Monday, July 12, 2010

Southern Extravaganza!

Wow...a month since my last post...pathetic. It is so hot here...does that excuse work? I am giving myself a break before the weekly posts start again...I'll just leave it at that. So, a month...what has happened in a month? Well, I'll backtrack the best I can...which will be spotty at best for being eight months pregnant since I can barely remember what I did this morning. And here we go...back to June.

Hugh finished swim lessons. He finished strong, which was good and there were no tears on the last day. He is doing great in the water, but he is no fish that is for sure. He enjoys some pool time, but he doesn't want to be in the water all day. He also loves himself some warm water...cold water is not an option for him. We have seen him get a little more daring and now will get into a baby pool by himself...I know, so daring. We have been spending a lot of time at the Phoenix Children's Museum, which has been great. It is a break from our boring home and the insane heat...have I mentioned how hot it is here? Hugh loves to play there and I am thankful for our membership. And that pretty much sums up the end of June.

So, that leads us to the Southern Extravaganza!...our summer vacation...where the speech is sweet, the humidity is choking, and every city ends in 'ville (pronounced "vul" for the southerners). We left almost two weeks ago and flew to North Carolina to visit some of my family. I let Jake decide on flights since he would be holding Hugh the majority of the time...hard to hold a moving toddler with an ENORMOUS belly (by the way...I am HUGE). So, Jake said, "Red eye." I said, "Are you sure?" And he said, "Yes, I think he'll sleep." Okay, you see...Jake has this memory of when we flew home from Alaska last year (when Hugh was six months and we flew a red eye) that Hugh slept the whole flight...well, someone slept the whole flight and it wasn't Hugh. So, I am really trying to think positive thoughts for Jake, but being very realistic in my head. And Jake was right...Hugh did sleep...he fell asleep as we were landing in North Carolina. It was AWESOME! Honestly, he did fine...just wanted nothing to do with sleep until the last 5 minutes of the flight, but was totally out of it when we landed and proceeded to sleep for a couple hours and we were easily able to get him on a decent sleep schedule. Oh, and Jake no longer has memories of Hugh sleeping on planes. We visited my mom's cousin and stayed at their lake house. They are wonderful and being at the lake (in much cooler is a furnace here) was so nice. The water was perfect and we all had such a great time...and nobody split their pants this trip (Jake will have to share that story). Hugh loved being on boats and would keep signing more and saying "mo, mo" each time we had to stop. Hugh also got to feed lots of geese...or should I say, we got to feed Hugh. You see, we would throw the bread to the geese to eat and Hugh would pick it up and eat it...I was just waiting for one of the geese to attack him. We had a great time and Hugh loved having lots of attention from our wonderful family and being the baby...oh, his world is going to get rocked in less than two months!

And so, we traveled on to Tennessee (to see Jake's older brother and family) after the 4th of July weekend ended...and once again, Hugh decided that sleeping was not his thing (we had a six hour car ride). Oh, much for wishful thinking. You see, he was fine with not sleeping...but I love to sleep in the car...and I didn't get to sleep in the car...bummer. Also, we found out he loves the Baby Einstein videos...yep, this was the first time we showed one to him...he was mesmorized. Honestly, the videos are a little mesmorizing and can put any adult to sleep within minutes...not the case for a twenty month old. And, I could totally make those videos...I am sure everyone says that...seriously, whoever started Baby Einstein was a total genius and now totally rich. So, we arrived in Tennessee and got lots of love from uncle Dan, Aunt Ann and the cousins. They are very sweet to Hugh and are willing to play with him at his level. He had only one struggle with Anna Kate's "puppy" - Hugh has an OBSESSION with puppies and it is serious. He would wake up every morning and from every nap and run into Anna Kate's room saying, "puppy, puppy, puppy" is very cute, but very much an obsession. Puppy eventually had to go on vacation. And no, we are not getting a real puppy any time soon. We did a lot of relaxing (as in no showering and no it), which was really nice. Hugh just loved to play and be crazy. Also, he finally fell down a flight of was bound to happen. However, watching it from the top of the staircase was a little nerve was a dramatic fall...flipping forward and then he landed on the second to last step instead of hitting the wood floor. He was fine...Jake was not...kidding...both really were fine. Hugh got to pick fresh blueberries, which is great for him since he loves them. However, as we are getting started, the sweet lady (who owned the property) in her very sweet southern drawl says, "Now, chiggers don't bother y' they?" To Jake, that is like saying as you are getting into the ocean, "Now, man eating sharks don't bother y' they?" Yes, chiggers bother Jake...extremely. I have heard about chiggers for years...Jake told me about them on my first trip out to Tennessee before we were even married. Jake HATES chiggers. And what is a chigger you may be thinking...well, according to Jake it is an invisible bug that burrows into your skin and causes a bad rash and then dies in your skin and never comes out (that is the part that really freaks Jake out). So, we doused ourselves in bug spray because surprisingly chiggers do bother us and we went to pick some blueberries (for a short time...Jake had his eye out for the invisible chiggers). It was fun and I am sure Hugh appreciated the many body searches by Jake for the days after to find the invisible chiggers. Luckily, we all survived...chigger free. And the flight home...Hugh slept for about an hour and ate about twenty bags of fruit snacks. We had such a great time...we really appreciate the love from our families and for putting up with us. We look forward to future visits! (Unfortunately, I didn't really take any lazy and my camera was acting up.)

