Saturday, August 1, 2009


Week forty! Wow, week forty...only twelve more weeks before our little guy turns fifty-two weeks, or one year...whatever. And that means only thirteen more (including this one) weekly four readers will be so disappointed. First, we want to thank you all for your prayers. I am feeling much better - am still not 100%, but I know I will be soon. God is so faithful to hear our prayers and answer them. Also, we thank our family for coming around us and supporting us SO MUCH this last week - we are truly blessed by an amazing family. Lastly, I want to thank my WONDERFUL husband who has had to do everything this past week...God was too good to me to bless me with Jake.

So, what did week forty bring? Well, he FINALLY swallowed food! It started with Cheetos and he ate some bread...yeah! He hasn't continued, but we are all about baby, we'll take what we can get. And yes, we gave him Cheetos...he loves them. I told myself that I would NEVER give him any super processed junk (regular processed junk was fine, but not super processed)...and then I gave him Cheetos. I am sure it is one of the many nevers I will break. And you know what, who cares - he actually swallowed something without chocking or gagging! Again, it is all about baby steps in the Saylor household. He still hates taking his bottles, but his solid feedings are so much better. Also, his aunt Melissa introduced him to French Vanilla yogurt last week and he decided he loves chunks! He has decided to be a terrible sleeper again this past week...for the love, I just want a baby who sleeps eleven hours straight...why is that so much to ask for?!? His teeth are still not in...well, I think I feel them, but Jake said they are not there...they are there in my mind and that is all that matters. He is still pulling himself up on everything, but does not know what to do with his feet...he does know how to get down now. We got a walker for him, but he is not quite ready. When we try to walk with him, he just jumps all is very cute. He had a wonderful time playing with all of his cousins...he loves to watch them and try to fit in...let's just say that he is not the best tea party guest. We are still working on saying Mama...every time I say it to him, he says Dada back...whatever. He is doing great - lots of smiles, giggles, and the kisses...seriously.

We ask for your continued prayers as I am still healing. We thank God for His incredible grace and peace. We also ask for prayer as we go into Hugh's second barium swallow test this coming Monday - we pray he is a fully developed nine month old and we can look back on all of this as a distant memory.

We hope you all are well. Thank you for your love and prayers!


Melissa said...

So cute! Please, like you are going to stop doing these posts, I don't believe it.
I think Hugh just likes eating at his Aunt Melissa's house, weren't all those foods consumed at my house?
:) Maybe he just likes my "seasoned" high chair :)

Amy said...

I'm so glad Hugh swallowed some food! Good job baby boy! And speaking of baby...getting close to that 1st birthday!? Wow! It goes too fast...enjoy every piece of thrown food :).

AprilJ said...

Poor Hugh and his lost tea party invitation... I guess it got lost in the mail along with just about everyone else's besides TJ :) Will be anxious to hear how it goes tomorrow... hopefully you'll be bidding a fond farewell to the thickeners. Oh, and yay for Cheetos.

Peggy said...

Cheetos just happens to be one of Papa's favorite foods, too! How funny is that!
Let us know how his test goes tomorrow.
Am missing my little buddy big time!!
I'm hoping you're not going to stop doing these posts.
Papa and I love reading them.

DeeBoyzMomma said...

Yes, clearly you have more than 4 devoted readers. Keep it up mama. Good luck with the doctors appt / test this week.

Thinking of you and miss you bunches.

Mindy said...

I can't believe how much he has changed since I last saw him. He looks great. So glad to hear you are on the mend. Cheetos rock! I am probably going to have to go buy some now that I think about it. He has good taste.

Heidi Marie said...

I love reading your updates! Nine months? Wow. He is such a cutie and I love hearing about your life and trials with a little one.