Friday, February 19, 2010

What a Week (...well, last week)!

We had our AK family in town (I can't believe they left almost a week ago!) and it was awesome. It is always so great to see Clayden (he spells his name Clayton, but I pronounce it as Clayden), April and the kids. They are getting to be so big and I am sure everyone says this, but we have the sweetest niece is awesome to see how Kara is so good with all the boys. They adore her (seriously...I think there is a long line to marry will be a sad day when we have to explain to all the boys that that kind of marriage isn't legal in AZ) and I see why...she'll do anything for sweet. We spent lots of time hanging out together (and in process Jake and I became addicted to Super Mario Brothers on Wii...mental note, never get Jake a Wii)...the kids had a blast together. Hugh is still learning how to play with others, but it was fun to watch all the other kids together. I wish I could say I took so many pictures, but that would be a lie (I did get a lot of Logan and him swinging a bat because it was so funny)...thank goodness for Michelle, who always takes lots of pictures...she is so good. It was good fun! We miss them like crazy already and look forward to their next visit. Kara has already told me she hopes the baby will be a girl...she said, "I wanted Hugh to be a girl. Of course, I want this one to be a girl." We are happy Hugh is a boy. She is very outnumbered. We love you all Johnson AK family!!!

Hugh is becoming more and more independent, but still needs his hold time. We have noticed that he doesn't ever really want to play with other kids and always prefers to go exploring...age thing or personality? We'll soon find out. I am thankful for a husband that will follow him all over. He still has no words, but is always talking...we pretend to know what he is is some funny stuff sometimes. He loves to get dirty...real dirty...and normally, I let him (which was so unlike me when I thought about having children...I always thought I would be the one to change their outfits every time they got dirty...ah, how things change)...I figure now is the time for him to enjoy getting dirty...we'll see if the behaviour continues at twelve. He cut another molar...that makes twelve teeth. He got his first fat lip when he tripped and hit the tile hard. Honestly, I didn't even notice until one of my brothers said, "What happened to his lip?" Wow, I am such a good mom. He fell backwards off the couch and hit his head on the coffee table...good thing God made our heads hard. Ah, life with boys. He loves to open drawers now and put random objects in there...always fun for us, you never know what you'll find. He is still a total Linus kid and wants his blanket with him wherever he goes...including the bathtub. He still loves the trash and the dishwasher...I am sure he won't love them so much when they are his chores. He still loves to be outside and to test limits. We still have a lot to learn, but we enjoy every day with this sweet boy...God has blessed us beyond all measures!

I am in the middle of my thirteenth week of pregnancy...and I am still sick. However, I am not going to complain about it or whine about it...we (and many others) prayed for this baby and so, I choose to praise God for this miracle. Yes, this pregnancy is different than with, it doesn't make me think it is a makes me think it is a baby and every pregnancy is different. We are going to find out what we are having this time, we're not...ha. The excitement is so fun. It is different being home this time around and not traveling all over and working eighty hour weeks. I prefer to be home. We pray the desire to eat comes back soon and the sickness ends...I was sick with Hugh until twenty-five weeks, but wanted to eat again (and oh, boy did I eat) around sixteen weeks. I love cereal once again...but I always love cereal. Me and the Cap'n make a great punish myself, I looked the serving size on my Cap'n box when it was about 90% gone after three days of eating it...did you know there are sixteen servings in that box? Don't worry, it didn't make me cut back on the portion size...I think it was a misprint and I'll never look at another serving size on a cereal box again. I can gross Jake out with eating an entire jar of pickles...or just sitting on the couch vomiting (ah, the word everyone loves) into a plastic bag...and then going back to what I was eating before vomiting (I am sure I just grossed a lot of people out right now). I need to remind myself (especially once I am back to eating like a gorilla) that I am going to be in a wedding about a month after giving, I'll need to slow down on the, "I eat it because the baby wants it" statements...learn some self-control (except on cereal of course). I will not be posting any weekly belly shot pictures since I already looked pregnant before I got pregnant and it just isn't me...some things are meant to stay belly is one of those items. The best line I have received in this pregnancy...when we told Eli, he said, "Oh, I can see it now" as he patted my stomach...we told him at five I said, pregnant before pregnant. We are excited for this baby and are going to start working on Hugh's next room this weekend. We'll move him this summer to a big boy bed since I am due August 29th...yep, get to be big and pregnant the whole summer...I'll just go to Troy and Melissa's and be a beached whale in their pool. We praise God for this baby and my future beached whaleness...bring it on!

