Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas for Judah in week eighteen! We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with family and friends…except for the fact that Jake was SUPER sick. He is getting better now, but unfortunately, had to miss some of the Christmas extravaganza. And of course (as luck would have it…our family can thank us later), both boys now have fevers…who knows!?! We think Hugh’s is related to teething (yeah for the two year molars) and not sure with Judah…just running a little hot. Hopefully, we will all be healthy soon! Judah got to experience his first Christmas Festivus! Honestly, he slept for the majority of the fun – it was nice to be able to lay him down wherever and he would sleep…for night-time, he rocks the sleeping! And, we didn’t really get him anything since he is only four months old…don’t worry; we haven’t scarred him for life or anything. We are so thankful that Judah is part of our family and was able to spend Christmas with us! He is the best present our family was given this year!

So, what did week eighteen bring? Well, obviously…it brought his first Christmas! As stated above, he slept thru the majority of the festivities. He napped so much better this past week…praise God! Yes, he is still in the swing…and yes, we are okay with it…and yes, we know what all the books say about it. He does so much better when he gets a good nap…so, we’ll break the swing naps later. He is starting to grab a lot more at things and is really starting to enjoy toys. Unfortunately for him, his big brother tends to like every toy that he is playing with…such a shock. He likes to pull hair…hard…glad I got mine cut, but he’ll still pull it whenever he gets the chance. He also does this really sweet thing where he grabs the top of your shirt when you are holding him…so sweet. He still tries to eat his hands every chance he gets and sucks his thumb a lot…I know it can be a bad habit, but it is so cute. I get a little nervous for when he has teeth…I honestly think he may bite one of his fingers off. Also, he will take a Nuk – the Nuk brand, not the Soothie, but it is rare…but he’ll do it when he is really tired and just wants to sleep, but he won’t wake up when the nuk drops…which is wonderful (we always had to play the drop and replace game with Hubey). He LOVES his milk (finally someone who appreciates my hard work…my brutally painful, hard work!)…he actually starts kicking his legs and waving his arms when he sees his bottle and if you take away his bottle before he is done…he gets MAD. Just such a huge change for us – Hubey NEVER got excited – he HATED it. We love that he is an eater and is such an efficient eater…so nice. Nope, still haven’t started rice cereal…don’t think he needs it yet (even though some people think he is starving all the time), but Jake wants to start him on it…so, I see it happening very soon. He had his four month appointment – he weighs 15lbs. 2oz. (50%) and is 24.5in. (75%)…almost a pound more than Hubey at this age (he weighed more than a pound less than Hubey at birth) and about an inch shorter than Hubey…so, short and round…and jolly…just like Santa Claus. We are glad he is so healthy and such a good eater! He did well with his shots – not too much crying, but lots of complaining for the rest of the day…and a fever. Hopefully, he’ll feel better tomorrow. He also received a referral to be examined for plagiocephaly, which is a head shape deformity. Normally, they can be corrected by a band that he would wear for around twelve weeks…we don’t love the idea, but know God is in control over all things. We are familiar with the condition and the band since one of our nephews was diagnosed with this condition and had to wear the band. We realized when it rains it pours…this for Judah and surgery for Hubey for a hernia…like we stated above, God is in control and is so faithful to our family! Overall, Judah is doing great and he is the best Christmas gift!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We pray everyone knows the true gift of Christmas, which is salvation in Jesus Christ. All the toys and stuff fade into nothing, but the love of our Saviour is eternal!

(FYI…taking pics of your baby after a long day and shots in a Santa suit is never a good idea.)

Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, it has been better this week…the napping that is…in week seventeen, not 100%...and some days are better than other days…for sure. And yes, possibly I busted out the swing again…a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Some people would say I lost the last two weeks of sleep training by bringing the swing back out…oh, well…that is how we roll and we are okay with it. I am still just trying to figure it all out. I appreciate the lots of wisdom that I have been given the last week and the resources I have looked at…very appreciative of it all. I realized God knows when my little guy needs to sleep for my sanity…on crazy, busy days when I have a million things going on (and lots of people over)…he sleeps…praise God! I also realized that I would have nothing to write about on my blog if I didn’t have some diatribe…not eating with Hubey and now it is not sleeping with Judah. Got to have something to write about…always. Thanks to you all for the prayers – we appreciate them!

