Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Bit of Fall.

Okay, into the "fifty" weeks...whoa, week we come! It is unbelievable to us that Hugh is going to be one in less than two weeks! I know, I know...soon, he will be driving and living with me for the rest of his life (there is nothing wrong with that...nothing at all). So, I lost the drive on getting ready for his party, but it will still be fun. We had planned for months to get a swing set, but changed our minds...maybe for next year. So, we are still working out all the details, but it will be Hughlapalooza for sure. We are loving every minute with our baby boy and cannot believe that he will soon be a baby boy no longer (well, he always be a baby in my eyes).

So, what did week fifty bring? Well, it brought a bit of fall with a trip to Flagstaff to celebrate birthdays and see the leaves change (Phoenix doesn't give us any "fall" love). Hubey LOVES the trees and all the leaves. We are sure he is going to find a career in horticulture someday...after his career as a chef, of course. He got a practice run with opening presents - he will definitely like the paper more than the gift and it is confirmed that his attention span is less than thirty seconds. We definitely enjoyed the cooler weather and are very excited for Phoenix to jump on the cooler weather bandwagon - enough summer already...seriously. We also got a visit from our Alaskan family, which is always a blessing. Cousin Clay Clay provides lots of entertainment for Hugh - he is quite fascinated with him. Hugh enjoyed being the "mascot" for the older boys - as they would run around, they would all stop and give him hugs and kisses...very sweet and cute. He loves all of his cousins...we are so blessed by our big family! We can see another tooth coming, the reason why he is screaming, clingy, yelling, etc. is due to teething...seriously (not like we wouldn't use that reason even if we couldn't see the tooth). He has a pained facial expression that he loves to make all the time - when he doesn't want to eat something, we he doesn't get his way, when you tell him no, when he doesn't want to smile, and the list goes on. I have wondered why he makes this face and I am sure I give him some face like, "For real, are you seriously doing that again?"...and I am sure he is imitating me...awesome...another parenting award for my wall. And for the whole milk - well, we won't be buying stock in diary any time soon. He prefers formula...yes, we were shocked. So, we are mixing the two...I knew I cursed myself with never buying formula again and posting it on my blog...ah, the blog curse. So, we have tried EVERYTHING and there is no love for choco milk, but we may be able to get a little shout out for strawberry milk (nasty). So, we'll be patient and keep transitioning him...this is just his deal...slow to transition. So, he'll be the kid that crawls into his kindergarten class and we'll have to explain to his teacher that she needs to make him his formula sippy cup and she has to hold it for him...awesome. He is still the speed crawler and is happy to be that way. We realized that singing to him in the car calms his down...I guess it is true, I do have a voice of an angel. He still loves his walks, loves books, loves songs, loves to be silly, and loves to be all boy. We love him and thank God for how we have been blessed.

We continue to realize that God is in control and always will be. He is also always faithful to His word. As I study in John, you have to stop and be in awe of how awesome our Lord is - He turned water into wine, He created something from nothing...He is amazing and deserving of our praise. I need those reminders because I can wrestle with doubt and lack of trust. Thank God that He doesn't change - we are so blessed.

We hope you all are doing well and enjoying your bit of fall! We thank you all for your prayers!


Filleman Family said...

I can't decide which - but one of those top two pictures should really be framed on your wall - they are precious! I also love that your "family pic" on your profile is still his hospital picture. It is so crazy to compare the two side by side and realize that he went from that little pea to a big, sweet boy! Crazy! So for a final post I'm thinking you should post 52 pictures - one for each week so we can watch him grow up week by week - okay that might kill blogspot - maybe just 12 so we can watch him grow up thru each month???? huh???

Melissa said...

I am glad you had fun in Flag. Cute pics.

AprilJ said...

Into the 50s!! Seems hard to believe :) Glad Hugh survived some more Clay time.. I like the part about him being the Mascot. Won't it be interesting when he gets to the point where they can convince him to do their bidding??!!! Love :)

Amy said...

Such a sweet boy, no matter how much milk drama he gives you :). The Flag pics are great!

Mindy said...

I am amazed that he is almost one! I am so happy for you. I hope the party is great!