Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Times

So, another long while since my last post...time flies. And it is the calm before the storm of weekly posts again...what did I get myself into making promises that I would post weekly for every child?!? We better stop at two kids or I'll never keep this promise! These last few weeks have been busy - we enjoyed a wonderful visit from the AK Johnsons. We love having them in town - it is always so much fun!

It was a whirlwind trip as always...with lots to do. A surprise shower luncheon for me, which was great...and I was actually surprised, which is a big shock. I am a total, surprising me can be very difficult, but my family did an awesome job...oh, and they didn't tell my mom, which was probably a good idea (I can get anything out of her). We got to spend lots of time with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew - Hubey gets more excited now to see his cousins, but still doesn't really get it all. Kara and Clay are very sweet to him...Kara is already showing signs of a good mother - she has such a sweet and generous heart - we miss them like crazy! And, I got to play Super Mario Brothers with April...which happened to be embarrassing...she has better luck with the children than with me. Jake watched us and couldn't stop laughing...honestly, it was sad. April - I promise I'll get better! And, I love seeing my big brother, who thought it was so amusing to yell, "BAM!" every time I would walk by (because of my large belly) - wow, he is so comical...seriously. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and we are so glad that we were able to spend so much time with them all. We hope to see them all again very soon.

Anything new with Hugh? I am starting to feel like maybe the terrible twos are coming a little early?!? That would not be good. He has been very clingy and whiney lately - not sure if he knows something is going on (like his world is going to be rocked like he could never have imagined) or he is just being a typical toddler...I am going with typical toddler. I am really enjoying my time with him (despite the leg clinging and bleeding ears (mine from the whining)) - I realize that my days are very numbered with only having one baby (and yes, Hugh is still my baby). He loves to see and look at his ABCs ALL DAY LONG. He cannot get enough of his ABCs (and he says "ABCs" so his little voice). He can identify a handful of letters and still can count to two (at least he is not going backwards...and they say numbers should be easy for little kids...hmmm, jury is still out on that one (hoping he has my math brain and not Jake's magic math...ask him about his magic truly is you, Husband!)). He has learned the majority of his "major" colors and likes to point them out. He learns new words all the time (although I am sure only we can understand them...he gets very shy around others and doesn't talk much, but chatters all day at home). He loves "teets" (no, not those yet - he is referring to "treats"...we had to figure that one out...too funny). He asks for "teets" ALL DAY LONG. We are trying to teach him that "please" doesn't equal magic and make Mama and Dada do whatever you would like...he is adjusting. He is a sweet boy and silly, so cuddly and we love him like crazy. God has blessed us so much with this boy!

And the whale? Oh, that would be me...the whale. Still nothing...would have already had a baby if this was Hugh (he was born almost two weeks early). I seriously need to have this baby just to stop the ridiculous weight gain I have experienced over the last few weeks and the awesome eating eating two large bags of popcorn from that popcorn place at the mall, which happens to be AMAZING (and I don't really regret that...just regret the fact that I didn't buy more and now I have no more fat girl popcorn treats to eat). I love me some "teets"! Dr. M did discuss inducing because he is going to be out of town for my due date (and the whole week). I have always been against inducing because everyone says it is very painful and I think my first labor was painful enough...without being induced. However, then I think labor is probably very painful no matter how you get there. So, we still have until Wednesday to pray (that is baby will come) and decide if inducing is the road we want to travel. Who knows, by this time next week...we could have another Saylor in the family. We have our names ready (well, a boy name ready and a girl would be named TBD (Jake needs to make a decision - yes, this is Jake's call...I have no deep feelings on names, I am not picky at all when naming a child...a child will grow into a name (in my opinion)). So, we wait and enjoy our last week plus with only one baby.

Thank you all for your prayers. God is good - this we know even if we don't know anything else.


Filleman Family said...

Hubey is one smart cookie. He is probably going to have to help G out :) Hoping and praying for a baby this week . . . CAN'T WAIT!!

AprilJ said...

We had a good time, too!! And I'll play wii with you anytime. We could have beat that castle if we'd had another week or two, for sure. Anxiously awaiting that baby being born, too!! Love you guys :)