Sunday, November 29, 2009


We were able to spend this past Thanksgiving as a family and with lots of family around us (missing a few located in Alaska, Tennessee, and all were very missed!). It reminded me that we have so much to be thankful for...the list is unending, but I thought I would share some things we are thankful for.

Sleeping babies. SLR cameras. Crazy boys. Small spaces. Pre-lit Christmas trees. Microwaves. Internet. Random people's blogs. Clean babies. Clean house. Handmedown clothes for Hugh. Dried fruit. TV online. Parks. Swings at the park. Working from home. Eye drops. Stuffed animals. Food Network. Comfy couches. Biggest Loser. Walks. Salt. Red meat. Hair ties. Contacts. Sunglasses. Grandmothers who watch grandchildren. Animal free home. iTunes. HOV lanes. Hybrid cars. Coupons. Pacifiers. Balloons. Big beds. Clean sheets. Folded laundry. Homemade trail mix. Crispix mix. Vacations. Cake cookies. Melissa's cupcakes. Christmas music. Quiet. Jobs. Our home. Books. Seeds. Herbs. Plants. Trees. Meals in a bag. Crockpots. Self check-out lanes. My mom's on-line Blockbuster membership. Good food. Candy.

Like I stated, so much to be thankful for...but what are we really thankful for? Friends. Family. Hugh's smile and laugh. Generosity of friends and family. God's Word. God's perfect and holy Son, Jesus Christ. Our salvation through Jesus Christ. God's promises to His children. Our hope. Our love. Our life. We know that everything else will fade...all the "stuff", but our salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ is for all I stated...lots to be thankful for, more than we could ever repay.

We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

They Come at Night...

The sickies that is...they always come at night...and not just "night"...the middle of the night. They came around 2AM and only stayed for a short time, but then they came at 4AM and didn't leave. Why do they ALWAYS come at night? Why not come in the late morning or mid afternoon? Oh, well. So, as I was holding our little guy in the middle of the night and I was thinking about how much I wanted to be sleeping...and then Christ reminded me to be thankful for the unexpected and to show compassion (Mark 6:31-37). I was reminded that I won't always be able to hold my baby and snuggle him...especially in his time of need. I was very convicted about how selfish I am and am so thankful that Christ has forgiven me...and continues to me forgive me...even when I am selfish. Honestly, Hugh seems just fine...congested and not eating (drinking...just not eating). Who knows...maybe it is teething?!? When in doubt, teething always works. We are hoping for a better night and that the sickies stay away (but not the teeth...we want (and Hugh needs) the teeth to come)!

We were excited to be able to be a part of our family dedication tonight at our church (no worries to any moms...we don't bring our "sick" baby into the nursery...we don't roll like that). We are so thankful God has blessed our family and it is our greatest desire to live for His glory and for our son to know Him. We desire to live this out everyday and for God to grab a hold of Hugh from a very young age. We are thankful to be a part of a church that is cross centered and we know we will be faithful to pray for our family.

And anything new? Not really. As Hugh approaches his thirteen month, he is still perfecting his crawling form. He still has to fit through every small space...the smaller the better. He has started pointing a lot...pointing is not rude to Hugh. So, we explain every item he points to. He still loves to play outside, loves to be silly, continues to be all boy (laughs every time he farts or burps...seriously, are boys just made that way?!?)...and we love him more and more each day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

All Things Small

So, I decided to post today and Jake told me I am still doing a weekly post...just not calling it a "weekly" post. Whatever. Hugh is a total boy. And, what does that mean? He thinks he can do anything. Like fit into really small spaces...under beds, under chairs, in his play cube...and the list goes on. So, rather than save him (I figure if he can get himself in...he can get himself out), I take pictures...because it is too funny. Why are boys made with the "I can do anything" gene? He is already thinking that he knows better than his Mama...well, he is crazy...just like his Mama.