So, what did week seventeen bring? Well, it brought his first sleepover with his cousins…not sure if he really noticed all the craziness, but I know he has lots of love for his crazy cousins. They are all very sweet with him. He is really starting to notice when we are eating and drinking – starting to reach and grab for it…just the other day, he grabbed a tamale right off my plate…love my spicy baby. However, I still think we are going to wait another couple of months before we start the solids. We’ll see what the doctor recommends, but I am leaning towards the delay. He is starting to play more…well, as much playing that one can do while lying on their backs all day. He has started reaching for whatever he can when he is sitting in his Bumbo...on the counter (shame on us, I know). He loves to just stare at people until they look at him…so cute. We are actually starting to think he may have blue eyes (fingers crossed). He seems fine with tummy time now and normally will always roll over to his back. He is trying so hard to roll to his tummy…I think it is a few weeks out. He still has a love affair with his hands (glad to see he still has all ten fingers) and I hear myself say several times a day that life would be easier if he would just take a pacifier…not going to happen…ever…sad day. He drools…all day…think it has to do with the hands always in the mouth. He still spits up a lot, but he also eats a lot...he is appreciative of all my hard work with pumping (someone should be). Obviously, we are still trying to work on the best schedule for him…we’ll get there and I know that…so, I wait patiently (sometimes). Aside from his napping still not being the greatest, he is sweet…so sweet. I could seriously cuddle and love on this little boy all day…he makes it so easy. He has these cheeks that are so great – love the chubby cheeks! We have been so blessed by this little boy!

And what did week seventeen bring for me? My worst day ever. I broke one of the tubes on my pump…while pumping in the car…at church. It was fantastic. You see, for us EP’s (Exclusive Pumpers…yes, we have a name…google it), a tube breaking is tragic…positively tragic. Luckily, Babies-R-Us was right around the corner. Oh, they don’t sell Medela tubing…it can only be ordered from Medela…freaking out at this point. So, we race home to get my other pump (you see, our kids were still at church while we ran home…yep, we were that couple that drops their kids off at church for free childcare and then goes to run errands…we are thinking about doing it again…AND we needed to race back because Hugh was having a performance in his class and what type of parents would we have been if we missed it?!? Horrible ones!!!), but really don’t know if the other pump will work. Well, it did…so Mr. Pump #1 is back and badder than ever. However, new tubing is coming for Mr. Pump #2 (aka Super Pumper). So, all this to say that the crisis was adverted, but I kept saying to Jake that it was my worst day ever (obviously, it wasn’t)…oh, and we made it to Hugh’s performance…he was ah-mazing. Oh, and now I have so many pumps I don’t know what to do with myself. We are thankful for your prayers and so thankful for God’s grace in our lives!

Monday, December 13, 2010

More of the Same...

Yep, more of the same…still crying during every nap at week sixteen. He had a couple of good days and we were hoping (and hoping) he was going to turn a corner, but he hasn’t…and he is still crying during every nap. It is sad and me (being the person that has to have a reason for everything) is determined to fix the problem. Looks like week seventeen could be a week of serious sleep training (have some ideas). Yes, I know he is not even four months yet, but this just doesn’t seem right to us (emphasis on “us”…may seem right to everyone else, but now us). So, we will work on the nap training…with lots of love. He is a great night sleeper still, which is a huge praise…just got to work on the naps. Besides the non-napping baby, Judah is great – sweet, sweet, sweet. We love this little boy so much and cannot imagine our family without him!

