Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Times...

So, last weekend we went to the Ostrich Festival (a definite carnie event), but we all had fun...lots of cousins and friends, which always makes it more fun. We put (threw) Hugh on some rides that were probably a little too big for him (like a roller coaster), but hey, why not? It was all in good fun. Maybe he'll be a thrill seeker...who knows? I used to be one...until I decided that getting thrown around like a rag doll wasn't fun and I also had a really bad experience for our first wedding anniversary at a Six'll have to ask Jake the story, I know it is one of his favorites. Overall, it was a good time and Hugh was completely exhausted after it all.

We went ahead and purchased Hugh's future birthday and Christmas gifts (I am sure Jake will remind me of this when I just need to buy him something)...bought him a very cute playhouse. Our friends have one and Hugh loves it, so I am really big on gifts that can last thru children...this one is perfect. He has a great time playing with it...especially opening and closing the door and sitting on the front porch. Jake and I also had a lot of fun putting it together...we are quite a team. Jake thinks I am the best helper...just ask him.

Hugh continues to be Daddy's boy...seriously. Hugh LOVES Jake...everything about him. When Jake is home, we call Hugh Jake's shadow because Hugh is on Jake's every step. When I was pregnant with Hugh, I prayed that the baby (boy or girl) would have a very special relationship with Jake. It was my heart's desire to see them be so close...I pray this same thing for the child I am carrying now. So, even though Hugh will sometimes cry when I take him from Jake (gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling), it melts my heart to see how much Hugh wants to be just like Daddy. And Jake is the best Daddy...what a huge answer to prayer!

So, since Hugh wants to be just like Jake...he has to garden with Jake. He stays right by Jake the whole time and watches his every move...and "helps" whenever he gets the chance. We stripped him down this past weekend to let him get dirty and we pulled out a water toy for him...not sure how much he loved being sprayed by the hose, but he loved getting dirty. He is such a boy!

We absolutely love this boy. We continue to see his personality come out more and more. He continues to work on his words and hearing his sweet voice is so awesome. And our other baby...I am getting sick a lot less, which is great. I am also feeling the baby move, which is so awesome. You can't help but be in total awe of God's truly is amazing. We have our big ultrasound in a few weeks...time to find out what we are having...luckily, we already know due to previous ultrasounds...the techs and doctors have confirmed that it is definitely a human baby...we were worried!

Hope everyone is well and getting ready for summer...yep, we are already there...yikes!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Always No...

Hugh has learned how to "say" no...with a constant shake of his head. "Can you come here?" Shake the head. "Want some milk?" Shake the head. "Kisses for Mama?" Shake the head...very vehemently. And then there is the confusion of no..."Want a Gummy Vite?" Shake the head, while signing please...this means yes. We are teaching him the head is a difficult thing for him...who would have thought? He does more of a body nod than a head nod. Always learning...and for now, always no.

It has been a good week...a constant learning experience with Hugh. Last week at the zoo, Hugh fell from the top of stairs from a play slide (about four feet) know when you can see it coming, but you can't stop was one of those moments. It was a total bummer and Hugh was so sad, but he got over and went right back to that slide. We pray for God to protect our little guy...we know we can't keep him in a bubble 24/7 (even though, Jake would probably really like that). Then earlier this week while I was cleaning the bathroom (yes, it was a Monday...always clean bathrooms on Mondays...OCD...just a little bit), Hugh was having some independent play time (which could mean a million different things)...on this day it meant playing with the lotion (which of course brought to mind..."It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again"...don't worry, I didn't bring out the hose). He made me laugh looking very innocent in a very guilty way. And then (on the same day) after grocery shopping, he decided it would be a good idea to pull a carton of eggs out of the fridge...ah, the joys. So, it made for a fun Monday!

What else is new with Hugh? Well, he has been holding his bottle...some of the time...when he feels like it (so, I know half of your are thinking, "Really, at sixteen months...what an baby started holding her bottle at four months." It was difficult to teach him to hold his bottle when his arms were pinned for the majority of his life for feedings...kidding...but not really. And the others are thinking, "Really, sixteen months and still getting a bottle?" Yep, still getting a bottle...whatever to make my life judgement). He is definitely running all over the place now. Crazy energy all the time. He still loves being outside and is normally always carrying a rock or shovel with him...very boy. No new words...big shock there. He still loves books and can sit for hours if you'll sit there and read to him (have learned it is better to just bring a whole big stack of books so you don't get stuck reading the same book over and over again). We are also seeing God's faithfulness in Hugh's obedience...we know it is a life long process, but God is so faithful in the little things (like holding hands) and we are so thankful. Hugh's new thing...when you ask him to come to you, he starts taking steps backwards with a big smile on his face...normally, I don't have the same smile...bummer for him...we are working on it. He also has a new look..."No you didn't just do that to me." We get the "look" a lot. We love this boy and are so thankful for our time with him.

And the baby is still cooking...things look good. We are so thankful for this little life growing inside me...God is so faithful. Yep, still sick...but I KNOW it will get better and have plenty of people to remind me that it can't last more than forty weeks...good to know. We hope you all are doing well!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sixteen Candles

Our little guy is now sixteen months! Wow, sixteen months...unreal! He has gotten so big over the last month and heavy...Heavy Hugh for sure...breaking my back. Not sure how you moms do it carrying around your five year olds...forget about it. He got over another cold...I feel like he has a cold ALL the time (Jake reminded me that his last cold was a month ago...just seems like forever). He also has some words (when he feels like it)...Dada (first and always), Mama, and then his versions of bye-bye, all done (he said this one before Mama...shocker), up, and hi. We keep asking him to say different words (ET phone home)...we'll see what we can get. It is crazy to think he could really be talking in six months...and then he'll never stop! He is still obsessed with books and we actually hide some from him...never thought we would do this, but it gets to be overwhelming and he likes to read/sing the same books over and over and, being the good parents we are, we just hide them. His obsession with books is matched by his obsession with being outside. Seriously, he would live outside. He just loves to run all around...playing with rocks, picking flowers (destroying them...whatever), licking water off the dirty ground (if dogs can do it, why can't Hugh?), playing in the mud...basically anything dirty. He has a blast and we love to watch him have fun. I already know that I will be lounging in the baby pool all summer while Hugh plays outside...I'll most likely be the melting whale. He is getting so tough...falling off bikes, kids running over his fingers...and not shedding a tear...such a big boy! We think he is the cutest boy ever (I guess we are a little biased) and so sweet. We continue to see his personality grow more and more. We see some stubbornness come out in him (all from Jake for sure) and we just want to be sure we are faithful in how we parent this little boy. Parenting is hard work (and we only have one right now!), but we know God is faithful...we see it in everything we do. So, we pray (and pray and pray) for wisdom in everything we do...we know we can't do it alone. Praise God for our sweet family!

And baby update...still going well...will finish week fourteen this week. We got to hear the heartbeat that sound. It took some time for Dr. M to find the heartbeat (which always feel like thirty minutes when it is really only thirty seconds), but he found it and it was very strong (, doesn't make me think one way or another...Hugh's heart rate was all over the board). We were glad to hear it and it relieved some worry (for me...I still struggle and am working through it...if it is not one thing, it is another...pregnancy really can bring out the worry in me...I just need to stop talking at the doctor or going to one I guess). We are supposed to have our big ultrasound next month, but I think we'll wait (not finding out what we are having) rush. So, everything is great...and now I just have morning sickness, the all day sickness has ended! Praise God for the little things!

Also, we are going to start working on Hugh's new room...I'll post pictures (we are still a couple months out...need to find bunk beds).

We hope everyone is doing well. We thank you all for your prayers!