Saturday, January 16, 2010

And that was...random.

Alright, back to blogging. Yep, back to blogging...and now what to say? Well, I think we can officially say we have a true walker in the house...and I am sure next week we will have a runner in the house. He walks leaning know, always trying to get to the next destination because it is so important for him to arrive. He'll power walk his way to pillows and just fall on them and roll all boy. Makes me smile. Love that boy. He has two more teeth...the top two molars are making an entrance. He hasn't been too bad with them...and honestly, I think it probably hurts to get your molars in...that is a lot of tooth (and no, I don't remember getting mine in...I really don't remember anything from being a child...I barely remember last week). He has this new thing where he dumps all of his kitchen toys out (so love this) and sits in the is funny. He loves to read and will always bring you a book to read and if you say to him, "Want to get in my lap?", he climbs right into your lap...I love it...I mean, I REALLY love it, which means I end up sitting reading (the same book over and over and over again (because there isn't like a hundred other books to choose from)) for much longer than I planned. Hey, I know I won't get this time forever...I'll take it now. I realized this past week that we have an aggressive child - pushes other kids, pulls them, is really great, just another badge to add to my Mother of the Year vest. Not really sure how to handle, so I have just been acting really aggressive to him (you know, showing him what it feels like)...pushing him, tripping know the normal things moms do to their toddlers. Kidding. We are still trying to figure it out. Any suggestions? Also, we enrolled him in the new children's program at BSF and he cries in shocking (that just isn't him...he is all about peacing me out every chance he gets...Hugh is a TOTAL Daddy's boy...BIG time). I think he must be having some separation anxiety and it breaks my heart. I hate knowing that he is crying in there...I need to be praying about it (clearly).

He showed us this week that he isn't always a snob...gave him Safeway milk and he has been really struggling with his milk all week...figured out he is a Fry's guy. And you know what, that is okay. He is getting much better with his signs and actually started signing "please" this week, which looks more like a monkey scratching his sides, but we know what he means and we'll take it. And he actually made the fire engine sound when I pointed at one this only happened once, but still VERY impressive. Oh, well we (Hugh and I) voted...and we (Hugh) decided that one nap worked better with his, we are on one nap a day. Honestly, it hasn't been too bad. Also, we make him stay later in his bed in the morning now since he is only taking one nap...I am sure some of you don't see the logic in that, but I do and that is all that really counts. He loves to point to the sky whenever he sees an airplane. He got his first pair of sunglasses (pictures were unsuccessful). He has his fifteen month appointment this Friday with a new doctor...had to change doctors...darned insurance...honestly, we won't miss the old the doctors, but can't stand all the other people in the office. We will be going to PCH now and have a friend who raves about the service since it is a teaching hospital...also, it is fifteen minutes closer...not complaining about that...not at all. So, he'll get some more shots and new stats. We are still working on training...he cannot pull out every book on his shelf or every toy out (I know, I know...we are SO'll thank me if he ever comes over to your house)...we know God is faithful in parenting this baby. We know that without the love of God, we would be so lost in this world...not just in parenting. We praise God for His patience and pray we would parent with patience and love. Hugh still loves to be outside (would live outside if he could), gives kisses randomly, be silly, and be all around boy...we love this baby!

I burned my first meal this week...steaks on the grill. Like the whole grill caught on fire and our neighbor called Jake to let him know our yard was "smoky". Jake called me and told me to check the grill, which I did...ran outside and noticed the grill on fire. So, what did I do? Did what any self-respecting female would do...starting bawling like a baby and blaming my husband (thru tears)..."I told you I didn't want to grill." Oh, Lord...please do a number on my heart...I have A LOT to learn and thank you (thank you, thank you) Lord for my amazing and patient husband...I truly am blessed. And yes, Jake still ate some of it...I do have that husband. And yep,...that was random.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Blogger

I am a lazy blogger...some days trying to find something "creative" to write or loading pictures from my camera just doesn't sound appealing, hence making me a lazy blogger. I need to be keep an accurate record of Hugh's life because we all know that I cannot remember most things...oh, except if Jake forgets to do something...then I can always remember that. Yep, I am wonderful wife (don't worry, I am praying about it). Okay, so it has been some time since our last blog...and SO much has happened in Hugh's life...oh, wait...not that much, he is only fourteen months. Where to begin?

Well, right after Christmas we headed up to Flagstaff to sit in Jake's brother's, we didn't go to "play" in the snow. Since when is playing in freezing, cold ice fun?!? Just like playing in dirty sand doesn't appeal to me either...okay, enough of my rant. We don't really have any snow clothes for Hugh, so we did sit inside a lot, which was fine with year we'll have some better clothes for him and we'll be able to enjoy some time outside. Clearly, I am not the biggest fan of the cold (Alaska family, you know we love you all and will visit in the cold...promise!); I love seasons and all! We did take him out for a few minutes until he started to act like me in the snow...all whiny and crying...however, we probably weren't the "brightest" parents letting our little one play in the snow with no gloves...yep, another parent of the year award. So, we will wait for next year.

We believe we have an official walker on our hands...he will still crawl every once in a while, but normally always picks himself up. He is still very shaky and it is so cute to watch, but he is getting better and better everyday. I am sure we will have a runner soon...we are already starting to see it. He is dropping some of his "babyness"...oh, but don't worry - we still hold his bottle for him everyday! We got some very great advice from some very godly parents from our, we have been working on "training" with Hugh. We learned that it is not all about the discipline with a little one, but there are lots of valuable training opportunities as well. So, we have been working on stop and go and come here. We see God's constant grace and faithfulness in our parenting...He knows we need it!

Hubey - I promise to get off my lazy tail and get back to blogging about your exciting life! We hope everyone is doing well!