Thursday, July 29, 2010

Success...(with some work)

So, the bed transition has gone really well. Don't get me wrong...we had some his first nap in the bed...up six times. So, we worked on it and he is doing much better. We praise God for His faithfulness...we have really been praying for a smooth transition. The funny thing is, when he gets up - he turns off the sound machine and then knocks on the door. You have to laugh. We love this boy so much!

Not much else is new. Hugh seems to be learning something new everyday - this is such a fun age. He is getting much better at his colors and when he doesn't know the color, everything is yellow, which he says in the cutest way. He can count to two...he doesn't know what "two" means, but he loves to work on his numbers. When he repeats back the ABC's...instead of repeating "L"...he roars for lion and for "M"...he makes monkey noises (ah, the flashcards). It is cute and we love to see him learning. He doesn't like it when you "pretend" to be sleeping (I am normally not pretending to sleep...Mama needs her rest) and he will normally sit on your head or poke your eyes...that should go over great with the new baby. He is learning new words all the time (the words aren't always clear) - Jake's new favorite is "clock"...and my husband is twelve. Hugh is sweet and silly all the time...and can have an attitude, which we work on. We love this boy so much!

I have less than five weeks to go until this baby pops. I swear I am going to be shopping and this baby is just going to drop out...I feel like I am carrying really low. I told Dr. M that there is so much pressure, which of course he responds with, "Sounds normal to me. Second baby and your uterus is really stretched." Thanks. If this baby came in two weeks, we would not be sad. But I would really like two more weeks. I have the room all set up again for a newborn (big shock there...yes, I am a compulsive is just who I am). No, I haven't packed my bag yet...much to husband's dislike...he acts like it is going to take all day to pack an overnight bag...maybe for him. He did bring like six outfits in his bag when Hubey was know Jake, he needs to be prepared with the right outfit...just in case. So, we wait and enjoy this time with only one child...we know two is going to be another story.

We hope everyone is doing well!


Brandie said...

I LOVED this post! It was one of my favorites. Those pictures are priceless! :) Praying for you as you endure the last few weeks. I remember feeling the same way right before I had Abby ---just trying to enjoy my time with Ella knowing that things would change. Tell Jake we all said HI! and maybe one of these days we can meet up. We'd all love that.

Mindy said...

Great post! I am glad the bed transition went well. He is such a character. I am so excited for the new baby! (Almost makes me want another one.... almost.) :)

I hope we can get together one more time. But the good news is that I can come visit on my lunch break when the new baby is here and bring you all kinds of snacks!

(I have become a food pusher. It makes me feel better about myself when I snack.)

Heidi Marie said...

Yay for Hugh!

Amy said...

Can you have Jake explain to me what is so funny about clock? :) Lookin like a cutie, Hubey! :)

AprilJ said...

I just saw this post.... Good work on the bed. See you in a few!!!!

Theresa said...

Great update! Such cute pics! And just have to laugh... I can't remember what Michael said that was just-too-close-to-another-"word"-ANYWAY, how can you not laugh? Cherish this time while you W.A.I.T! :)Can't wait to meet baby #2!!