Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too Long...

Wow, how quickly almost three weeks can fly by...I have gotten really bad at this blogging thing lately. Need to get my tail in gear for the new baby and the fifty-two posts...yep, I will do it again...a promise is a promise. Anyway, it has been some crazy weeks. Jake was out of town a lot...almost two weeks...just a lousy trip to London and Prague...cry me a river. Hugh and I survived...breakfast for dinner, miscellaneous meals, dirty house, candy...you know, the normal drill when Dada leaves us alone. It is wonderful to have him home...we miss Dada BIG TIME when he is gone and we are thankful he is home now. Also, Jake's cousin, Scott, got married and we had lots of family in town, which was great. So, the last three weeks have been crazy and we are getting back to business.

And what business? Well, we had the business of family in town for over a week. It was a great time. Hugh had a blast with his cousins...and he finally found some cousins he looks like. Some people say he and Clay look alike (my brother's son)...the jury is still out and then some people say he looks like TJ (my other brother's son)...just because two children have brown eyes does not make them look alike. We all had a great time visiting and look forward to seeing them all again in early July. Hugh seemed to play well except when he wasn't getting his way...but everyone enjoys a super cute toddler throwing a temper tantrum...such a joy. Ah, lots of training to be done. Hugh also did well at the wedding...was a little nervous about it since Jake was in it and I thought he was going to freak when he saw Jake, but we sat far in the back...and we all know our son doesn't have perfect eye sight...worked in my favor this time. So, after bribing him with LOTS of fruit snacks, he sat relatively quiet...except when anyone was singing...then he felt the need to sing his ABC tune (or Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star or Ba Ba Black Sheep...whatever)...it was cute. And at the reception...well, I fed him enough jelly beans to keep him entertained...which led to a crazy baby dancing all night. He has some serious moves...wish I would have had my camera. But seriously, he danced for over an hour...it was awesome. So, that was some serious business of wedding love and dance, dance revolution.

And other business? Still fighting a cold...that business stays forever. He is on meds for allergies, we'll see if it helps. We are super tired of that business. Also, it looks like we are going to push up his swallow test a couple months...they will call for scheduling...for those of you familiar with PCH, this means months...months. No big hurry here. So, we are in the waiting business. Hoping for clear results...if not, they will schedule lots of tests for our little guy. That is another thing with PCH...they are doctors and don't like to think outside the box or think that maybe, just maybe, God made our little boy this way and he is special. We are in the trusting in God business...a good business to be in.

And then there is the pool business. Yep, he started swimming lessons. He started off great, but now there is a lot more underwater business and floating business...and he no like that business. We'll practice with him. He will love the water...we are certain of that business.

And for the monkey business...he loves his new bunk beds (we'll post pictures once the room is done). I see lots of "jumps" in his future...I actually see myself instigating some of it...with capes and everything. Ah, the joys of a crazy boy...I love it. It will be some crazy business, but all in good fun. We'll see how the bed transition goes...may lead to some serious "training" business.

And some more business? He sings all the time...such a sweet voice. He is also picking up more words...I love it. He'll talk on the phone, which is so great...Jake loved it when he was traveling. It is so sweet to hear his little voice on the phone. He is starting to understand so much more and we have had some serious battles of the will when it comes to eating...oh, how he gets it now. We are still working on the fork and spoon...still have some time on those. He loves to put food all in his hair...like ketchup...yummy. We love this business.

And baby business? Baby is good...growing. I asked Dr. M at my last appointment if I was measuring big and he says, "Why? You want a big baby?"...uh, no. I explained to him that I wouldn't mind delivering in mid August rather than late August. Then he proceeds to tell me that I am measuring small...great, just great. But, he also tells me that I can tell myself whatever I want...so, I think I'll be delivering mid August. I like that business.

So, I promise I'll get back to this blogging business (I know, I know...I've said it before)...I'll work on it. We hope everyone is doing well. We are thankful for family and friends...God has truly blessed us when we are so undeserving!

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures...especially the belly shot. Yes, Hugh was kissing my belly...not a bowl full of white jelly. Sun is bad...very bad.


Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

Reading your blog is always a treat - great stories! :)

AprilJ said...

Hmmm, I don't think Hugh looks like Clay or TJ apart from eye color either. Do I look like Heidi Klum because we both have brown eyes? Right, I thought so. Enjoy the blogging break while you can, it's summer afterall (at least that's what I tell myself!)>

Cynthia said...

Love this latest entry. Hubey is so cute and I can't wait to see him. You look beautiful as always (including your belly). White is in now sister (at least that's what I tell myself).

Jen said...

I love the parts about Jake being gone and the creative meals...I can SO relate! :)
How cute that Hugh was dancing all night at the wedding!!!
I think the belly shot is cute! :)

Amy said...

Ah Jenn, always count on you for the comedian business. thanks, once again, for your entertainment! I agree, Hugh DEFINITELY looks like those cousins in the pics! :) Lots of cutie business!