Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Blogger

I am a lazy blogger...some days trying to find something "creative" to write or loading pictures from my camera just doesn't sound appealing, hence making me a lazy blogger. I need to be keep an accurate record of Hugh's life because we all know that I cannot remember most things...oh, except if Jake forgets to do something...then I can always remember that. Yep, I am wonderful wife (don't worry, I am praying about it). Okay, so it has been some time since our last blog...and SO much has happened in Hugh's life...oh, wait...not that much, he is only fourteen months. Where to begin?

Well, right after Christmas we headed up to Flagstaff to sit in Jake's brother's, we didn't go to "play" in the snow. Since when is playing in freezing, cold ice fun?!? Just like playing in dirty sand doesn't appeal to me either...okay, enough of my rant. We don't really have any snow clothes for Hugh, so we did sit inside a lot, which was fine with year we'll have some better clothes for him and we'll be able to enjoy some time outside. Clearly, I am not the biggest fan of the cold (Alaska family, you know we love you all and will visit in the cold...promise!); I love seasons and all! We did take him out for a few minutes until he started to act like me in the snow...all whiny and crying...however, we probably weren't the "brightest" parents letting our little one play in the snow with no gloves...yep, another parent of the year award. So, we will wait for next year.

We believe we have an official walker on our hands...he will still crawl every once in a while, but normally always picks himself up. He is still very shaky and it is so cute to watch, but he is getting better and better everyday. I am sure we will have a runner soon...we are already starting to see it. He is dropping some of his "babyness"...oh, but don't worry - we still hold his bottle for him everyday! We got some very great advice from some very godly parents from our, we have been working on "training" with Hugh. We learned that it is not all about the discipline with a little one, but there are lots of valuable training opportunities as well. So, we have been working on stop and go and come here. We see God's constant grace and faithfulness in our parenting...He knows we need it!

Hubey - I promise to get off my lazy tail and get back to blogging about your exciting life! We hope everyone is doing well!


Filleman Family said...

I really want to take our boys to play in the snow but don't really want to find all the "attire" it would take to pull that off. Can you imagine if you lived somewhere cold like that and had to take all that garb on and off a baby all the time?? Ugh, changing their diapers would kill me! The pictures are cute though :) looks like winter

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

I would never call you a lazy blogger - you are so faithful with your story-telling, and we love following pictures of your family! THANK YOU for taking time to post!

AprilJ said...

The snow gear, once you have it, is not so bad. Besides, once a kid is 2, they can manage a lot of it on their own! We'll hold you to your promise to come to AK in the cold, obviously. We'll go skiing!!!!!!

Amy said...

Lazy blogging? It's only been a few weeks, right? And just b/c he's only 14 months doesn't mean he has nothing exciting going on! I want to hear it! :)

Jen said...

YAY for walking, great job Hugh! :) ...I love the picture of him crying, it's so something I would do..."hold on girls, you're really cute now, i just want a quick picture!" :)

Cristina said...

Cute pics! love, lazy blogger #2
I haven't uploaded photos or blogged in forever... better catch up..