And for me and my HUGE belly...the baby is moving like crazy...this one is very active. Remember that wild on the inside equals chill on the outside. I feel great and am scared of my next weigh in...I don't know what it is about the South, but I was always hungry...and so, I ate...A LOT...of junk. Should work out really well for me this week. I am big, but that is part of being least it is for me. We are thankful for our active baby and praise God for this pregnancy. Less than seven weeks to go...but who is counting?

And anything else? Well, Hugh is talking more...he gets very shy, but we get to hear him all the time. Tonight's new word was "Evie" - we looked at pictures and he really liked this one of Evie in Alaska and kept saying her name over and over and over...he loves his cousin Evie. He loves to be silly and is so sweet. He makes us laugh all the time and he is such a joy to be around...except when he drives me crazy, but he normally will make me laugh. He is also in desperate need of a haircut...he has some serious wings, but I love them. I am sure it will only be a matter of time once I leave Hugh alone with sad.

And HUGE answer to prayer...after twenty months, we have a little boy with a PERFECT swallow. Yep...he was tested at PCH today and it was perfect. I got to watch from the side (not allowed in the room due to radiation) and saw the perfect swallow...I noticed right away since it was such a big difference. God is so faithful and we are so thankful for His grace and His mercy on our little boy! No more GI and no more gels!

Alright, I promise to start getting better with my posts...once it isn't so hot here!


AprilJ said...

LOL about the chiggers.. Jake is a very attentive dad. I could use a lesson from him myself. I might have been bitten by a chigger at Clay's party, now that I think about it. I wonder if I send Jake a picture if he can confirm or deny?? :) Glad you guys had fun. You should save your summer visits for AK. It's not hot here.

Amy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! That's great that you got to visit Jake's family, I am sure they were so happy to have you! It is really, really hot and I'm not pregnant. Praise God for Hugh's swallow - He is so faithful!

Jen said...

What a great trip...and nice break from the heat, yes pregnant in the summer is not a lot of fun! ;) I can totally relate with the sleeping in the car thing...I can fall asleep w/in 5 min. and the girls are WIDE awake until we are almost there (if they sleep at all). It is so hard to stay awake AND keep them entertained...but it does make for some fun times and sweet memories on car rides. :)

Evy said...

Yay Hugh! I am so glad his swallow is great! I guess Hugh and Landon would make good friends because when I take L to feed the ducks he wants to eat the bread too. That's cool that Hugh can say "Evie" cause that means the next time I see him he will be able to say my name!

Cynthia said...

Love the photos! So glad you had a great time visiting with family. As far as the heat goes...are you writing on you blog from your backyard? It's not hot inside the house sister!!! LOL

Cristina said...

Sounds like a relly fun trip. I haven't seen you in a while, so I can't testify to the huge belly... by the way, I have a bunch of Baby Einstein DVDs that we don't use any more. You are welcome to take the ones you don't have already.