Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Season of Sharing...

Another week…week forty-eight and eleven months! We have entered the last month of his first year of life. We seriously cannot believe an entire year has almost gone by and how much our little guy has changed. As we continue to look back over the past year, we realize the incredible blessing God has given us. We are excited for how Hugh continues to grow and for each new day with him. He is his own little person…showing us his personality and strong will everyday! We love this little monkey!

So, what did week forty-eight bring? Well, it has really brought his strong will, which equates to him yelling, growling, grunting, etc. whenever he doesn’t get what he wants when he wants…it is really a fantastic way for him to express himself (oh, wait…no, it is not). So, we are working on his self-expression and better ways to communicate. However, I truly do love the screaming in the grocery cart and lots of judging stares. I am sure him speaking in full sentences to communicate is right around the corner (yes, I am totally realistic and do not live in a fantasy world). We locked up the kitchen cabinets and he was very excited about that…however, he got over them very quickly once he realized he could no longer open them. And he does have his very own cabinet, which he could care less about because it is his very own cabinet and there is no challenge. He got to have lots of play time with his cousin, Logan. So, he learned how to share his toys…his first response was to gently explain (yell and hit) to Logan that Hugh’s toys are Hugh’s toys. Well, I think he quickly learned that Logan is twice his size and it would be a really good idea to share with him…so, everything was great and Hugh loved his time with him. He is getting much better at waving and giving high fives…so cute. He loves to sit on his back legs and bounce. He is saying “ma ma” lots more…it is about time. He cut another tooth...and that makes seven teeth! We are continuing to try new foods with him…he has some faves (eggs, Craisins, booty, cheese, juice, paper, anything that most normal people would not eat, and the list stops) and he has some hates (tuna, all vegetables, and the list goes on)…however, he does has a very sophisticated palette and enjoys tomatoes sauteed in garlic and basil, balsalmic vineagette, corn and crab chowder, guacamole, and beef jerky. We think we may have a future chef...good, I need someone to cook for me in the future. He is doing awesome with his eating and we are thinking about trying to wean him from his last sleep feed (we wake him up to feed him)…we’ll see what happens. We continue to see God faithfulness and we put our trust in Him and nothing else. Hugh continues to have non-stop energy and wants to explore everything. We love him keeping us on our toes – we need it…our lives would be so boring without it. He has shown us some fears this week…the vacuum cleaner. Oh, wow…the vacuum freaks him out…really freaks him out, which I find to be funny (I know, I know…I am a wonderful Mama)…it didn’t freak him out last week, but all of a sudden it does. The garage door also freaks him a little…so, I am guessing loud noises are not his thing. We are back to taking walks, which he loves and my thighs desperately need. He loves to be silly and scream (happy) and laugh...and it is so cute. We love getting to see him grow everyday…it is so fun!

We are so thankful for God’s goodness and grace in our lives. We desire to live for Him everyday. We hope and pray you all are doing well!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Chunky Monkey!

So, I cannot believe that I forgot to mention in my last post that Hugh gained almost two pounds in the last five weeks! Yes...he is officially a CHUNKY MONKEY!!! He is now 21lbs. 1oz. (25% - 50%) and almost 31in.!!! We were so excited and Dr. P was thrilled...very surprised! He mentioned that if Hugh kept up this weight gain that he might get fat (jokingly mentioned)...I guess we can never win! So, that high fat diet of ice cream, Cheetos, smoothies, cheese, etc. (you dream diet) paid off...and oh, yeah...God is SO faithful! He is so faithful to hear our prayers and answer them in His timing! Thank you all for your prayers!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Clock Doesn't Stop!

And the countdown continues…week forty-seven! Seriously…less than five weeks until our little guy turns one?!? Unreal! We are looking forward to this exciting milestone, but continue to also want to slow time down since it is going WAY too fast. God continues to remind us that children truly are a blessing and that He has entrusted us with an amazing gift. We are so thankful to Him for all He has given to us…especially Hugh!

