Monday, August 30, 2010


And the weekly posts begin. Well, it has been a great week. Judah is cute – he sleeps, eats, cries…normal baby activity. Thanks for reading. All done. Kidding, but I am sure some of my posts will be like that…seriously. We are so in love with this new addition to our family – little Judah. And, it seems that we have been calling him Judah (not Jude)…we are not opposed to Jude, but I guess I have something about needing to call my children a two syllable name…Hubey, Judah. I am sure we will call him Jude in the future. Okay, enough with the name…I am a little spazzy with the lack of sleep. We are adjusting to a family of four…with two kids. Yes, we now have kids…so crazy. And we love our kids…so blessed.

So, what did week one bring? Well, it brought decisions…decisions. So, I won’t go into the whole long diatribe about my struggle with breastfeeding, but wow…I really struggle in this area, good night! So, we made the decision and I started pumping exclusively earlier this week and have not gone back to breastfeeding…yet. I am wrestling with the decision of trying breastfeeding again in a few weeks…the ladies needed a break from the serious trauma they have experienced. I know, I know…it most likely won’t work, but I REALLY want it to work this time. However, we are really going to try and make the pumping work…it feels really daunting this time around, but we’ll take it one day at a time. So, the love affair with the pump has begun – actually have a new pump this time around (which I swear sends a subliminal message – “pull the meat” when I am pumping…and yes, I have to talk myself into turning it on, but I do it much sooner this time around)…kind of feel like I am cheating on Mr. Pump #1, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Luckily, Hugh really enjoys the pumping…gotta love pumping with an almost two-year-old…so fun! He comes and sits next to me and calls it my “owies”…you can’t help but laugh and I am sure we’ll still be laughing when Hugh is in therapy years from now. Awesome. Judah is doing well…definitely has a voice. He gets hungry (we have never really experienced that) and he CRIES when he is hungry. I started getting a little nervous that Judah was showing signs of how Hubey acted when he ate, but I think that is Mama just being crazy. Our pediatrician told us we won’t be able to tell at this age, but we should start watching for signs. We have been told there is no chance that Hugh’s condition would be seen in another baby, but sometimes…you cannot help but wonder…that crazy Mama in me. We really don’t think Judah is having any problems – he seems to be very efficient on the bottle, which is an answer to prayer. He likes to eat A LOT…too much…much more than I can produce…a little sad, but we will keep working on it. We guess we’ll have our fatty baby this time around…unlike Hubey who can still fit into the Bumbo (even with bulky shorts on), which we learned tonight. We are glad he is growing…already back to his birth weight. We are adjusting from lack of sleep…Jake is actually letting Judah stay in our room…for another week. It makes it easier for me, but I know Jake doesn’t get great sleep. So, we’ll start the crib in another week. So far, he seems very sweet, but the true personality will come out in the next couple weeks…we pray for a chill baby (well as chill a baby as semi-chill parents can have (I bring the chill…Jake’s chill is a little warmer)). He doesn’t hate the car seat…at least not yet. It is nice to not have to drive with a dying cat in back like we did with Hugh…much more peaceful driving experience. Hugh is doing well with him…likes to relive his baby days and wants what Judah has…has made for some funny pictures. He grabs the bottles, but has yet to actually drink the milk…and I swear if he drinks the liquid gold, I may freak out. However, he is now asking for milk…so, we may bust out some milk for him…milk from a cow, not the liquid gold. He is always asking about the baby and will say Judah…very cute. I so look forward to seeing their relationship grow as brothers…it is so important to me…clearly, I want them to be close. So, one week down…and fifty-one weeks to go until we reach a year…wow, time will fly.

I am feeling really good…seriously, it is a whole different experience this time around (with my after care). I feel like a new woman…like a natural woman (sorry, still tired). I do get some severe sciatic nerve pain…any recommendations on how to deal with this? And, I have some bad back pain...very bad posture. I actually want to get out the house this time around…I didn’t leave (to really do any errands) until Hugh was six weeks. I see myself venturing out much sooner, but the thought of two kids and venturing may be a little scary…or a lot scary, but I want to do it. I have my Ergo and Moby (have you ever seen this? wow on the fabric…it is never ending, I am sure I’ll end up tying myself up in it…or, maybe tying Hugh up (I love it when items carry multiple purposes))...when I'm ready for the outside world. I see my bridesmaid's dress hanging in the closet and it still doesn't motivate me...maybe I need some Shaun T...or maybe not. I’ll get to experience “alone with two kids” this week…I see survival with chaos in my future…pure serenity I am sure. Hugh is super crazy and into EVERYTHING. Life will be interesting...that will be an understatement...for sure.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers...we need them. I know every mom goes through the fear of "alone with two kids"...I know I will survive.


Evy said...

Hey Jenn, You made me laugh with the statement about Hugh and saying owies. When I dress Landon loves to try to get a glimpse of my girls so maybe it's a boy thing? I think its kind of funny..for now that is. I just wanted to let you know if you want to try my breast pump you can. I had tried 3 when I was breastfeeding and this was the 3rd and I liked it the best and it seemed the most comfortable and less owie. So just let me know if you want to borrow it. Oh and dont feel bad about not being able to produce enough in the beginning. I went through the same and it was very frustrating at first but things catch up later. I know where you are coming from.

AprilJ said...

We love seeing the pics of Judah. It sounds like life is going just as it should with a newborn and a toddler. Wish we were around to pitch in.. I would definitely sympathize with your breastfeeding woes. Pump #1 deserved its retirement.. I think the tally was like 6 babies on that bad boy. But you might want to keep it in the closet for a rainy day, you know, just in case the new one doesn't know how to treat you like a lady.

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

we love the pictures!

Melissa said...

Congratulations, Saylors! What beautiful boys you have! :) For what it's worth (probably not much!), I totally had a panic attack my first time being left at home with the's all very intimidating, right? I survived and you'll find a way to do the same! :) Good luck and enjoy your family of four!