Sunday, October 25, 2009


(Once again LOTS of prepared!)

Ah, was an extravanganza...the whole weekend! However, it was a lot of fun...we are glad we didn't have to title the post, "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To!". Hugh seemed to have a great time and there were a couple times in the night that Jake and I looked at each other and asked, "Where is Hugh?" Clearly, he partying like it was 2009...what, what?!? Friday we enjoyed the zoo (I think Hugh may feel about the zoo the same way TJ does..."the best part about the zoo is the playground") and Peter Piper Pizza with the was a good time...I even think Aunt Melissa enjoyed the zoo...I know, I know...shocking. At least this time there was no meltdown from Hugh...even when we took the Icee away. We do know that he doesn't enjoy cotton candy...what is wrong with this kid?!? He enjoyed the 3P...of course. Loved the merry go round.

That night we decided to do a dry run with his cake...a cup cake. And, he LOVED it...more making a mess that eating was so funny. The really craziness was on Saturday for his BIG family party...which is over fifty people! Yikes! It was a lot of fun. My worst nightmare came true when I ran out of food...yes, the biggest party foul ever. However, the guests were very understanding and hot dogs came to the rescue. The pinata was a huge no duh, of course would be...I did have them at my birthday parties until I was thirteen...oh and in case you all are wondering, I was definitely the most popular kid and was not a total is totally "cool" to have pinatas when you are thirteen. Hugh wasn't really into the presents...too many other fun things to glow sticks. Oh, yeah...we had glowsticks...look out 1999, glowsticks are making a comeback. He smashed his cake on Saturday night, but not like Friday night...however, it was still lots of fun. He had a terrific night and even got to stay up late...of course, we were hoping for an extra hour of sleep in the morning since he was getting robbed of it...yep, big, fat negative. Thanks to our family for a wonderful party...we look forward to so many more!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hoppy Birthday Sweet, Little Monkey!

(Be prepared…this is a very long post with lots of pictures.)

And we have arrived…week fifty-two, one year, twelve months, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds …crazy! We seriously cannot believe that Hugh is really a year old…well, not technically a year old until 11:47PM. It was a year ago that I was in labor and we were anticipating the arrival of our little baby (we didn’t know the sex)…I spent all day working (actually on conference calls and talking between contractions…it was awesome). As I was working, I remembered what I learned in our childbirth classes…that I should be sleeping in early labor…seriously?!? Who sleeps during early labor?!? Anyway, we were so excited and knew that our lives would change forever…in the most amazing way. Honestly, I never knew being a mother could be such a tough job…I honestly thought that I would be getting a break from the very demanding careers I had had over the last nine years. Well, I was SO wrong…but it is SO worth it. Every sleepless night, every time I got peed on, every time I got vomited on…all so worth it…wouldn’t change anything. God’s creation is so amazing and we look at our little guy with awe everyday. For the millionth time, we are so blessed!