So, what did week forty-seven bring? Well, once again every week cannot be as exciting as riding in a grocery cart for the first time…there are only so many of those “grocery cart” moments. However, it was still a very fun week. Hugh broke his first two dishes…I am sure there will be plenty more. The best part is that he laughed when they shattered. He continues to love the cabinets (and we continue to be lazy and not “baby proof” the cabinets) and now has one whole cabinet to himself. Normally, he crawls into the cabinet and starts hitting his head everywhere which leads to tears in the cabinet…it is awesome. We are trying to teach him how to hold his own cup and he is doing fantastic…well, fantastic if it means he leans forward to drink and throws his hands up, or behind him, or shows us the jazz hands. So, needless to say, we are still working on it. I am sure I will be the mom that takes him to kindergarten still holding his cup for him…whatever. He loves to pull on my legs while I cook and the best is when he pulls my pants down…very special. He had his first fall in the tub, which resulted in a head bruise and an eye bruise…I try tell him, “No standing in the tub.”…oh, yeah – we are working on “listening” to Mama as well. He continues to be a speed crawler (wish we could put him in a race and make some money on the side) and shows NO desire to walk. I am really hoping he learns to walk by Halloween…he would look much cuter as a walking leopard than a crawling leopard. We are continuing to try new foods and have realized that God is control…we are not. So, we know we need to put off the worry and put on the trust. God is faithful even when we are faithless. So, we take one day at a time and not worry about the next day. He loves himself some beef jerky…ah, a baby after his Mama’s heart. Hugh had some serious alone time with Jake while I was away…they went to zoo, stayed up late (you know…just talking), ate junk food…Hugh is going to miss Dada come Monday when “no fun” Mama returns. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband and Hugh is very fortunate to have a wonderful Daddy. Hugh continues to love when we sing silly songs to him…I think it is my incredible voice that he really enjoys (I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t?!?). He has definitely found his voice and loves to be VERY loud…especially if we are trying to have an adult conversation. He continues to love to explore, get crazy, be silly, get dirty…basically, be a typical little boy…it is great!

We thank God for every day for Hugh. We cannot imagine our lives without him. He always brings a smile to our faces. He is so sweet and has the best smile. God continues to teach us amazing lessons and we love learning (even though we have those head banging days). We hope you all are doing well and we'll continue to lift you all up in our prayers!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

And He Doesn't Stop!

Oh, we are getting so close...week forty-six! Unreal! We are getting too close! This is a really good reminder (not that I don't have one every week or something) to get my tail in gear and start getting his party ready. (I have all the ideas in my head...just wish the elves would start working on all my ideas!) Hugh is getting so big - I was reminded when I was holding him last night that he isn't my little baby any longer, but I still snuggle him every chance I get! We are looking forward to every new week, but we always look back as really does go by so fast! God has given us so much - we are so thankful for family!

So, what did week forty-six bring? Well, it was another week with nothing too exciting, but still lots of fun. He is getting over his cold and will show signs of "fake" wheezing (well, fake to me and real to Jake)...seriously, he is getting better. We have completely given up on boundaries...yes, I will admit it - I have been in denial for too long. We tried so, now we just shut all the doors and let him crawl all over the house. Normally, we'll find him standing in front of one of the windows looking out...I am sure he is thinking "FREEDOM"...and normally, I am right behind him thinking the same thing. He has learned how to open the cabinets...oh, joy! Seriously, kids just love to learn how to do all the things that drive you crazy so quickly...I think they are born with this gift. So, baby proofing here we come! It brought lots of time at Grandma's house as we painted our home (yes, it has only been four years and we finally painted...still have lots to do)...Hugh would not be a good painting partner (neither am I, but I still had to stay). He still shows no desire to walk...he continues to act like his legs are broken. He has zero desire to sit still for a camera and smiling for the camera is out of the question (he actually charges the camera as you can see from the pictures). Again, I have another thing to name is Jenn and my son is joke. He cannot stop moving...ever! And even while he is "winding down", he still will pump his leg trying to creat and store future is looking very "active"! He is becoming a little more of a mama's boy...and I love it! He still LOVES his Dada, but it is nice to get some love. He has started to say "Mama"...normally when he is mad and crying...ah, so nice to feel loved. I am sure he will be saying "No" soon since he hears it a thousand times a day...I try to try find more positive ways to say "No" (like the parenting books recommend)...normally, I'll just say it very slowly...seems more positive to me. He has gotten much better with his bottles this week, which is a huge praise! He is not getting the magic twenty-nine ounces a day, but he is doing fine. He has a weight check this, we are praying for lots of pounds (well, at least lots of ounces). He is doing really well with his solids and he loves himself some booty (Pirate's booty...come on people). I think he is starting to be done with baby food (could it be the constant spitting, the shaking of the head, keeping the mouth closed, etc...just not sure), which is a concern since he doesn't eat enough of the big people food. However, we know God will continue to grow this, we put away our worry and put our trust in God...He is so faithful! Hugh had his first experience with spaghetti (see photo at top) and, messy! He had so much fun and got about half in his mouth...not the jello, definitely some slippery little suckers...the bites would pop back out of his funny. He continues to love to read, play, explore, giggle...the life of a baby. We are loving every minute and are excited to see what will come next!