So, what did week sixteen bring? Well, obviously it continued to bring no solid naps…all cat naps (as stated above, we are working on getting past this). We have decided to eliminate the swing during naps because of the sleep training…that swing has been a good friend to us all (love our neighbors for letting us use it). He is really trying to move – he turns himself all over the place and wants to roll from his back to stomach so bad (think the first time he did it a couple of months ago was a fluke (or his big “helpful” brother did it for him) because it has never happened again). Not sure why he wants to roll over so badly since he doesn’t really enjoy his tummy time. Honestly, I think he just wants to be able to do more…sitting up would be great for him, but we still have a couple of months before we see any consistent sitting up. He does love the Bumbo though…change of scenery for him…one can only stare at ceilings for so long even if there is a moving fan. He is really trying to grab at objects more and it's only a matter of time before he starts going after the “community” toys (in Hubey’s world, those would be HIS toys)…Hugh may not think Judah is so great after that! He took his first bath with his big brother…think we have a definite shower baby on our hands, didn’t really love the bath like his big brother. We cannot believe we could have a rice cereal eater next week…not sure if we are going to start him yet, but we could if wanted…well, technically we could have already started him (because he is our baby and we can do what we want with him). He does stare at our food while we are eating…maybe it is a sign?!? He HATES his Prevacid…sigh…but we’ll keep giving it to him. I really started feeling this week like he wasn’t really wanting to be a “baby” anymore…clearly, he is still a baby, but you can already see him fighting for some independence (like is his brilliant choice not to nap). We have pretty much completely given up on the pacifier…guess he is not a Johnson baby (no oral fixation)…but he does LOVE his hands. I give him daily lessons on trying to figure out sucking on his thumb…as in I try to place it in his mouth for him…no, I don’t suck my thumb. He is such a wiggle worm…definitely don’t have a chill baby…so sad, why doesn’t the stork ever drop off a chill baby at our house? Why do we have to get all the “active” babies? Kidding, we love our active babies…but a chill baby would be nice…for sure. He is getting big and it is all happening too fast; this baby stage goes by so quickly. So, here is hoping to a more restful week…hoped for last week, but it didn’t get delivered…will not stop hoping (and praying)!

Thanks to you all for your prayers. I know God has calmed my heart this last week with patience and grace for a non-napping child. I still have a VERY long way to go and I continue to realize that I need to trust in God first before anything else. I am a firm believer that outside resources can always help, but just need to make sure my heart is always in the right place. God knows exactly what I need and when I need it…and what I need is to trust in Him. I am thankful for His incredible patience and grace…I wish I just had an ounce of it!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Nap Hater

Here we are, week fifteen! Can you believe it?!? Week fifteen! And yes, our fifteen week old has become a TOTAL nap hater! A sad, but true statement over here in the Saylor house...sad, but true. Judah has decided he is way over naps and there is no convincing him…no convincing at all, sad…but true. He is still sleeping good at night (but will also cry out about forty minutes into sleeping), but naps are MISERABLE for us all. Where did my napping baby go?!? And where do I find him?!? I am trying really hard to be patient while waiting for this non-napping season to pass (it better pass), but it is HARD…really, really HARD. I think we were so spoiled on the front end with Judah – he was the BEST sleeper…and now, he isn’t…we were spoiled, so spoiled. So, we continue to pray for God’s wisdom and trust in Him, but it is hard sometimes…so hard. BUT, the week wasn’t miserable…we love our little guy and he is so sweet…just not napping. Ah, this too shall pass.

So, what did week fifteen bring? Well, besides the non-napping baby…it brought lots of smiles and more giggles! Judah is a happy guy even when he is not napping. He is getting better at playing on his mat and he loves to play in his bouncer and bat at the toys. He goes all crazy on them…pretty funny. Since he is a nap hater right now, we have tried to switch up his sleeping habits…so, we kicked his swaddle (we have committed to this one) and stopped the napping (or screaming…since there is no napping) in the swing (haven’t fully committed to this one yet…I would be more than willing to keep the swing naps if he would nap!). I am going a little crazy trying to figure out the “ideal” schedule…not sure if it exists, but I am searching to find it (and when I find it, I should document it…that would be the smart thing to do). I just don’t know what a schedule looks like for an almost four month old. (And yes, I know this is our second child, but Hugh never really had a great schedule.) Sometimes, these “seasons” can feel really long…really long, but I know they are so short. He continues to LOVE his older brother…even when he is laying on top of him. Hugh never gets old to Judah and I LOVE it. I’ll take all the sweetness now…not sure how it will all look in six months! We visited the doctor earlier in the week to figure out the screaming during naps and they have switched him to Prevacid – we’ll need to wait a week to see if this works for him. I really just wanted to bump up the Zantac dose, but the doctor we saw wasn’t having it. So, we switched meds…praying it helps. BUT really trying to put more of focus on God than a drug or doctor. We know God is faithful…we really don’t know that about anything else. We found out he is almost fourteen pounds…big boy! Looks like he is going to outgrow his brother by his four month appointment…we keep telling Hugh to watch out, Judah is going to be bigger than him! He LOVES himself the TV…awesome. We never let Hugh watch TV and now we have an addict on our hands with Judah…successful parenting at it’s best. We are finding out he is not a pacifier baby – still trying to figure out his thumbs, but would rather pass on any pacifiers (I have tried all kinds)…sad day, but at least I won’t have another two-year-old asking for his nukie all day long (yep, over a month later and Hugh still has very fond memories). Judah loves singing – he appreciates my amazing vocals. He is figuring life out…at fifteen weeks, there is a lot to figure out. (We hope he figures out naps.)

