help with his weight gain) - seriously, he is non-stop and continues to love to explore EVERYTHING. We love that he wants to check everything out...can be tiring at times, but wouldn't want it any other way. He has officially moved up at the church nursery...once again, getting too big (all the workers in the nursery are thrilled since he was very "active," which is just the polite way to say crazy). Oh, and I finally have confirmation that Hugh is my son (because he looks NOTHING like me)...he likes sushi!!! Yes, he loved the rice and eel sauce...a boy after my own heart (definitely not after Jake's heart). We continue to look forward to each new day with this little guy and trust in God...we cannot do this on our own.

It has been a tough week for me in trusting God - I am always worried about Hugh's fluid intake and tend to lose focus. So, I am focusing on Philippians 4:6 (Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.) and am also focusing on Matthew 6:34 (Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.). We know God is faithful and I know I need to put all my trust in Him and not worry (easier said than done for me).

Thanks for all your prayers. We love you all and will keep you all in our prayers!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

And the Countdown Begins...

Wow, week forty-three (and almost ten months...tomorrow)...we should probably start a countdown...less than ten weeks until Hugh is one year-old...unreal! We were just discussing how much fun this age know, forty-three weeks...such a fun age! He is so active and is showing more and more of his fun, playful (stubborn, sinful) personality...we love it! I know I type it every week, but we are so blessed and each week gets to be more and more fun!

So, what did week forty three bring? Well, it brought LOTS of teeth...three to be exact (yes, those top teeth that I swore I saw a couple weeks ago finally appeared...I swear they were there a couple weeks ago, but they were invisible). So, his top teeth are coming in and he is getting another tooth on the bottom row. It is crazy how the teeth just start popping in all over the place (at least he wasn't actually born with the teeth already poppin' out...that is one of my greatest nightmares...for real...I know, I silly). Overall, I don't think he has been too fussy...just refusing to eat more than usual (so, what else is new?). On the food side, he is getting the ounces he needs...praise God! God is so faithful to hear our prayers. I think he feels heavier and looks chunkier...even think I saw some double chin action this week (but don't tell Hugh, we all know how body conscious he is and would hate to see another hunger strike). So, I am sure he'll be right back on track for his next GI appointment. Again, praise God! We are still working on his super fun play yard...yep, super fun or "rage in the cage" as Jake so affectionately has labeled it. That is all we need to say about all that super fun he is having. We still cannot quite understand how he can be totally fine to hang out in his crib with NONE of his toys for at least thirty minutes, but put him in his super fun play yard with ALL of his toys for thirty seconds and he has a major meltdown...explain that one to us. Anyway, again...enough about the super fun play yard. We finally put away a lot of his baby toys this week and brought out some more "big boy" toys...and his favorite thing is still paper and any random object he can fit into his mouth. He has started to use his walker a little bit (emphasis on little). He has started to be innovative and "create" his own pushing an object with the side of his hand while crawling and trying to chase it (very funny), or pushing things under the couch and trying to get them (you may not think that sounds very entertaining, oh, but it is). He continues to love to explore and gets all sorts of bumps and bruises. We learned this week that Hugh bruises in less than thirty seconds...seriously...gotta love that peaches and cream (aka PALE) complexion. He is still cruising all over the place and we see him get a little more daring everyday. He got to spend some time with some of my family's oldest friends this week and they just loved him...they live in Tucson and he did a perfect imitation of a dying animal on the drive...there and back! He is starting to imitate more and more. He loves toilets (don't we don't realize that until you don't have one)...and we are back to the whole dog reference thing (yes, he still loves shoes). He is getting much better at mastering the stairs...going up; going down is another story. My mom is working on getting him to stand lasts about two seconds before he falls forward (he gets his creative balance from me). He still LOVES Cheetos and we are working on some other things...he has brought back lots of spitting, which has just been absolutely fantastic...I cannot tell you all how much I enjoy the spitting. Overall, it has been a fun week!

I have been reading a lot of parenting books lately, which have been a huge blessing to me. I am constantly reminded that parenting is not a part-time time to tune out. I have also been reminded that we only get one shot at, this is a huge deal! We are so thankful (FOREVER AND EVER grateful) for the grace God has given us to parent Hugh...we don't know where we would be without the perfect love of our Saviour. We so desire for our son to know that love so he too can bring glory and honor to the Kingdom of God!

We hope you all are doing well - we thank you for your prayers!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Work, work, work...

It is official, time keeps moving and here we are at week forty-two! Sometimes, I feel like time moves incredibly slow, but once the week ends...I realize how quickly the time has flown by. Our little guy is almost a year old...unreal! We are so blessed by this little guy and we are so in love. We think he is just the cutest little guy and he is so sweet. Again, so blessed...we are loving every minute of this parenting adventure!

