Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Clock Doesn't Stop!

And the countdown continues…week forty-seven! Seriously…less than five weeks until our little guy turns one?!? Unreal! We are looking forward to this exciting milestone, but continue to also want to slow time down since it is going WAY too fast. God continues to remind us that children truly are a blessing and that He has entrusted us with an amazing gift. We are so thankful to Him for all He has given to us…especially Hugh!

So, what did week forty-seven bring? Well, once again every week cannot be as exciting as riding in a grocery cart for the first time…there are only so many of those “grocery cart” moments. However, it was still a very fun week. Hugh broke his first two dishes…I am sure there will be plenty more. The best part is that he laughed when they shattered. He continues to love the cabinets (and we continue to be lazy and not “baby proof” the cabinets) and now has one whole cabinet to himself. Normally, he crawls into the cabinet and starts hitting his head everywhere which leads to tears in the cabinet…it is awesome. We are trying to teach him how to hold his own cup and he is doing fantastic…well, fantastic if it means he leans forward to drink and throws his hands up, or behind him, or shows us the jazz hands. So, needless to say, we are still working on it. I am sure I will be the mom that takes him to kindergarten still holding his cup for him…whatever. He loves to pull on my legs while I cook and the best is when he pulls my pants down…very special. He had his first fall in the tub, which resulted in a head bruise and an eye bruise…I try tell him, “No standing in the tub.”…oh, yeah – we are working on “listening” to Mama as well. He continues to be a speed crawler (wish we could put him in a race and make some money on the side) and shows NO desire to walk. I am really hoping he learns to walk by Halloween…he would look much cuter as a walking leopard than a crawling leopard. We are continuing to try new foods and have realized that God is control…we are not. So, we know we need to put off the worry and put on the trust. God is faithful even when we are faithless. So, we take one day at a time and not worry about the next day. He loves himself some beef jerky…ah, a baby after his Mama’s heart. Hugh had some serious alone time with Jake while I was away…they went to zoo, stayed up late (you know…just talking), ate junk food…Hugh is going to miss Dada come Monday when “no fun” Mama returns. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband and Hugh is very fortunate to have a wonderful Daddy. Hugh continues to love when we sing silly songs to him…I think it is my incredible voice that he really enjoys (I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t?!?). He has definitely found his voice and loves to be VERY loud…especially if we are trying to have an adult conversation. He continues to love to explore, get crazy, be silly, get dirty…basically, be a typical little boy…it is great!

We thank God for every day for Hugh. We cannot imagine our lives without him. He always brings a smile to our faces. He is so sweet and has the best smile. God continues to teach us amazing lessons and we love learning (even though we have those head banging days). We hope you all are doing well and we'll continue to lift you all up in our prayers!

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Amy said...

Love him! Enjoyed our time together in the crawlers! And a crawling leopard is very cute :).