So, I am learning to be patient and not forget how INCREDIBLY blessed we are…even in a house of a non-napping infant and a non-stop sick two-year-old (yes, Hugh has been sick for over two weeks!). Sometimes, I can lose sight of the fact that God is so good to us…even when we are lost in the desert. We have so much to be thankful for – that is what I want to focus on…not on my agenda. My agenda may look really good (to me), but it isn’t always God’s plan (shocker). So, I stop and turn to focus on Christ and know that He will make my paths straight.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Week fourteen equals Happy Thanksgiving! Well, not really…in our lives, week fourteen equaled tough week! Judah did not celebrate his first Thanksgiving due to his big brother being sick…there was no happy for us on Thanksgiving…so, it was an ordinary Thursday for us. Hopefully, he won’t be scarred for life over this (I may be a little scarred…missing my first Thanksgiving that I can remember…I appreciate all the sympathy)…we all know I don’t need another thing to come up in future years of therapy. And to add insult to injury, both boys now have colds. Ah, the joys of parenting…so awesome at times. So, we are trying to get back to normal…hoping for it after a very LONG week!

So, what did week fourteen week? Well, it brought a tough and long week…already stated above, but needed to be stated again. Our rockstar sleeper left us this week…he now starts screaming about thirty minutes into EVERY.SINGLE.NAP! Seriously, what happened?!? It is really hard to listen to him scream and not know what the problem is…we are venturing to the doctor for some answers (maybe an increase in meds or try a different med). So, we are still trying to figure out the best schedule for him…I think we just have children that resist the Babywise method…ah, sigh. And we have children who just don’t wake up hungry…so strange. He is starting to resist eating, which puts us into panic mode…and then we realize we just need to relax and trust in God. We know this little guy doesn’t have the same issues that Hugh had, but it is hard some times not to jump to those conclusions. And we need to realize that sometimes we won’t be able to figure everything out…and that is okay (still working on that one). He is still happy with lots of smiles and giggles…sometimes, I think the peaceful naps are more for me than for him. Sometimes, it feels like these types of weeks really (REALLY) drag, but I know they don’t go by any slower than the week before…just sure feels like it. He can move himself ALL over the crib even in a swaddle…guess it is time to toss out all the pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals out of the crib…yes, as you all know I seem to have no fear of letting my boys sleep with a million things in their cribs plus a crib bumper (I wouldn’t want them to be lonely at night), but if they don’t get enough ounces during the day…I freak out. Judah seems like he wants to sit-up, what he doesn’t understand is that he needs to embrace tummy time to be able to do this…yep, still hates tummy time…I am surprised he doesn’t have a flat head. He loves to stare at his mobile and has been getting some quality crib time lately due to the lack of naps. He is still super ticklish and I love it…I am sure I border on torturing him…I birthed him, so I can do what I want with him. He is slowly starting to open his hands more…thought for sure he would keep his fists forever…he has started reaching for toys. We busted out the Bumbo this week…ah, yeah. Not sure if he is a big fan, but Hugh was all over it…remembering all the good times fo’ sure. He got to experience his first tree decorating experience…super exciting. I think he is starting to look a lot different than Hugh, the crazy thing is…he looks more and more like Jake (with my eyes)…I thought Hugh was Jake’s mini-me…looks like Judah is going to steal that one from Hugh. Glad I find my husband attractive, or I don’t know what I would think of my boys…kidding! Hopefully, we’ll be able to break his terrible sleeping patterns right now and get back on track next week…we’ll see.

So, I know these weeks happen…but they are tough! Makes me want to check out of being a mom at times and just run. I thankful God provides the grace and patience we need everyday…it is just a matter of me seeking Him first in all things (doesn’t happen all the time). So, here is hoping for a better week…but knowing and trusting God will have me right where He wants me to be!

Thanks to you all for your prayers!