So, what did week forty-two bring? Well, it brought more drugs...and no, not for me, but for Hugh. He is now on an appetite stimulant drug (Periactin) since he dropped in his growth curve (we asked an appetite depressant drug for know, I eat because my son will has worked out well). We met with Dr. P this past week (GI doctor) and he was not happy with Hugh's progress. Hugh now weighs 19lbs. 4oz. (10%)...we think he is very healthy, but Dr. P is concerned about the drop in his curve. We definitely disagree and I know that a regular pediatrician would not be concerned with this at all. Dr. P's point is that if Hugh continues down this path, he will be in the failure to thrive category in the next couple months. We are doing EVERYTHING we can to get this little guy to eat...seriously. I just think he isn't a big eater and he is VERY active...not the best combo for weight gain. So, we are trying the appetite stimulant drug to see if he will eat more. I asked about side effects and he said it could alter his personality (awesome)...basically, he said it could make Hugh more sleepy...well, he should have lead with that...more sleepy, sign me up! (Kidding) So, we pick up the prescription from the pharmacist and she explains that the drug could have a reverse effect...cranky, irritable, and hyper (sweet). Well, we haven't really seen any effects of the drug...we'll see what happens. Hugh's feeding therapist told us not to worry...just keep on doing what we are doing and work on getting a few more ounces of milk in him a day (yep...already doing that all day!). She explained to me that Hugh just cannot figure out the bottle...he does not latch on...normally, she said that would single low muscle tone (which would be a huge concern), but she said he shows no other, she thinks he is just stubborn (totally gets that from Jake...not me). So, we continue working on the straw and, work, work all day long...lots of fun. Okay, no more blah blah blah on the eating issues! He is cruising! He loves to walk around his cube, table, name it. He is very unstable, but he is having a blast. He has starting jumping in his crib, but he'll stop as soon as you open the he knows he shouldn't be doing it (guess what buddy...we have a camera...always watching). He started climbing one of his toys, but I don't think he is much of a climber...time will tell. He got moved to a big boy car seat (okay, so this happened a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to put it on the blog...yes, I know...I am a terrible mother). He has started a super fun trick...while at the grocery store or in his high chair, he now leans over to the side and likes to watch things is super fun...especially when he drops my car keys over the edge (and I don't notice). He is getting a lot tougher...doesn't cry every time he bumps his head. He has learned to sign "all done"...unfortunately, he starts the sign as soon as he sits down...just great. He makes us laugh constantly at how he'll crawl thru everything rather than around would be so much simpler for him if he would crawl around things. We are working on the "chase" game with him...he doesn't quite get it and normally will chase after us. He LOVES to explore and gets into EVERYTHING. He ate his first piece of paper...hey, where he can get the fiber, we will take it. He likes to eat shoes...we tell him shoes are for dogs, not for babies...clearly, we have our first pet. He is turning orange...from all the sweet potatoes and peaches (and Cheetos)...oh, well...I guess orange is better than green. He is getting more and more vocal (oh, and he growls...yes, like a dog...again, the whole pet reference makes a lot of sense), which I was reminded of when he started "talking" very loudly in a restaurant and everyone turned to stare at me (nice...I know it won't be the last time). He had his first Otter Pop...Jake gives him EVERYTHING (thank goodness we have one responsible parent in this household). He has brought the spitting is just fantastic. He absolutely LOVES his super fun play yard and wants to be in it ALL the time. (No, it isn't true...however, I tell myself that if I remain delusional long enough then things will become as I imagine.) We are still working a lot on the discipline, parenting is a lot of work. We are having the best time with him...he is so fun! So in love!

Thank you all for your prayers. We would continue to appreciate them...especially with Hugh's weight gain. We'll see Dr. P in another month and hoping for some chunk on this baby. We hope you all are doing well and we pray for you all! We are constantly reminded that God is so good and we are so blessed. We are so thankful for our personal relationships with Jesus be honest, nothing else matters.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Little More Time...

Another week...week forty-one! Can you all believe it?!? Week forty-one...time is really flying is crazy. Again, we thank you all for your prayers...I am feeling 100% again and can finally take care of my son without assistance. It is nice to feel like I can do everything by myself, but we greatly appreciate the support of our family and friends these last two weeks. God has been so good to us to bless us with so many people that care for us and love us.

