Monday, August 30, 2010

Look what Hugh knows!

I should say that Jake taught him this...I would prefer Jesus Loves Me or something like that.

Yep, that would be Beyonce's Single Ladies...the "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh..." part. Everybody needs themselves a little Beyonce. Hugh normally will sing the full thing, but he was a little camera shy. Sorry the video is flipped...and I would have no idea on how to fix it...and too tired to care.

Oh, and some pics of Hugh...wanting to be the baby. Too funny.


And the weekly posts begin. Well, it has been a great week. Judah is cute – he sleeps, eats, cries…normal baby activity. Thanks for reading. All done. Kidding, but I am sure some of my posts will be like that…seriously. We are so in love with this new addition to our family – little Judah. And, it seems that we have been calling him Judah (not Jude)…we are not opposed to Jude, but I guess I have something about needing to call my children a two syllable name…Hubey, Judah. I am sure we will call him Jude in the future. Okay, enough with the name…I am a little spazzy with the lack of sleep. We are adjusting to a family of four…with two kids. Yes, we now have kids…so crazy. And we love our kids…so blessed.

So, what did week one bring? Well, it brought decisions…decisions. So, I won’t go into the whole long diatribe about my struggle with breastfeeding, but wow…I really struggle in this area, good night! So, we made the decision and I started pumping exclusively earlier this week and have not gone back to breastfeeding…yet. I am wrestling with the decision of trying breastfeeding again in a few weeks…the ladies needed a break from the serious trauma they have experienced. I know, I know…it most likely won’t work, but I REALLY want it to work this time. However, we are really going to try and make the pumping work…it feels really daunting this time around, but we’ll take it one day at a time. So, the love affair with the pump has begun – actually have a new pump this time around (which I swear sends a subliminal message – “pull the meat” when I am pumping…and yes, I have to talk myself into turning it on, but I do it much sooner this time around)…kind of feel like I am cheating on Mr. Pump #1, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Luckily, Hugh really enjoys the pumping…gotta love pumping with an almost two-year-old…so fun! He comes and sits next to me and calls it my “owies”…you can’t help but laugh and I am sure we’ll still be laughing when Hugh is in therapy years from now. Awesome. Judah is doing well…definitely has a voice. He gets hungry (we have never really experienced that) and he CRIES when he is hungry. I started getting a little nervous that Judah was showing signs of how Hubey acted when he ate, but I think that is Mama just being crazy. Our pediatrician told us we won’t be able to tell at this age, but we should start watching for signs. We have been told there is no chance that Hugh’s condition would be seen in another baby, but sometimes…you cannot help but wonder…that crazy Mama in me. We really don’t think Judah is having any problems – he seems to be very efficient on the bottle, which is an answer to prayer. He likes to eat A LOT…too much…much more than I can produce…a little sad, but we will keep working on it. We guess we’ll have our fatty baby this time around…unlike Hubey who can still fit into the Bumbo (even with bulky shorts on), which we learned tonight. We are glad he is growing…already back to his birth weight. We are adjusting from lack of sleep…Jake is actually letting Judah stay in our room…for another week. It makes it easier for me, but I know Jake doesn’t get great sleep. So, we’ll start the crib in another week. So far, he seems very sweet, but the true personality will come out in the next couple weeks…we pray for a chill baby (well as chill a baby as semi-chill parents can have (I bring the chill…Jake’s chill is a little warmer)). He doesn’t hate the car seat…at least not yet. It is nice to not have to drive with a dying cat in back like we did with Hugh…much more peaceful driving experience. Hugh is doing well with him…likes to relive his baby days and wants what Judah has…has made for some funny pictures. He grabs the bottles, but has yet to actually drink the milk…and I swear if he drinks the liquid gold, I may freak out. However, he is now asking for milk…so, we may bust out some milk for him…milk from a cow, not the liquid gold. He is always asking about the baby and will say Judah…very cute. I so look forward to seeing their relationship grow as brothers…it is so important to me…clearly, I want them to be close. So, one week down…and fifty-one weeks to go until we reach a year…wow, time will fly.