Monday, November 22, 2010


We all survived, and so now we are at week thirteen. Yes, the boys seemed to not notice my return to work, which I am thankful for…makes the transition a little easier. And did I survive? Well, obviously since I am typing the week thirteen post. It seemed easier this time around to return to work…not because I love Judah any less than Hugh, but I know the drill this time around. I missed my boys terribly, but knew they were in good hands, which helped to breathe a little easier. I seriously don’t know how working moms (outside the home…because we all know we ALL work!) do it…it is a lot and my heart goes out to them. Almost had a major crisis at work…I forgot my pump. This may not seem like a big deal, but it would be like going to work and forgetting to put your pants on…seriously. You know you can survive without your pants, but you’ll be uncomfortable and will really want your pants all day. I would rather have forgotten my pants…some people (namely my husband) say I have nice legs. Luckily, Jake was home with the boys that day and he drove our third child to me…crisis adverted. I did not make that mistake twice. Overall, the return to work was fine, but I still need to find a job where I get paid to stay at home.

So, what did week thirteen bring? Well, it brought Judah’s longest time away from Mama…and he did fine. He still had lots of smiles for whoever was watching him. He loves to be loved…sweet boy. He has been rolling over from his stomach to his back…oh wait, no he hasn’t…I found out this week that Hugh “helps” with this roll because he believes his brother needs a little “tummy time” Judah just rolls with it (ha, ha…get it…I know, cheesy). We continue to try to get him on a better schedule – bed by 8ish, but he keeps getting up at around 6ish…we would really prefer he pushes this to 7ish…I know, I know…he is only three months. He still naps well and is a good eater. It is so foreign to us to have a baby that can drink six ounces of milk in less than fifteen minutes. We use to spend hours trying to get Hugh to drink six ounces. He continues to become more and more alert and loves to stare at people…especially Hubey. He is fascinated with his big brother…and I love it. Best-friends for sure. I am trying to make sure I read to this one as much as I did with Hugh…it is hard…your first one gets all the time. We have started bringing out some toys for Judah…too bad he still keeps his hands very tight. He still enjoys his shower time (when he gets one)…this kid will love to get his face wet in the pool! He still has smiles all the time and is giggling more and more…we love it and love this boy! I cannot believe he’ll be three months next week…time doesn’t stop, not even for a minute and these babies become little boys and there is no going back…I need to enjoy every moment I have…and praise God for every moment.

Thanks to you all for your prayers. I am still trying to figure out how to get everything done and do it all with less sleep…it hasn’t worked out yet. I did, however, start some of the Insanity workouts…my version is the sane version…not a lot of jumping…the girls don’t like it. I still need to figure out the whole working out thing and fitting it all in…ah, the joys of being a mom and trying to do it all. I thank God for where He has me and we thank Him for how He always provides for us. Ah, onto another week!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Twelve weeks…unreal. The fact that it has been twelve weeks is unreal…absolutely unreal. You know what else is unreal; the fact that I will be returning to work tomorrow…yep, that is definitely unreal. I am a little bit shocked that it has been twelve weeks, and yes, I knew this day would come…it just always comes too fast. It came too fast with Hubey and it has come too fast with Judah. I am going to miss my boys like crazy this week – we have such a good thing going, but it is time…it has been twelve weeks. I need to live in Europe where they get like a year off or something crazy like that…yep, I need to live in Europe…and we would totally move there the first opportunity Jake gets! So, I must accept my unreal reality and go back to work…tomorrow.

So, what did week twelve bring for Judah? It was a big week…it brought giggles! And he giggled for me first…I know, I cannot believe it either! (I should mention that Jake really got a giggle fest out of him, but he did giggle for me first!) I love baby giggles…they are the sweetest. Did I mention he giggled for me first? Yay for me! Okay, moving on…moving on. He also rolled from his back to his stomach, but it was a total fluke since it hasn’t happened again. No worries – we are in no hurry to start any big milestones. He found his thumb! He definitely wants to be an official thumb sucker…looks like he’ll be there soon enough. He is officially out of his zero to three month clothes…so sad, and he actually looks like he already fills out his three to six month clothes! My baby needs to stop growing! We went back to the zoo again…and yep, still not a big fan. I think it is the stroller, which I know he’ll love one day…hopefully, soon. He enjoyed more cousin birthday parties and he continued to show his unwillingness to sleep anywhere but in a swing, his crib, or someone’s arms. We love all the cousin birthday parties, but it is hard to see them getting older knowing that my boys will be getting older as well…reality, harsh reality. His Papa noticed his slanted head (just like his Papa to pick out his flaws)…he is still cute, slanted head and all. He still seems to be fairly easy going except when he doesn’t want to be doing something…like hanging out in the stroller at the zoo. He still loves his shower time…when he sees the shower, which is about once a week (I know…sad). He is sweet with his rosy, sweet cheeks…like Santa Clause…I love those sweet cheeks. He has lots of smiles and loves to stare at you until you pick him up. He loves to be loved, and we love to love him. We are so thankful for this little guy!

