Sunday, November 29, 2009


We were able to spend this past Thanksgiving as a family and with lots of family around us (missing a few located in Alaska, Tennessee, and all were very missed!). It reminded me that we have so much to be thankful for...the list is unending, but I thought I would share some things we are thankful for.

Sleeping babies. SLR cameras. Crazy boys. Small spaces. Pre-lit Christmas trees. Microwaves. Internet. Random people's blogs. Clean babies. Clean house. Handmedown clothes for Hugh. Dried fruit. TV online. Parks. Swings at the park. Working from home. Eye drops. Stuffed animals. Food Network. Comfy couches. Biggest Loser. Walks. Salt. Red meat. Hair ties. Contacts. Sunglasses. Grandmothers who watch grandchildren. Animal free home. iTunes. HOV lanes. Hybrid cars. Coupons. Pacifiers. Balloons. Big beds. Clean sheets. Folded laundry. Homemade trail mix. Crispix mix. Vacations. Cake cookies. Melissa's cupcakes. Christmas music. Quiet. Jobs. Our home. Books. Seeds. Herbs. Plants. Trees. Meals in a bag. Crockpots. Self check-out lanes. My mom's on-line Blockbuster membership. Good food. Candy.

Like I stated, so much to be thankful for...but what are we really thankful for? Friends. Family. Hugh's smile and laugh. Generosity of friends and family. God's Word. God's perfect and holy Son, Jesus Christ. Our salvation through Jesus Christ. God's promises to His children. Our hope. Our love. Our life. We know that everything else will fade...all the "stuff", but our salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ is for all I stated...lots to be thankful for, more than we could ever repay.

We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!


Jen said...

I love your posts! I want to take this and just copy it to my blog...well with a couple changes of course:not a pet free house and 2 cute lil girls instead of a cute lil Hugh. :)

AprilJ said...

I'm thankful for salt and the Biggest Loser, too! What a coincidence :) Missed you guys. Love lots.

Amy said...

I am thankful for Hugh next to a box of beer. You left that out of your thankful for list. Why wasn't candy number one?

Theresa said...

Sweet entry. And I am thankful for Melissa's (and Michelle's) cupcakes, too. :)