Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bring on the Fat!

Yes, we are at week forty-four...crazy! We cannot believe it...we will be at week fifty-two before we know it. And just for Melissa, we are only 4,725,023 seconds from his birthday! I knew we would always get there ( super powers haven't been able to stop time...yet), but it is going too fast. It is hard to even remember when he was just an itty, he wants to be such a big boy with lots of freedom. I guess we'll never go back. We are so in love - he is such a joy in our lives!

So, what did week forty-four bring? Well, he has mastered straw drinking (well, I guess I cannot say "mastered", but he can do it...that is all that matters). We are very excited for this as we get one step closer to winning the battle against his worst enemy...the bottle. The funny thing is that now when he tries to eat baby food, he sucks it off the spoon like he is sucking a straw...ah, the joys of learning new things. He can stand independently without falling, he is not just standing up, but he can stand by himself with help or when he goes all "no hands" on us. He is totally fearless - will crawl off any edge, constantly trying to nose dive when you hold him, head first into a pool, and the list goes on...we need to work on his "healthy fear." I dunked him in the pool for the first, I am not a mean Mama, just felt he was ready...he did fine...and no - it wasn't like one of those chicken games where I was holding him down under was a very brief dunking. He got his first wish granted...the super fun play yard didn't come back out this week...oh, but don't worry - we are not done with boundaries, just trying to figure out the best way to cage him. He is getting MORE teeth!!! Yes, two more top ones are almost popping thru...yikes, I am sure this has been totally brutal for him. Also, the top two front teeth are looking a little Billy Bobish...nice big gap, which adds character. My mom says, "Oh, that is good...means he'll have lots of room for his big teeth." And she knows this because she was a dentist in her past life...hmmm, maybe not...we are thinking a future with braces. Unfortunately, this kid is so over the novelty of medicine...seriously. So, we don't give him anything for the, we are not trying to make him "man up" and deal with the pain...he seriously thinks taking Tylenol is worse than the teeth pain. Of course, all the teeth pain = no eating and lots of spitting, which is just fantastic. The spray spitting (emphasis on spray) is truly wonderful...nothing like getting sprayed with sweet potatoes or peaches...drives me crazy!!! I am praying for lots of patience and we are constantly trying to do new things with in progress (and sorry in advance to the church nursery workers: however, as I stated before...feedinh him truly is an experience to remember). So, we are done with the appetite stimulant drug - really didn't see any change, so we are not going to refill it. We are on a new plan for him...Operation Fatty. Yep, we have to fatten everything we can...that means lots of oil, ranch, coconut milk (which actually makes me vomit...but he doesn't seem to mind it and yes, I still gave it to him after it almost made me vomit...Mother of the Year...check), juice, ice cream, smoothies, Nestle Qwik...basically, fat, fat and some more fat (very similar to the diet Jake and I are on). My judgmental ways really bit me in the tail this week...after getting the new diet plan I said, "I really don't want to create these bad habits this young."...I got laughed at and was basically told to get over it (I kind of felt like Jake when he brought out the "birth plan" during my delivery). So, I learned an important lesson - stop the judging...some battles are not worth fighting. He needs to gain weight and he cannot do that with "healthy" choices...I was actually told "no water, but juice is good"...awesome. He is really struggling with the eating...down to less than two containers of baby food a day and the bottles are a constant battle; however, we know God is faithful and will grow this little one and with this new diet, he should be obese in no time. He is still crazy busy (which doesn't help with his weight gain) - seriously, he is non-stop and continues to love to explore EVERYTHING. We love that he wants to check everything out...can be tiring at times, but wouldn't want it any other way. He has officially moved up at the church nursery...once again, getting too big (all the workers in the nursery are thrilled since he was very "active," which is just the polite way to say crazy). Oh, and I finally have confirmation that Hugh is my son (because he looks NOTHING like me)...he likes sushi!!! Yes, he loved the rice and eel sauce...a boy after my own heart (definitely not after Jake's heart). We continue to look forward to each new day with this little guy and trust in God...we cannot do this on our own.

It has been a tough week for me in trusting God - I am always worried about Hugh's fluid intake and tend to lose focus. So, I am focusing on Philippians 4:6 (Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.) and am also focusing on Matthew 6:34 (Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.). We know God is faithful and I know I need to put all my trust in Him and not worry (easier said than done for me).

Thanks for all your prayers. We love you all and will keep you all in our prayers!


AprilJ said...

Yay for fat! Coconut milk is vile but it definitely high cal so maybe it will do the trick :) It seems like Hubie has grown since we were there a month ago. Hang in there! He'll be a chubster yet.

Amy said...

Ah, Jenn you are oh so entertaining! He looks great and I look forward to hearing how his fat diet is going! :)

Mindy said...

I love your posts and really like the passages you are focusing on this week.

btw... when I lived in Georgia everyone cooked with "fatback". Some people even ate it fried. It is vile and disgusting but seemed to pack the pounds on for them.
(j/k... you really don't want to go there.)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the second update, Eli will really appreciate it! :)
Cute fireman jammies. :)
Oh Cubie is such a sweet boy.
Oh and even though your mom isn't a dentist, I think I did tell her that Eli's dentist told me it is good for baby teeth to have gaps, he said ideally they should look like fence posts, SO that their will be room for the big boy teeth. So that is a good thing. E has space between all his, I can't really even floss them, have you ever noticed?? See he will be fine.

Mandy Kershaw said...

He's so cute! And don't worry about creating bad habits. Miriam was on the same diet as Isaac - half and half, butter or olive oil on everything, ice cream, etc. She's my only child who loves fruits and some veggies. She'll always eat those things first and leave the "main dish" to complain about and eat very slowly afterwards. She's not a junk-food junkie by any means either. If she's too full for dessert, she doesn't care to eat it. So, you just never know how it'll end up. I'm glad he's off the extra med though.

Filleman Family said...

AFter reading your comments, I'm thinking maybe there is hope for Parker and his horrible eating habits yet?? and maybe not! Hugh is super cute - the fireman jammies are super cute. What is he going to be for Halloween?? For sure you already have that planned and ordered right :)

Theresa said...

Let me tell you, Jenna K. has a tasty recipe for a Thai dish that has coconut milk in it--deeelicious! Maybe Hugh would love it, too! So super encouraging to see your trust grow in God's Word, given lots of "opportunities" these days! Thankfully God does not leave us alone to figure life out! I'll be praying for you!