So, obviously this post is going to be a little different and will not be a look back on the week. It is going to be a post of what we have learned over the past fifty-two weeks…I did a similar post in the first couple weeks of Hugh’s life…and now looking back, we have learned A LOT more. So, what have learned? Well, we have learned that we will never get to sleep in again (this is really sad…Jake and I LOVE to sleep). We learned some things are more difficult than they appear. We learned that a breast pump really is a girl’s “breast” friend. We learned that pump pieces can grow mold, which is totally disgusting. We learned that our house can look like a play land so quickly. We learned that in order to leave the house on time we need to start prepping the night before. We (I) learned that showering everyday is a luxury and is not necessary…okay, okay…I have known this one for years. We have learned to trust our gut and to know what is best for our child. We have learned to be an advocate for our son. We have learned that being an advocate doesn’t come cheap. We have learned that he is worth every penny and then some. We learned our son is a total brand snob. We (I) have learned that brown eyes are the best. We learned that straws and chopsticks really are the best toys. We have learned that not everything is a battle, or we would be fighting a war all the time. We have learned that spitting is not “cute”, but growling is. We learned that Soothie pacifiers have some serious bounce. We have learned that we have the most AMAZING family and friends. We learned that he has more clothes (and better clothes) than we do…combined (thank you Johnsons). We learned that our son has a voice (a rather loud voice) from a very young age. We (I) have learned that the “Crazy Train” makes A LOT of stops at our home. We have learned that children don’t come with a manual and just because it worked for so and so, doesn’t mean it will work for us. We learned not to compare our little guy to other babies…life is way too short for all that craziness. We have learned that our son wasn’t born with kneecaps…no one can handle slamming their knees down that hard on tile and concrete and have kneecaps. We have learned that Hugh loves to make a mess…and I have learned to “chillax” over it. We learned that a small item (like a bottle) can cause many sleepless nights and a ridiculous amount of stress. We have learned Hugh is a goat and loves himself some paper. We (I) learned that our son looks good in a dress. We have learned that Hugh hates vegetables, but loves gummy vitamins…so, who cares if he hates vegetables?!? We have learned that he loves the water. We have learned that he LOVES everything to do with being outside, which we LOVE (however, ask me in July how much I love it). We have learned that he can throw a good, dramatic fit…ah, the apple of my eye. We have learned that he stinks (and so does Jake). We have learned that not all babies sleep through the night at twelve weeks or eighteen weeks or forty weeks…whatever, sleep is so overrated. So, I was totally kidding about the dress comment, but Jake (for the last fifty-two weeks) has always read the blog before I posted it to the “world” and I had to get him all crazy (ah, I love you Jake!). We have learned that Hugh has the best laugh ever and the cutest smile. We have learned that his sweet kisses are the best thing ever. We have learned that coming home after work to the biggest smiles and excitement could be the best thing ever. We have learned that snuggle time is the best. We have learned that we love his curiosity…even the love for the toilets. We have learned that he has the most amazing personality. We have learned that the past year has been so awesome and has gone by WAY too fast. We have learned to cherish each moment and to look forward to each new day.

God is amazing…that is what we have learned most of all. We have learned that Hugh is a sinner and in desperate need of a Saviour – just like us. We pray continuously for our little guy and trust in our loving Father. We have been given such an amazing task and we know we cannot do it alone. Lord, we pray we live our lives worthy of the calling we have been given. We pray our desire is to see you glorified…especially in how we parent our son. Thank you for the incredible gift you have given us!

Our dear, sweet Hubey…we love you SO much…more than you will ever know. You, my first born, made me a mother. I dreamed of being a mother from a very young age…and you made all my dreams come true. I knew this day would come…it just came too fast. However, I am so excited to see you get older and watch how God will grow you into an incredible man. You, my sweet, sweet son, will always be my “Baby”…and I’ll be okay if you never move out or find some other woman to love (kidding…I am already praying for your future wife and Daddy is praying for you to move out (kidding)). You will learn that I am totally crazy, but that I love you so much. I hope you enjoyed your fifty-two week blog…don’t worry, it was only available to like six billion people…but really, only five people read it. Don’t worry, not everything is public…our birthday letters are just for you.

Likes sands through the hourglass, so are the weeks of our lives…

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guess Who is Blogging Now?!?

Ah, week fifty-one...yep, and now we enter in the final week of his first year of life. This post is a little different because we have a guest blogger...Jake Saylor, you saw him on TV a few years back...very handsome and very witty (you know, he did come up with the "Get In (GI) My Belly" post title...oh, so witty). So, the look back on the week will be short and sweet. So, what did week fifty-one bring...well, it brought the meds back (ah, we love the meds)...we have seen a HUGE difference in him and he is drinking his milk (still a formula/whole milk mix, but he is drinking it)! So, the meds have a purpose and we are okay with it. We know that he won't be on them forever. He loves swings and the sand (to eat) at the park...he is totally going to be one of those filthy, little boys and we love it (well, I love it and Jake is getting use to the idea of it). We enjoyed another trip to the zoo...which started well and ended not so well (fits and screaming because I took away his sno-cone (thank you, Mother)). He doesn't love petting the goats, but he loves to crawl around with them...much to the horror of the other mothers watching me...I am sure they were just waiting for me to pull out a bottle of Koolaid for him. He loves to hear himself scream and I know the rest of the people we are around love to hear him scream as well...remember, people express themselves in many different ways and screaming is his art. Oh, and for the walking...let's just say we will have a really cute, crawling cat at Halloween...for sure. He continues to be very sweet and so cute. We are so blessed!