We love this little boy. He is so fun and is so expressive. People are always commenting to me on his many expressions and his big eyes...we love it. He is too cute. He still loves to play outside and loves to get dirty. It so fun to watch him explore and watch him figure things out. Of course, being a boy, he needs to figure out how things work rather than just knowing they work. He is a biter...Jake thought it was funny to bite him and so Hugh thinks it is funny to bite people...well, Hugh bites like a dog and it hurts...hopefully he doesn't have rabies. He is getting so much better with stairs and has learned how to go down backwards...he is still learning, but so much better. He loves to mimic my faces...especially my smile with the BEAUTIFUL Johnson squinty eyes. I think he is really jealous that he doesn't have my squinty eyes...and can you blame him? Oh, and the blog curse struck me big time...he is a climber. He saw a little friend climbing in the nursery this past Sunday and I am sure was thinking, "I can totally do that. He does...he is having, why not?" Like I said, all boy...and we wouldn't want it any other way.

He has graduated from his feeding therapy appointments...praise God! God has been so faithful to grow and develop our little guy. He also had his first bottle in eight months that didn't have any thickener!!! This is HUGE progress and we are thinking that we are FINALLY past his swallowing issues...we'll know in a few weeks. He is showing some signs of dehydration and we are really working on it...always working on something. It is crazy how much stress and worry a little person can cause...and it amazing how much God can bring you to your knees and show you that He is who He said He is...and He wants you to depend upon Him. I remember telling one of my sister-in-laws (when I was pregnant) that I couldn't wait to have the baby so I could stop worrying...and she laughed and told me that the worrying hadn't even begun true. Thank God for His patience and love...we would be lost without it.

(Yep, still spitting at him for smiles.)

Oh, and this last one is a special picture for cute...while playing with the electrical socket...whoopsy daisy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Things We Will Do...

I wanted to get some cute shots of Hugh in his Flagstaff Fire t-shirt and of course Hugh wanted nothing to do with it. He was giving me the "Mama, you are crazy. Leave me alone." looks.

So, of course I started thinking of ways I could get him to smile. I started bebopping (you know, like rapping...yes, I am white, but I am so good at it...and should see me dance...just ask my family, I think they still live in amazement of my skills) and playing a game called "Hubey's Shoes" (it is a game where I waive his shoe in front of him and say "Hubey's Shoes" and he tries to eat, now the game sounds a little weird, but it made him laugh like crazy the other night). He gave me some half pity smiles with my attempts.

So, when all else fails...I spit at him.

Works every time.

Still no walking...still has absolutely zero interest. He watches other children and I am sure is thinking, "Good for them." We know he'll get there...or, he could be the kid who crawls into kindergarten with his bottle (no, we haven't even thought about starting to break that habit). So, we just let him crawl all over the place and let him get filthy...and Jake learns to relax knowing that he is crawling all over the ground during swine flu season...ah, such is life.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hoppy Halloween!

So, week fifty-three...kidding. Hoppy Halloween! We were able to celebrate Halloween this year with Hugh and had a wonderful time in our neighborhood with friends. Yes, we dress our baby up...we think it is fun and do not think it is evil. However, now I am going to get on my soapbox for a minute (why?...because it is my blog and I can do whatever I want), we saw kids (ten to twelve years old) dressed in super scary the character from the movie Saw...I mean, seriously...parents pay for these types of costumes?!? Okay, stepping off of my soapbox. We had a good time with our little cute. He kept the head piece of his costume on all night...don't think he knew that he didn't have to have it on. Anyway, he looked so cute and it was a very fun night!

And, oh yes...Jake and I dressed up as H1N1 (yep, the swine flu). We knew that not everyone would appreciate our witty idea, but people found it amusing...for the most part. Of course, we got some dirty looks...come on people, laugh a little. Anyway, now we are all battling sinus infections/colds...serves us right for dressing up as the swine flu. Overall, a great Halloween!

Hugh had his one year check up, which meant more shots. He only cried for about thirty seconds since I distracted with some booty. He weighed 21lbs. 15oz. (40%) and was 32in. (90%). He is doing great. We are so thankful to God for growing our little boy and keeping him so healthy!

We hope you all had a Hoppy Halloween!