So, what did week forty-one bring? Well, it brought failure...well, not complete failure...failure with improvement. Yes, Hugh failed his second barium swallow test; however, he is improving and we praise God for his amazing faithfulness. It wasn't exactly what we wanted to hear, but he is getting better...just a lot slower than we would like. Our feeding therapist could tell I was a little bummed at the appointment, but she was her normal cheerleader self and was VERY excited for his improvement...she made me look at it all from another angle. We have two options...vital stim therapy (non-invasive shock therapy) or just waiting it out. We have decided to wait it out since he is showing signs of improvement. There is no guarantee the vital stim therapy will work and it is VERY intense...four days a week for five weeks...that would mean lots of car time and lots of time at PCH...not interested in that. So, he'll get retested in December and we'll go from there. He is still swallowing a few chunks...a couple pieces of chicken, some rice...not enough to take away baby food, but we are so thrilled! And yes, he is still eating Cheetos and he LOVES them...I am assuming my "Mother of the Year" award is in the mail. Don't judge us. We have decided that we just don't have the best eater...he shows us that he will be EXTREMELY slow (we could learn a few things from him because we eat like people are going to steal our food) and a very picky eater. You know big deal. We are always reminded of how small an issue this is when we visit PCH - we praise God for our very healthy son. What else this week? Well, he is starting to show a VERY needy side...I am telling myself it is just a phase and the fact that he needs to be touching one of us every second of the day will pass (or I will go will eventually me). He pulls himself up on EVERYTHING (including the crib and getting way too close to the camera...yikes) - sitting is not good enough any longer, he must be standing and showing us how cool he is. He is slowly starting to move his feet...not cruising yet, but we are sure it will be coming in the next couple weeks. Diaper changes continue to be a full contact sport and he gets pinned...he LOVES it. He is starting to resist the high chair (or any restraints)...awesome. We brought his super fun play yard back out (it had been gone the past two weeks while I recovered)...and he is SUPER excited about it. There is something about boundaries that doesn't make any sense to a nine month old, but makes perfect sense to much older and much wiser Mama. We will continue to work on day he will say, "Can I go play in my cage (oh, I mean my super fun play yard)?" So, we wait patiently for that day. This week has really started to show the need for consistency on discipline (I know some may think that nine months is too early, but we believe it is important to start early and to remain consistent...he gets nine months old) is going to be a lot of work. He lost his constant entertainment...he is very sad, but his AK cousins had to go home this week. He really enjoyed them and I think they enjoyed their time with him as well...even if he did ruin a couple tea parties. So, it has been a great much fun!

Again, we thank you all for your prayers. God is so incredibly good to us and we pray we honor Him in all that we do. We desire to see Him glorified in our lives and in EVERYTHING we do. We love you all and hope you all are doing well!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Week forty! Wow, week forty...only twelve more weeks before our little guy turns fifty-two weeks, or one year...whatever. And that means only thirteen more (including this one) weekly four readers will be so disappointed. First, we want to thank you all for your prayers. I am feeling much better - am still not 100%, but I know I will be soon. God is so faithful to hear our prayers and answer them. Also, we thank our family for coming around us and supporting us SO MUCH this last week - we are truly blessed by an amazing family. Lastly, I want to thank my WONDERFUL husband who has had to do everything this past week...God was too good to me to bless me with Jake.

So, what did week forty bring? Well, he FINALLY swallowed food! It started with Cheetos and he ate some bread...yeah! He hasn't continued, but we are all about baby, we'll take what we can get. And yes, we gave him Cheetos...he loves them. I told myself that I would NEVER give him any super processed junk (regular processed junk was fine, but not super processed)...and then I gave him Cheetos. I am sure it is one of the many nevers I will break. And you know what, who cares - he actually swallowed something without chocking or gagging! Again, it is all about baby steps in the Saylor household. He still hates taking his bottles, but his solid feedings are so much better. Also, his aunt Melissa introduced him to French Vanilla yogurt last week and he decided he loves chunks! He has decided to be a terrible sleeper again this past week...for the love, I just want a baby who sleeps eleven hours straight...why is that so much to ask for?!? His teeth are still not in...well, I think I feel them, but Jake said they are not there...they are there in my mind and that is all that matters. He is still pulling himself up on everything, but does not know what to do with his feet...he does know how to get down now. We got a walker for him, but he is not quite ready. When we try to walk with him, he just jumps all is very cute. He had a wonderful time playing with all of his cousins...he loves to watch them and try to fit in...let's just say that he is not the best tea party guest. We are still working on saying Mama...every time I say it to him, he says Dada back...whatever. He is doing great - lots of smiles, giggles, and the kisses...seriously.

We ask for your continued prayers as I am still healing. We thank God for His incredible grace and peace. We also ask for prayer as we go into Hugh's second barium swallow test this coming Monday - we pray he is a fully developed nine month old and we can look back on all of this as a distant memory.

We hope you all are well. Thank you for your love and prayers!