And with work quickly approaching…how do I feel? I am okay…I don’t love leaving my boys, but I know they’ll be with people who love them…we have had to scramble a bit to find childcare over the next couple of weeks since my mom is gone, but we have found people and everyone will survive. I feel the heavy weight on my heart, but I know how sweet it is to come home to my boys after work (and I am so thankful I am only part-time). And I haven’t even bothered to try on my work clothes…we’ll see how tomorrow morning goes…my tears may start there, but at least I can always throw back on my belly band…right?!? I wish my muffin top would go away, but that would require working out, which doesn’t happen…ever. Sad, but true. I NEED to start working out and say bye to my muffin top…I should probably also stop eating all my treats, but at least my muffin top thanks me. Forget working out…I should just pick up some Spanx…seriously, I think I may look into Spanx. So, back to showering and back to work!

Thanks to you all for prayers – they are always appreciated!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Guy

Eleven weeks…solid into the double digits. And we cannot believe we are already at eleven weeks (I know, I know…I say the same thing every week…it is partly because I am really amazed and because I don’t know what else to say…give me a break). I have a feeling the next couple months will fly by due to the holidays and he’ll be four months (or eighteen weeks) before we know it! We are loving little Judah – he has such a sweet temperament. He seems to be fairly easy going …most of time…he is a baby and will always have his moments. We have no complaints (not that we would anyways, but it does tend to be my nature…sadly). We are thankful for both of our boys!

So, what did week eleven bring for Judah? It brought another trip to the zoo and this time he slept for a lot of the visit so he was much happier. He still became all done with the stroller and I didn’t even try the Ergo since I was already sweating like a monkey on her way to a science experiment. Overall, the trip was a success…we are a zoo family, so he is going to have to love the zoo. He has decided he can sleep other places…as long as a swing and sound machine are provided…check and check. He has started to get a little cradle cap (yucky…there are some seriously scary pics on the internet…we are not there yet)…so, we oiled him up (like a stuffed pig) with a little EVOO and that took care of that…I personally think Jake caused this…you can ask him about it. He enjoyed another birthday party for a cousin and his first train ride…don’t think he really noticed. He also saw a local tv celebrity, who happened to be wearing a flowery (trendy) shirt, track pants, and wedge heels…really, track pants with that outfit?!? Really? Okay, sorry…that has nothing to do with Judah, but really…track pants?!? He still does not enjoy his tummy time…clearly, he will not be a championship crawler like his big brother was…maybe he’ll walk sooner. He enjoyed his first full facial lick from a dog...he'll stick with women. He LOVES his hands...I think he desperately wants to be a thumb sucker...sweet (I am sure I won't think that when he is six and still doing it...can't really throw his thumbs in the trash). He still enjoys his half swaddle and loves himself some sleep. He prefers to be carried looking out…sad, no more cuddle time…why do they lose the cuddle time so quickly?!? He is a happy guy with lots of smiles for anybody who will look at him (sometimes I just find him staring at me waiting for me to look at him and when I do, he gives me the biggest smile…so sweet); however, he still gets crabby when we throw off his sleep schedule (like right now…as he is crying in the car since we woke him up…awesome). We have also found out that sometimes he doesn’t appreciate his brother’s loud voice or amazing singing voice in the car…shocker. Overall, no complaints for week eleven…he is for the most part a happy guy (with still some moments...he is just a baby). Crazy to think that next week is twelve weeks!

God is faithful…and we see it everyday and in every aspect of our lives. He has blessed us so much and we are so undeserving. We thank God for our very healthy boys. We hope everyone is doing well…thank you all for your prayers!

Monday, November 1, 2010

All Things New...

(Yes, another blog must be a record...yes, definitely a record!)

Week did we already get to week ten?!? I feel like we got here WAY too fast! I cannot believe our little guy is already ten weeks old...almost twenty-five percent of his first year is done...crazy! We love this little guy SO much! And Hugh created a new nickname for his sweet brother...Judah Buddha (and he'll pat his belly)...awesome, and yes, it is sticking. It makes us laugh...yes, we are that mature. This was a busy week for Judah with lots of firsts, but then again at ten weeks almost everything would be considered a "first". God has blessed our family so much and we never want to take a second of it for granted (however, we do all the time).

