Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crazy Fun

So, what is new with Hugh? Well, he is finally eating again now that the never ending cold has finally ended. We have his big test at PCH tomorrow...hoping that all his muscles in his throat are fully developed. However, they have told us that if there is no change - it may just be his swallow (and they assume one of us has the same swallow...I guessing he got this wonderful trait from me). So, all the thickening and expensive therapy for nothing...awesome. I guess we'll see tomorrow. He has been standing independently...very impressive. He has taken A step! Several times I might add...not all at the same time, but A step at several different times. I know, I all are SO amazed. Maybe we'll start 2010 with a walker...heavy emphasis on maybe. We continue to see his personality come out more and more...we love it. He continues to mimic a lot of my, I really need to smile more and quit the smirking. We are loving every minute with him...he is so much fun.

We were blessed this past weekend with a sleepover with two of our amazing nephews. This is the third year we have had a nephew/nephews spend the is so fun. The rule is as soon as they are potty trained, they can spend the night. So, Eli says to me (he is very smart), "Logan is potty trained and with your rule, he should be here." I explained to him that his Mom didn't think I was ready to handle four kids and he says, "Yep, you wouldn't be able to handle Logan." Too funny. Logan - you were missed and you are coming next year...I know Jake can handle it. We had lots of fun with games, the Wii, too much sugar, VHS movies, a Christmas party with our small group...lots of fun (and craziness) all around. My favorite line from the weekend - from TJ, "I loved Robin Hood. It was the best movie." He makes me smile - the movie is from the 80s. Of course, I wanted to document the the last minute. So, I bribed the boys for pictures because they kept telling me how much they hate pictures (especially Eli...he kept telling me how much he HATES them, I believe the evidence below contradicts his story).

Oh well, I tried to get some shots...kudos to people who get great shots of their multiple children. Oh, and this is what happens when you give a six-year-old a camera.

Ah, we love these boys. Hugh had a blast...looking forward to lots more in our future...or, I guess until they become "uncool". We wish all of our nieces and nephews lived here for sleepover fun!


Melissa said...

They had SO MUCH FUN! The whole way home from church I heard stories and TJ talked A LOT about Robin Hood. He did really love it. :) Thank you for taking them, they really look forward to it!
My dad says when you watch my kids: one parent watches Logan and one parent watches all the rest of the kids. :) Logan was sad he wasn't there, and he loves to be with Cubie!
Love you guys!

Evy said...

Haha too funny! Boys are so great! I am so glad I ended up having a boy.

Amy said...

Love the booty shot, so funny. I think Logan gets a bad rap, he's just like my boys and my boys are totally normal...right? :)

Filleman Family said...

I don't think they will become "uncool", unfortunately us aunts and uncles will probably become "uncool" to them. I ate lunch with Melissa and she told Davis that the boys were at your house for a sleep over and he didn't understand why he couldn't go :) so if you ever want to give 10,000 boys a try - you let D know! haha

AprilJ said...

I think I am already getting a little "uncool", sadly. I hereby open up my house any weekend for a nephew/niece sleepover if they can get here :)