And now for the much anticipated (and very, very long awaited) guest post...

Daddy’s memories of Hugh’s first year.

I first have to say that the guest blogger role is pretty intimidating. Hugh – when you read this years from now, don’t compare this to mommy’s awesome weekly blog posts.

I want to capture some of my favorite memories of life with Hugh. This has been an incredible year, but my memories start before Hugh was actually born…

Jenn telling me she was pregnant: I’ll never forget this because this was a failed husband moment for me. My dad was at the house and we were doing some yard work. Jenn came outside and whispered that she had taken a pregnancy test and that it was positive. Here’s where I failed – instead of instant excitement, I was reserved and didn’t want to get my hopes up. That’s what we call a lack of trust in God (not the last time that’s been a struggle for me). My wife helped me see my sin…she’s good like that…and God was so good to bless us with our boy.

Doctor visits: I wanted to be at every doctor visit so that I could experience every step of the pregnancy (if I don’t do this for future Saylor babies – please children, don’t feel slighted!). The sonogram visit was a highlight – the first time we saw our baby and watched his heart beat was incredible. I stood there in awe and a warm feeling rushed over me as I realized that pea-sized shape with a beating heart was my child - how amazing is the God of the universe. The ultrasound visit was even better. My excitement for baby Saylor grew with every trip to the doc. In fact, every time I drove by St. Joseph’s hospital, I would imagine the day that we would drive there to have our child.

Life with Hugh: watching his birth and holding him for the first time will forever be a highlight of my life (even if the birth didn’t go quite as outlined in our well-crafted, much thought-out, detailed birth plan). Having him sleep on my chest in those early weeks was awesome. Now the only way to get him to cuddle on me is if I hold him while vacuuming (he hates the vacuum) or I take him out of the car when he’s asleep. Oh, how quickly the independence develops. I’ll never forget the first few months of taking him in the car. His piercing screams – or as Jenn put it, his dying kitty cries - are burned into my memory. Thank God that He’s calmed Hubey’s heart for car rides. I seriously thought we’d never enjoy a peaceful car ride again. I love how Hugh lights up and gets excited to see me when I come home – the truth is I feel the same way whenever I see him after being away. Jenn has been awesome to build me up to our son – she’s an amazing wife and mother. The first times Hugh smiled and laughed were so special. I try very hard to get this boy to laugh each day – one of my favorite things is to hear him laugh hysterically. I also like our current “who can growl or yell louder” contests – especially when they end with him laughing. I’m sure a day is coming when I will regret having reinforced this growling/yelling behavior. Oh well. I’ve given this boy 90% of the baths he’s taken in his first year of life and I’ve loved them all – well, except the two times when he pooped in the bath. Those were gross. But the vast majority of baths have been fun and it’s awesome to see his love for the water. I look forward to many fun times of swimming in our future. I also put him to bed most nights and very much look forward to our rocking chair time. We pray together every night and I sing to him some of my favorite songs – “Jesus Loves Me” (one my grandmother sang to me as a boy), “Amazing Grace,” “Silent Night” and “O Holy Night” (because Christmas songs really should be played year-round), and “Come Thou Fount.” While this is done primarily to help him take his bottle and fall asleep, it rarely works. It usually ends up in Hugh grabbing my nose, me biting his fingers, him laughing, me putting him in his crib and Jenn saying “wow – really sounds like you helped him fall asleep.” Priceless. The trips we’ve taken with Hugh also have been highlights – Tucson, Flagstaff, Alaska. I love to travel, so sharing these experiences with my son has been a great joy. I’m excited to take him more places and have more travel experiences. From playing chase around the house and reading books to him, to taking walks and watching him play with leaves (he has a special love for trees), I have so enjoyed every minute with this boy. It’s also been so special to watch him love and be loved by our families and friends. Hugh doesn’t realize it yet, but he is blessed beyond words by his family and friends.