I am feeling really good…seriously, it is a whole different experience this time around (with my after care). I feel like a new woman…like a natural woman (sorry, still tired). I do get some severe sciatic nerve pain…any recommendations on how to deal with this? And, I have some bad back pain...very bad posture. I actually want to get out the house this time around…I didn’t leave (to really do any errands) until Hugh was six weeks. I see myself venturing out much sooner, but the thought of two kids and venturing may be a little scary…or a lot scary, but I want to do it. I have my Ergo and Moby (have you ever seen this? wow on the fabric…it is never ending, I am sure I’ll end up tying myself up in it…or, maybe tying Hugh up (I love it when items carry multiple purposes))...when I'm ready for the outside world. I see my bridesmaid's dress hanging in the closet and it still doesn't motivate me...maybe I need some Shaun T...or maybe not. I’ll get to experience “alone with two kids” this week…I see survival with chaos in my future…pure serenity I am sure. Hugh is super crazy and into EVERYTHING. Life will be interesting...that will be an understatement...for sure.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers...we need them. I know every mom goes through the fear of "alone with two kids"...I know I will survive.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome Our Little Lion!

We welcomed our new SON, Judah Jacob (we'll most likely call him Jude), at around noon on August 23, 2010! We officially became a family of four...two little boys! We cannot believe we have two kids now, but we do - that we know for certain. And two boys! So, I really had a "gut" feeling we were having a girl...clearly, I cannot trust my gut. We are very excited about having a second boy - Hubey's new best-friend (neither one of them know this yet, but I just know they will best of friends). We praise God for our new son, our little lion!

So, you all want the low down dirty details on the birth - ask Melissa for the video (kidding, there was no video - at least there better not be any video). So, I started feeling contractions around 9:30PM on Sunday night and started thinking these felt a little different than the contractions I had been feeling earlier in the week. So, I started cleaning (because what else would I do?) and tried to 12:30AM, I woke up Jake and told him these were the real deal. We started sending texts and making calls to find someone to watch Hubey. I was determined to labor at home longer this time, but that didn't happen. We got to the hospital around 3AM...and I was dilated to a four...bummer. So, that admitted me, but they wanted to monitor me, which totally stalled my labor and I was still a four at 7:30AM. Needless to say, I was sad...very sad. Also, I should mention that my sister, Cindy, sister-in-law, Melissa, and Mom all got to hospital around 4AM because we were all sure this baby would be born by 6AM...wrong, very wrong...all very tired. So, they stop monitoring me and I get to walking...a lot. I am thankful for Melissa, Cindy, and my mom - Melissa and Cindy kept me very entertained (the Youtube video about the iPhone 4 made me laugh). And, I find out that my doctor cannot deliver the baby due to a scheduling conflict...awesome. However, God is so faithful and the midwife that delivered Hubey was on call...she is AMAZING! So, we were thankful she was on. She came in around 9AM and said, "Maybe today is not the day for this baby to come." What?!? Are you crazy?!? Send me home?!? I was freaking a little on the inside. So, she checks me and I am a seven...oh yeah, a seven...not going home. So, I get back to the walking - determined to walk this baby out of me. And things started to get a little painful, so the walking didn't last too long. So, to the bed I know to "rest" at seven plus centimeters. And my nurses REALLY wanted me to try some their "magic" the shower (kid you not, they offered the magic shower to me about a hundred times...we were all laughing), the magic rocking chair, and magic peanut - well, I went with the magic peanut. He became a part of the group...lots of fun. When you all are sitting around waiting for a baby and none of you have had sleep in over twenty-four hours, you start to get a little slap happy. Well, I can say the last couple hours of labor were painful...but nothing compared to Hubey (NOTHING). I just remember saying to myself, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...over and over again. I also told myself that I would never survive two hours of pushing (like I did with Hubey) due to no sleep. Well, God is faithful and after about two or three pushes...Judah was born...all 6lbs. 8oz. and 19in. of him! Praise God! All I can say is...oh wow, that felt so much better...SO MUCH BETTER! My labor with Hugh took everything out of me...EVERYTHING, which I then felt for the next three weeks...this one, not so bad. We are very thankful. I had an AMAZING coach - Jake was seriously AMAZING and I am so thankful for him. It was also great having Melissa and Cindy with us - they were great as well. So, a very different experience this all nighter, but totally worth it. Oh, and yes - he is a mini Hubey...those Saylor genes are so strong!

