Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Week

So, I know I was supposed to post video of Hugh being “patient”…but once again, I got lazy…and posting video is a pain and I forget how to do it, but I promise that eventually I will deliver…I am sure you are all waiting on pins and needles for it. Also, I noticed it has been two weeks since my last post…I am pregnant, that is my best excuse. So, all of that aside…it has been a big week for Hugh.

We decided to stop the appetite stimulant last week to see how Hugh would do (trying to get this baby off all meds…he has been of them since five months…however, we know another med is another the corner for this chronic cough that he has had for the last three months)…well, we found out he is still hungry…praise God. However, he has completely stopped drinking milk…we sort of knew he was only drinking the milk because of the appetite stimulant, but really hoped he turned a corner…we were wrong. This boy doesn’t like milk…doesn’t matter how you package it…in a breast, a can, or a cow, this boy doesn’t like it. And, he doesn’t like chocolate milk. He won’t eat yogurt and I doubt we can feed him enough cheese to make up for the milk (also, a moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips…Hugh won’t forgive us for all that cheese). So, we are going to try and find a good calcium supplement…but if he ends up being short, I am going to tell him it is his own fault. So, with the peacing out of the milk…we peaced out the bottle. Again, there was no love affair with the bottle…he still doesn’t even know how to latch on to it at eight-teen months! So, we say peace out and cups it is…all grown up. Oh, and we (Jake) flipped him forward in the car…my baby…all grown up! I thought he would be a lot more excited, but he is super chill about it and could really care less. He is saying more words and his first sentence…“I see that.”…he points to everything saying it. He will try to repeat most words…however, most sound nothing like the original word…it is the trying that counts. He is still doing his animal sounds…the lion is his favorite; he roars is funny. If I ask him where Mama’s baby is…he’ll stick his finger in my belly button (close enough) and if I ask him where Hubey’s baby is…he’ll pat his belly. He also give kisses to my belly…so sweet…little does he know that in four months his world is going to be rocked like an earthquake. He has taken some bigger falls…fell off a step stool in the kitchen and landed on his big, hard head…he is shaking more things off. We enjoyed a birthday party for our cousins this past weekend…I would have taken some pictures, but my son was normally off spinning somewhere, or gathering rocks, or eating balloons…still hasn’t embraced his social side yet. He is starting to pull things off the counter, which is always fun…last week it was a plate of onions, which he sat stuffing his face…yep, he enjoys onions. Another food fave…ketchup…he would drink it if we let him…and sometimes we do. These past few days have been a little tougher than some (off his game, teething, etc.), but he still his normal sweet and crazy self. We love our boy!

So, we had our big ultrasound…and we confirmed that we are indeed having a human baby. Everything looked great, which we are so thankful for and we praise God for His goodness. So, people ask me…“Couldn’t you tell the gender from the ultrasound?”…ah, no. I am like Rachel from that Friends episode…I can barely find the baby. I can pick out the head, the heart (because it is beating), and the spine…shoot, this baby could have four legs, three arms, and a tail and I wouldn’t notice…yep, I am that clueless…clearly, being a ultrasound tech was never in my future...I would have told people they were carrying monkeys and dinosaurs. My due date is August 30th…I was really hoping that my this baby would measure two weeks ahead like Hugh did…no such luck, looks like I’ll get to carry the full forty weeks…in August…oh joy. I was hoping to get those two weeks to cram myself into a bridesmaid’s dress…oh, well…nothing is wrong with looking like two hogs fighting under a tight blanket. Oh, wait…this wedding isn’t about me…check. I feel good (despite some nasty heartburn and feeling like my stomach is in my throat). I’ll take all the pregnancy love I can get it…heartburn and all…it is worth every minute of it.

We are blessed…beyond anything we deserve. We know what we deserve, but Jesus took it from us and we desire to glorify Him with our lives and how we raise the babies He has entrusted to us. We thank God for His faithfulness and goodness. We hope everyone is doing well and thank you all for your prayers!


Pam said...

Yay for the forward facing car seat!!! And I'm happy to hear that your baby is human!!! That is always encouraging!! Take care!!

Jason and Lisa said...

Hugh will get more air with his "new view" in the car...yeah! Praise God that baby boy or girl is growing strong and healthy. I'm glad Hugh is still wanting to eat without the appetite drug, hopefully, that continues. Chronic cough???...allergies. Grant had that off/on but the doc always said not contagious and poor air quality and possible allergies...maybe the same thing but obviously not a doc.

Filleman Family said...

Davis never really loved milk either - def never drank it like a Johnson - but he has grown to like drinking it at meals and stuff. Cold in a cup made it much better to him as he got older . . . there is still hope. You look so pretty in that last picture with your boy :)

Cynthia said...

You look so beautiful in that picture with Hugh!!!!! I loved being able to spend time with you last week sister. I love you!!!

AprilJ said...

I like the first picture... messy face eating pictures are my favorite. He is really getting big.. time to start planning your Alaskan Vacation Part Deux with 2 kids!! Hugs to the Saylors.

Peggy said...

I love that picture of you and Hugh. It's beautiful! Would like to have copy.

Brandie said...

LOVE the picture of you and Hugh! Praying for all of you. It's been forever since we've seen you. One of these days we'll get together for sure. :)