There have been so many good memories from year one and I wish I had written them all down in the moment. I am so excited for the years to come and for the much more life we have to live with Hugh. We know this boy truly belongs to God and we strive to rely on His word, as well as the strength and mercy He shows us, to raise this child. I thank and praise God for His goodness in blessing us with our boy and in using parenthood to sanctify and draw us closer to Him.

Thank you guest blogger for a wonderful post. Thank you all for your prayers! We pray you all are doing well.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Bit of Fall.

Okay, into the "fifty" weeks...whoa, week we come! It is unbelievable to us that Hugh is going to be one in less than two weeks! I know, I know...soon, he will be driving and living with me for the rest of his life (there is nothing wrong with that...nothing at all). So, I lost the drive on getting ready for his party, but it will still be fun. We had planned for months to get a swing set, but changed our minds...maybe for next year. So, we are still working out all the details, but it will be Hughlapalooza for sure. We are loving every minute with our baby boy and cannot believe that he will soon be a baby boy no longer (well, he always be a baby in my eyes).

So, what did week fifty bring? Well, it brought a bit of fall with a trip to Flagstaff to celebrate birthdays and see the leaves change (Phoenix doesn't give us any "fall" love). Hubey LOVES the trees and all the leaves. We are sure he is going to find a career in horticulture someday...after his career as a chef, of course. He got a practice run with opening presents - he will definitely like the paper more than the gift and it is confirmed that his attention span is less than thirty seconds. We definitely enjoyed the cooler weather and are very excited for Phoenix to jump on the cooler weather bandwagon - enough summer already...seriously. We also got a visit from our Alaskan family, which is always a blessing. Cousin Clay Clay provides lots of entertainment for Hugh - he is quite fascinated with him. Hugh enjoyed being the "mascot" for the older boys - as they would run around, they would all stop and give him hugs and kisses...very sweet and cute. He loves all of his cousins...we are so blessed by our big family! We can see another tooth coming, the reason why he is screaming, clingy, yelling, etc. is due to teething...seriously (not like we wouldn't use that reason even if we couldn't see the tooth). He has a pained facial expression that he loves to make all the time - when he doesn't want to eat something, we he doesn't get his way, when you tell him no, when he doesn't want to smile, and the list goes on. I have wondered why he makes this face and I am sure I give him some face like, "For real, are you seriously doing that again?"...and I am sure he is imitating me...awesome...another parenting award for my wall. And for the whole milk - well, we won't be buying stock in diary any time soon. He prefers formula...yes, we were shocked. So, we are mixing the two...I knew I cursed myself with never buying formula again and posting it on my blog...ah, the blog curse. So, we have tried EVERYTHING and there is no love for choco milk, but we may be able to get a little shout out for strawberry milk (nasty). So, we'll be patient and keep transitioning him...this is just his deal...slow to transition. So, he'll be the kid that crawls into his kindergarten class and we'll have to explain to his teacher that she needs to make him his formula sippy cup and she has to hold it for him...awesome. He is still the speed crawler and is happy to be that way. We realized that singing to him in the car calms his down...I guess it is true, I do have a voice of an angel. He still loves his walks, loves books, loves songs, loves to be silly, and loves to be all boy. We love him and thank God for how we have been blessed.

We continue to realize that God is in control and always will be. He is also always faithful to His word. As I study in John, you have to stop and be in awe of how awesome our Lord is - He turned water into wine, He created something from nothing...He is amazing and deserving of our praise. I need those reminders because I can wrestle with doubt and lack of trust. Thank God that He doesn't change - we are so blessed.

We hope you all are doing well and enjoying your bit of fall! We thank you all for your prayers!