We thank you all for your prayers. God is good and He hears our prayers...He is faithful even we are not. We hope you all are doing well and we will continue to pray for you all!

Monday, September 7, 2009

First of Many

Here we are...week forty-five! (Yes, a little late...I would never forget the weekly post, but we were out of town until today.) Seriously, he is going to be a year old before we know it. Soon, he won't be our baby...he'll be our big boy (well, he'll always be my baby...yep, I am going to be one of those moms). There are so many things that remind me of when he was an itty bitty, but I am also starting to forget so much...yes, I am that old (thank goodness for this blog). We are so blessed to have the opportunity to shepherd the heart of this little one...thank you, Lord!

So, what did week forty-five bring? Well, it brought Hugh's first camping trip! It will be the first of many...oh, yes...I am quite the camper (anything where you don't have to shower everyday and nobody judges you because of it...sign me up). He had the best many firsts...sleeping in a tent (freezing cold...he doesn't enjoy being cold...and that is why we live in Arizona), eating dirt (and sticks and grass and rocks and pine cones and bugs...yes, I fed them to him...anything for some extra calories), riding on a four wheeler with Papa, making new friends, being mesmerized by fire (awesome), falling in love with Jake's cousin's girlfriend (seriously, he LOVE this girl...he brings on the serious charm...fathers lock up your daughters, Hubey is on the loose), sleeping in a rainstorm, and the list goes on. Overall, he had a wonderful time with our neighbors, friends, and family (and we did as well). Unfortunately, he has come back with a cold from his first camping trip (what a nice parting gift). He is still cruising all around furniture...with no desire to walk (he acts like his legs are broken if you try to get him to stand up...he would much rather be crawling). Another tooth broke thru the, he is up to six teeth and we think two more will be coming soon. He continues to show his "all boy" side when he laughs every time he farts (probably doesn't help that we laugh too...yes, we are that mature). He has a love affair with his Soothie paci...a very loud love affair (he makes out with the Soothie...we always remind him to "treat her like a lady"). We are trying to limit his paci time...for sleep and car rides doesn't really phase him. We are still working on cage time with no success...don't worry, we are not giving up on boundaries yet. He is still talking his talk all the time and has so many facial is so cute. We are still loving every minute with him and excited for each new day!

This week brought another awful fluid week for him...he HATES the bottle. We were stressing on what to do...decided we were going to have a taste test on all the formulas on the market. Thank goodness there are already other heroes (crazies) out there that have done the formula taste test (I was gagging at the thought of the test), the winner is Similac because it has sucrose (sugar) in it. So, we went back to the Cadillac of formulas...liquid Similac. We are thankful that he is taking some fluids (no where near the magic number of twenty-nine he is supposed to be getting...seriously, what baby drinks twenty-nine ounces a day?!?). So, we are supposed to be watching for signs of dehydration. He is eating well and we think he is doing great. We continue to learn that we need to put our trust in God and nothing else. It is so hard some times to not race to call the doctor, but we know that God will grow this baby and He will continue to keep Hugh healthy...a doctor cannot do that for our little guy.

We hope you all are doing well. We pray for you all!