So, now we are home...adjusting. Reality is setting in and the thought of myself alone with two kids scares me a little (or a whole lot). God is faithful and I know I'll be fine. I am having all the joys of remembering breastfeeding...oh, how I have missed that...ah, no. So, my ladies will be hamburger patties here soon enough (I know, I know...too much information, but it is MY blog), and yes, I know - if it hurts, then I don't have the right latch...whatever, how can this not hurt?!? I am still recovering, but my pain is very minimal. And, we are just trying to figure out life with children rather than child. Hubey is doing great...loves to steal Judah's nukie and night night...he just needs a hit to get his fix and then he gives them back. We'll see how the next week goes. We are hoping for a sweet (gentle) older brother. So, I am sure I will be getting on the crazy train soon...with no sleep, I tend to buy my tickets very early...and multiple tickets. Let the weekly posts begin! (Sorry, if this post is already a little crazy...I am running on very little sleep.)

We praise God for our family! He is so faithful. Thank you all for your prayers!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Times

So, another long while since my last post...time flies. And it is the calm before the storm of weekly posts again...what did I get myself into making promises that I would post weekly for every child?!? We better stop at two kids or I'll never keep this promise! These last few weeks have been busy - we enjoyed a wonderful visit from the AK Johnsons. We love having them in town - it is always so much fun!

It was a whirlwind trip as always...with lots to do. A surprise shower luncheon for me, which was great...and I was actually surprised, which is a big shock. I am a total, surprising me can be very difficult, but my family did an awesome job...oh, and they didn't tell my mom, which was probably a good idea (I can get anything out of her). We got to spend lots of time with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew - Hubey gets more excited now to see his cousins, but still doesn't really get it all. Kara and Clay are very sweet to him...Kara is already showing signs of a good mother - she has such a sweet and generous heart - we miss them like crazy! And, I got to play Super Mario Brothers with April...which happened to be embarrassing...she has better luck with the children than with me. Jake watched us and couldn't stop laughing...honestly, it was sad. April - I promise I'll get better! And, I love seeing my big brother, who thought it was so amusing to yell, "BAM!" every time I would walk by (because of my large belly) - wow, he is so comical...seriously. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and we are so glad that we were able to spend so much time with them all. We hope to see them all again very soon.

Anything new with Hugh? I am starting to feel like maybe the terrible twos are coming a little early?!? That would not be good. He has been very clingy and whiney lately - not sure if he knows something is going on (like his world is going to be rocked like he could never have imagined) or he is just being a typical toddler...I am going with typical toddler. I am really enjoying my time with him (despite the leg clinging and bleeding ears (mine from the whining)) - I realize that my days are very numbered with only having one baby (and yes, Hugh is still my baby). He loves to see and look at his ABCs ALL DAY LONG. He cannot get enough of his ABCs (and he says "ABCs" so his little voice). He can identify a handful of letters and still can count to two (at least he is not going backwards...and they say numbers should be easy for little kids...hmmm, jury is still out on that one (hoping he has my math brain and not Jake's magic math...ask him about his magic truly is you, Husband!)). He has learned the majority of his "major" colors and likes to point them out. He learns new words all the time (although I am sure only we can understand them...he gets very shy around others and doesn't talk much, but chatters all day at home). He loves "teets" (no, not those yet - he is referring to "treats"...we had to figure that one out...too funny). He asks for "teets" ALL DAY LONG. We are trying to teach him that "please" doesn't equal magic and make Mama and Dada do whatever you would like...he is adjusting. He is a sweet boy and silly, so cuddly and we love him like crazy. God has blessed us so much with this boy!

And the whale? Oh, that would be me...the whale. Still nothing...would have already had a baby if this was Hugh (he was born almost two weeks early). I seriously need to have this baby just to stop the ridiculous weight gain I have experienced over the last few weeks and the awesome eating eating two large bags of popcorn from that popcorn place at the mall, which happens to be AMAZING (and I don't really regret that...just regret the fact that I didn't buy more and now I have no more fat girl popcorn treats to eat). I love me some "teets"! Dr. M did discuss inducing because he is going to be out of town for my due date (and the whole week). I have always been against inducing because everyone says it is very painful and I think my first labor was painful enough...without being induced. However, then I think labor is probably very painful no matter how you get there. So, we still have until Wednesday to pray (that is baby will come) and decide if inducing is the road we want to travel. Who knows, by this time next week...we could have another Saylor in the family. We have our names ready (well, a boy name ready and a girl would be named TBD (Jake needs to make a decision - yes, this is Jake's call...I have no deep feelings on names, I am not picky at all when naming a child...a child will grow into a name (in my opinion)). So, we wait and enjoy our last week plus with only one baby.

Thank you all for your prayers. God is good - this we know even if we don't know anything else.