Sunday, September 13, 2009

And He Doesn't Stop!

Oh, we are getting so close...week forty-six! Unreal! We are getting too close! This is a really good reminder (not that I don't have one every week or something) to get my tail in gear and start getting his party ready. (I have all the ideas in my head...just wish the elves would start working on all my ideas!) Hugh is getting so big - I was reminded when I was holding him last night that he isn't my little baby any longer, but I still snuggle him every chance I get! We are looking forward to every new week, but we always look back as really does go by so fast! God has given us so much - we are so thankful for family!

So, what did week forty-six bring? Well, it was another week with nothing too exciting, but still lots of fun. He is getting over his cold and will show signs of "fake" wheezing (well, fake to me and real to Jake)...seriously, he is getting better. We have completely given up on boundaries...yes, I will admit it - I have been in denial for too long. We tried so, now we just shut all the doors and let him crawl all over the house. Normally, we'll find him standing in front of one of the windows looking out...I am sure he is thinking "FREEDOM"...and normally, I am right behind him thinking the same thing. He has learned how to open the cabinets...oh, joy! Seriously, kids just love to learn how to do all the things that drive you crazy so quickly...I think they are born with this gift. So, baby proofing here we come! It brought lots of time at Grandma's house as we painted our home (yes, it has only been four years and we finally painted...still have lots to do)...Hugh would not be a good painting partner (neither am I, but I still had to stay). He still shows no desire to walk...he continues to act like his legs are broken. He has zero desire to sit still for a camera and smiling for the camera is out of the question (he actually charges the camera as you can see from the pictures). Again, I have another thing to name is Jenn and my son is joke. He cannot stop moving...ever! And even while he is "winding down", he still will pump his leg trying to creat and store future is looking very "active"! He is becoming a little more of a mama's boy...and I love it! He still LOVES his Dada, but it is nice to get some love. He has started to say "Mama"...normally when he is mad and crying...ah, so nice to feel loved. I am sure he will be saying "No" soon since he hears it a thousand times a day...I try to try find more positive ways to say "No" (like the parenting books recommend)...normally, I'll just say it very slowly...seems more positive to me. He has gotten much better with his bottles this week, which is a huge praise! He is not getting the magic twenty-nine ounces a day, but he is doing fine. He has a weight check this, we are praying for lots of pounds (well, at least lots of ounces). He is doing really well with his solids and he loves himself some booty (Pirate's booty...come on people). I think he is starting to be done with baby food (could it be the constant spitting, the shaking of the head, keeping the mouth closed, etc...just not sure), which is a concern since he doesn't eat enough of the big people food. However, we know God will continue to grow this, we put away our worry and put our trust in God...He is so faithful! Hugh had his first experience with spaghetti (see photo at top) and, messy! He had so much fun and got about half in his mouth...not the jello, definitely some slippery little suckers...the bites would pop back out of his funny. He continues to love to read, play, explore, giggle...the life of a baby. We are loving every minute and are excited to see what will come next!

We thank you all for your prayers. God is good and He hears our prayers...He is faithful even we are not. We hope you all are doing well and we will continue to pray for you all!


AprilJ said...

Yay for less resistance with the bottles!! I love the spaghetti face for sure... for some reason, kids love messy foods ;) It looks like Hugh has really filled out even in 6 weeks. Miss you and love you guys.

Amy said...

Ah, Jenn...what would I do without your posts each week!? You are so funny...the booty comment is the winner this week. Somehow I need that deep, belly laugh every time you have a new post. Thanks for entertaining me and praise God for little steps in Hugh's eating!

Mindy said...

That first picture is so adorable! Is that spaghetti? He looks great.