Monday, September 6, 2010


Okay, two weeks down! I cannot believe we are two weeks down! There are times (especially in the middle of the night) when I feel like we are only two hours down, but I remember this season is so short and our little guy will become our big guy before we know it…so, I enjoy the nights because they won’t last forever. We are enjoying Judah so much. He is such a cutie and has the best sleep smiles – I love them…I need to get them on camera because they are so cute. Jake is officially going back to the office next week – he worked from home this past week. We are REALLY going to miss him, but we’ll survive…we don’t really have a choice. Obviously, we are still adjusting to the new dynamic, but it is a good adjustment and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I saw a glimpse into my future this past week while Jake was on a conference call…Judah was crying in the bouncy seat, Hugh was asking to be picked up and pulling at me, and oh, what was I doing…I was tending to our third child, “Da Pump”…yes, our third child who needs love and care just like other two children. He requires feeding every three to four hours, but then sleeps very well…which is nice. So, yes…still pumping and loving it. We have not tried breastfeeding again…yet. We all (especially those who will remain nameless) still need some more time. So, yes…we are adjusting, but it is all good…all a blessing from God.

So, what did week two bring for Judah? Honestly, not a whole lot. He is definitely adjusting to life outside the womb. He doesn’t get a constant food source any longer, which he definitely misses. It seems like his little tummy is hurting him, which we are still figuring out. He seems to enjoy the babywearing, but I get nervous about wearing him…I always feel like babywearing creates “needy” babies…crazy or true? It is nice to be hands free at times, but I don’t want to create a baby that screams when he isn’t in the sling. Also, we are not into attachment parenting. Ah, not sure what to do… Jake kicked us out of bed, so Judah is in the crib…sometimes. Sometimes, we are in the guest bedroom trying to sleep. I know the crib is a long transition and doesn’t happen overnight…so, we are patient in this process. You do whatever you can to get sleep…that is survival and at two weeks, we are still in survival mode. He went to church for the first time (we didn’t go with Hugh until he was like five weeks) and vomited all over me, which was awesome…he can have some serious vomit sessions. Good thing I love having my breast milk all over me. He is getting big and has almost grown out of the outfit we brought him home from the hospital, which was a preemie size. We are still sure that he is a mini Hubey…but maybe with blue eyes? Doubtful, but a mom can dream (just kidding…I love my brown-eyed boys). He is still trying to figure out a good schedule (yes, we are scheduled parents (not 100% Babywise parents, but we appreciate a schedule)…and no, we don’t think it creates any long-term problems)…I would love a four hour schedule, but he isn’t there yet…so, we wait for it to happen. So, right now…no schedule. He eats A LOT…like five ounces per feeding, isn’t that a lot for a newborn? Hubey didn’t drink five ounces until he was…oh, wait…he never did. We are also bringing out the Dr. Brown bottles (with the million parts) since Judah likes to gulp…yah for bottle washing! We love our new, little boy…he is such a great addition to our family!

We are all adjusting and doing well. And as I stated above, still pumping…and will continue to do it. When the kids are screaming or Hugh is torturing his little brother, I will just go to my happy place and pretend it isn’t happening…I love my happy place. I have been taking Fenugreek (an herb to stimulate milk production…yes, I panic about my milk production just like all moms) again this time around and I am starting to smell like maple syrup (a side effect of Fenugreek…oh joy)…so, if you are craving pancakes, don’t stand near me. My production seems just fine. My hair is starting to fall out again…the clumps will come soon…why is this is a side effect of pregnancy? Seriously, why? I still feel really good…so thankful for this. I am trying to get back into some type of schedule. We’ll get there. I went back and read some of Hugh’s old posts…some made me laugh…I definitely had to analyze everything and figure everything out. You know what; babies are just babies at times…nothing to figure out. Just like crazy Mamas are crazy Mamas at times. I love that I can go back and read them…so fun. I have realized that my boys will probably not enjoy the posts as much as I do, but I know their future wives will just love them! I enjoying my two boys…things can be crazy, but it is fun…and I will adjust.

We thank God for His incredible love for us when we are so undeserving. We constantly see our totally dependence on God in our parenting…we cannot do it without Him. We pray that we always keep God at the center of everything and always lead our boys to Him. We thank you all for your prayers!

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AprilJ said...

Reading your posts brings back all kinds of pumping memories.. I had completely forgotten about being the maple syrup queen w/fenugreek! But it worked :) He's so sweet. Here's hoping week 3 brings longer stretches of sleep at night.