To my sweet, sweet are a miracle and always know how much we wanted you and prayed for you. God brought us through a valley to bring us up this hill. We love you so much and cannot wait (well, yes we can and really want need to get big) for you to join our family. You have the best Daddy in the world, a Mama who really does try (but relies on God's grace every second of every day), and an amazing big brother who is going to love you to pieces (just give him some time). Oh, and your extended family is amazing as truly are blessed. We pray for you continuously and our biggest desire is for you to know the love of Christ...there is nothing else like it. Thank you Lord for this new child (and thank you for already blessing us with Hugh)...we stand in awe of Your mercy and grace everyday.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Listen Up!

Hugh has something to say...

"What's that you say, Hubey?"

Yep, it's true...and Hugh, well he went ball crazy with the news.

He is looking forward to terrorizing his new friend come the end of the summer!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yep, still lazy...

So, I know I swore I would be better about blogging, but then I realized that I am still lazy...darned laziness. I do enjoy reading other people's blogs...just sometimes get lazy when it comes to my own. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

So, what crazy excitement has happened in the Saylor household? Well, Jake left us for a week and came back with swag...yep, like the party bags people get at the Oscars or husband is that cool and he gets swag. What is this so-called swag? A Flip it. So, now you all can enjoy videos of our amazing child in addition to pictures...and yes, now your lives are complete. Remember that I am a amateur and the videos are a little Blair Witch...I will get better. So, I guess the swag was the prize for Jake being gone all week...Jake, we love you, but you can leave any time and bring us home swag...just the good stuff (kidding...we would rather you be home, but swag is nice).

So, while Jake was away...we enjoyed time with family and Hugh enjoyed the rain. He had to be very boy and find all the puddles and jump in them. I do love to see him be all boy (I am sure I'll be regretting this statement when he is peeing on the wall). We met our new doctors...PCH is a teaching hospital so you get LOTS of doctors, but we like the new docs. Hugh is now 32in. and 23lbs. 11oz. - chunky monkey! He is doing great! And then Jake came home and all was right in Hugh's world again. If I haven't mentioned it before, Hugh is a HUGE Daddy's boy and needs his Dada for all to be right in his world. Honestly, I need Jake too for all to be right in my world. So, now you have my first missed week of blogging.

Now, what happened this past week? Hugh got a cold...bummer. He is fine. We have learned that he has a very sensitive gag reflex...just like me...I blessed him with all the good things. And how did we learn about his sensitive gag reflex? Well, he had a small bout of vomit (I know some of you love that word so I'll keep using it over and over again) on Friday from coughing so hard. He was fine. Well, on Saturday night we watched Hugh on the camera vomit in his crib. So, we went in to investigate. I pick him up and Jake suggests we change the sheet...I, of course, say, "It is a just a little bit...we don't need to change the sheets." Yep, I am a wonderful mother...don't judge me. So, I am holding Hugh and he vomits a little on big deal, it happens. Oh, and then he vomits ALL over me. So, for a moment I think it is going to be a Stand By Me moment and I will start vomiting. However, after a slight gag...I was fine. I didn't drop him or start screaming (which is what I thought I would do if this ever happened)...I stood there and comforted him...I guess I have arrived, I am a mom. The best part was, while we are cleaning up, Jake says to me, "Did he eat onions?" Nope, those are apples. I know, I know...too much information, but so funny. Hugh was completely fine, just a little bit shocked by everything. Since he hasn't been feeling well, we have allowed for a lot more "nukie" time and blanket time. He is a blanket kid and we have nicknamed him Linus for his love for the blanket. Oh, and he has another tooth...that makes eleven teeth.

Honestly, last week was spent inside for the most part because of the cold and we didn't do much. Hugh still LOVES books and has the ability to find the same book (over and over again) when you throw the book...he likes to fetch it (over and over again). He is doing awesome with his signs and does not say a single all. We are fine with the silence...we know it won't last forever. He still loves being outside and just wants to walk everywhere. He would rather walk everywhere around the playground than actually play on the playground. He is still choosy as all get out when it comes to food, but will eat some different things. He will still not eat a single vegetable, but no worries...he still gets everything he needs in a gummy-vite. He is silly, desires to be independent (but still can be clingy), loves to give hugs, points for everything, learning so much everyday (it amazes me), expresses himself like a gorilla (that does not amaze me), and honestly, is the best! We love this baby and thank God for His incredible faithfulness in our lives everyday.

We hope you all are doing well. Hopefully, my laziness will go away and I'll be better about is to hoping.