Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Like to Thick-it, Thick-it!

It has been a great week for Hugh and us all. It started out with making gingerbread houses at his aunt's house, and I don't like to brag about my son, but his house was awesome...I think he may be gifted. He learned that you could actually eat off of it...even better. However, unlike his mother - this child will eat two pieces of candy and it will be enough...what happened to him? He has a favorite Christmas toy...a Snoopy snow globe...loves it. He is still taking steps...on his terms and giving up crawling is WAY in the future. However, he will walk for Gummy Vites. He has learned to open more cabinets and the kitchen drawers...ah, yes...we are so proud. He has also learned that if the cleaners are placed in the perfect spot in the cabinet, he can still reach them and pull them out (with the locks) with his skinny arms...darned skinny arms. So, now he just opens his toy cabinets and dumps out ALL of his is so awesome and we LOVE it! He loves to stand up in the grocery cart and it is always a wonderful feeling to look over and see your fourteen month-old standing up in the cart...I am sure the people watching think I am an AWESOME mom! He is starting to think that he only needs one nap a day...too bad for him that we run a dictatorship over here and his vote doesn't count. He continues to crack us up with his playful spirit and silly personality. He is very sweet except with people at the grocery store...he gives them a very serious scowl. We love this baby and we are so blessed!

We met with Dr. P (GI) this past week. We decided that Hugh will remain on thickeners until he is two. We do not believe the radiation is good for him, so we are delaying another MBS test until he is two. I am sure the test at two will go splendidly well since he was SO cooperative (yeah right) for this last test...I told Jake the next test is his. Dr. P started mentioning maybe running some other tests (like scoping him or a head CT), but we decided to wait at this time. We decided that if he has not outgrown this by two (which would be unheard of per Dr. P), then we would explore running other tests to figure out if something else was wrong. Dr. P mentioned that Hugh could have severe food allergies that are only presenting their problems on the inside rather than showing any outward signs...scoping him would show this. We have seen God's incredible faithfulness over the past year and we know we will continue to see His faithfulness. We are thankful we serve a God who is in control because we know how easily we lose control...we wouldn't want anything to be in our hands. We would continue to appreciate your prayers.

So, I fell victim to another one of my "nevers" know the statements, "I will this...or do that." So, I got an overnight bag (aka big purse)...I decided that sometimes you just want to carry one bag with all the "stuff" in it. For a moment I saw my future and I got scared...I know once I go big, I am not going back...and that is very sad. I see my mom with the forty pound purse...and me saying, "Really, you need to carry your check book (who takes checks?!?), your entertainment book, eighteen pens, six packs of gum, candy (this is a good thing), a water bottle, glasses, contact solution, tapes, used kleenex (she swears they are just crumpled), and the list goes on." I cannot become my mom with the back breaking purse...I just can't do it (see, I didn't say never). So, this never just gets added to the list of other nevers...pointy heels (yep, still wear them...they will never go out of style in my book), ballet style shoes, big sunglasses, headbands,... So, I need to stop using the word "never"...haven't I learned my lesson yet?!?

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Christmas season! God is good!


AprilJ said...

Awesome snow globe! Sorry about the thick-it, thick-it. I know it's a booty pain, for sure. Glad no more tests for a while. We miss you. You're certainly missing out on a lot of Alaska fun with us right now (blog post to follow) :)

Amy said...

I am so encouraged by your post. A good reminder to not worry and let God care for me. Yes, the big purse. My hair person said to me "do you have a DIAPER in your purse?" yah, so what?!