So, what did week ten bring? Well, he experienced his first big round of shots...lucky him. He was a first. He didn't even cry with the first shot, but the second one did him in...big time. He was fine after about five minutes, but he was spittin' mad. He weighed 11lbs. 12oz. (50%) and was almost 23in. (50%) (Hugh was 26lbs. 8oz. (25%) and almost 36in. (90%)...sorry Judah for the Hugh reference in your blog post, but I know I would forget if I didn't document somewhere)...he is getting big, but is smaller than Hugh at this age...we'll see what four months looks like. He is very healthy and happy. It brought his first trip to the zoo with cousins. I, of course, got terrible pictures and lets just say that the zoo is not on Judah's favorite list yet. He wasn't loving the whole stroller or Ergo experience...shocking to me...who wouldn't want to be sausaged into a tight carrier next to their Mama while they both sweat like hot pigs?!? Also, I realized (after said zoo trip) that he was running a fever all morning due to the shots the day before...yes, I am an amazing mother...simply amazing. Overall, the trip was fine and he survived...did I mention we are going back to the zoo this week? Should be a good time. We have learned that Judah loves to sleep. In a swing. The cradle swing. In a room. His dark room. In a house. His said house. He is PICKY where he sleeps and does not enjoy skipping different than Hubey. I love that fact that he sleeps, but sometimes would not mind a child who could be a bit more flexible...I am reminded that he is ten weeks and we will keep working on him being flexible...I can control it (or at least I am telling myself that). He still continues to sleep a lot and we normally have to wake him up at night since he doesn't wake up from his complaints here, none at all...maybe he'll be like our niece and sleep like twenty hours a day...until he is two years old (yes, she seriously does this...she is amazing). Hugh loves him so much and Judah feels the same (except when Hugh sits on him, which happened love and Hugh kept saying, "I wanna sit Judah." ah, no...bad idea). Judah was fussing this week and Hugh went to tickle sweet (where was I? Well, I choose not to comfort my children when I am watching tv...that is why I have older children...duh. Kidding...I was with our third child...Da Pump.) I love to see them together...I really love it. Judah experienced his first Halloween...he was one cute puppy. He spent the night trick-or-treating with his big boy cousins...sleeping on his jacket in my arms. I was shocked he didn't enjoy wearing a Halloween costume that was designed for children living in Alaska...seriously, so hot (but Hugh loved wearing his). He has started rolling from stomach to only happens sometimes, so I wouldn't say it is a done deal thing yet...and yes, he still hates being on his stomach. We took out the sleep positioner in his crib (yes, the ones that got recalled due to suffocation last month...we weren't worried about it...Jake is all about relaxie Daddy this time) because he is getting too big (sad). He sleeps with his arms cute. Overall, it was a busy week, but lots of always. We love Judah...Buddha!

It is crazy to see how different our little guys are, which we are thankful for...God makes us all different. Hugh's ten week post was titled "Battle of the Bottle" and Judah's should be titled "Eat, Eat, Eat"...we are so thankful we have a good eater this time around and no feeding issues. Unfortunately, I have nothing to blog about now...which we are thankful for...I NEVER need to experience feeding issues with a baby again...NEVER. We are thankful for God's faithfulness and everything He helped us learn during Hugh's first year of life, but we are glad to be in this stage now with Judah. Our God is so faithful!

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed a wonderful Halloween (no, we don't think Halloween is, yes, we celebrate I told my nephew last night, Halloween = candy...the more the better)!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

(Wow, I am an amazing blogger this, seriously. I am quite amazed with myself.)

So, we went trick or treating with our was a good time. Logan was actually doesn't get any better than that...seriously. I must say, we have some of the cutest puppies around (hot, sweaty puppies...but still cute...Hugh LOVED wearing his costume). I love (love, love, love) animal kids will be wearing them until junior high (and since they'll be homeschooled, they will probably think wearing animal costumes until junior high is cool).

Last year, Jake and I dressed up as the swine flu...this year, I just look like I have the swine flu (and my husband is always camera ready). My witty (witty) husband said we dressed up as a young married couple walking their dog...did I tell you how witty my husband is?!?


Happy Halloween!