Saturday, September 18, 2010

All About Hugh...

No, I haven’t forgotten about my first born…he makes that impossible, but he just hasn’t been getting as much blog love lately…a girl can only blog so much. So, this post is dedicated to our amazing first born son, Hubey.

And what you ask is new with Hugh? Well, we have the spent the last three plus weeks trying to potty train (yes, we know he is still young and yes, we knew we were having a baby, but this is what we decided was best for us…so, we committed). We did the three day potty training method (no diapers at all…and no pull-ups ever)…clearly, our son needs a few more than three days. He does well with peeing in the potty (as long as he doesn’t get too caught up doing something else…ah, boys) and for the other…well, it is in a work in progress. And we have promised the world to this kid once he figures it all out…a pony, a new car, beach front property,…you name it. He pretty much has to take off all of his clothes to use the potty, which is super awesome in a public restroom (especially for a germaphobe Dada). He loves to get his “teets”…and I am sure he’ll still be getting them when he is seven (I also love getting the “teets”…I have lots of successful potty trips during the day – yah for me and for my waistline!). God really works on your sanctification during potty training…your sin is definitely revealed to you. We learned this week that in the grand scheme of things, potty training is such a small piece of the puzzle and our goal as parents is to always be pointing our children to the gospel, which we weren’t doing. So, now we breathe and focus our hearts…I am sure we’ll be able to look back and laugh at all of this. He still loves to sing his ABCs ALL the time – you can recognize the majority of the letters and the LMNO piece is very cute. He just loves singing songs in general and can actually keep a beat really well…he did not get this from me. We are planning on letting him express his musical side with some instruments for his big b-day coming up next month. He repeats everything and is getting so much clearer…like the other day when he started saying “boobies owie”…awesome. Of course, we laugh so he just says it more. I think he’ll be quite the talker, which we love and I am sure will also drive us insane. He picks up on things very easily and has quite the memory – so, we have learned not to promise something unless we plan to deliver because he will remember. He can count to three now – wow, that took some time!

We are looking forward to starting “school” with him once he turns two – all we are doing is a learning board with him and I’ll change out the theme, letter, number, shape, color, Bible verse, etc. each week. He is a sponge right now, so we figure we’ll take advantage of it and have some fun learning time with him. Also, our hearts are to homeschool our children and we feel this will be a step in the right direction…obviously, we have lots of time to pray about this and evaluate our sanity…so, ask me in six months how I feel about homeschooling…I may have a different opinion! He loves to be helpful – he’ll get anything you ask him to get or he’ll just tell you “no”…we are working on that one, but he loves to get everything Judah needs (bottle, nigh-night, nukey, etc…normally, you’ll find him giving extra “special” attention to nigh-night and nukey). He loves Judah and asks about him a lot, but has zero body control around him…so, we watch his “love” for Judah like a hawk…don’t want to have to explain to Judah one day why he only has one eye is because his brother “loved” him so much! He also loves to “help” around the house and always helps with the trash, unloading the dishwasher (this involves throwing all the silverware in the drawer, but I love the fact that he wants to help…so, I don’t mind and I let my OCD play dormant), putting dishes in the sink, and washing dishes (we try to explain to him that he will get plenty of time to do all of these things in the future, but he still has a servant’s heart now – love it). He has a special love for his cousins and is in constant awe of Logan (but asks for Evie all the time) – he gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees him…thankful that Loges is so sweet with him – we look forward to seeing their relationship grow. He has had some special time with his Grandma Anne – they have sleepovers – I am very thankful to be surrounded by amazing family! He is always asking to go “buh-bye” and my mom is perfect to take him buh-bye. He is so silly and he makes us laugh all the time. He loves to run around nay-ked in circles and scream – it doesn’t sound funny, but it is. When he burps, he’ll laugh and say “cuse me Dada” – so funny (and yes, I have stated it before – we laugh at his body noises…this house is perfect for boys). He can definitely have some sass, but for the most part is very sweet and one of his Sunday school teachers told me that he is the best sharer and the sweetest boy…that melts my heart (God is good). He is getting to be so big and we cannot believe he will be two next month…the last two years have gone by so fast. I remember seeing some quote about the days going by slow, but the years go by so fast – so true.

We are so thankful to be the parents of this growing boy. God is so faithful to hear our prayers and meet us in our circumstances. I have learned that it is easier than I thought to yell at your children and it is a very shameful and humbling experience – seeking forgiveness from your almost two-year-old. God is definitely revealing the ugliness of my heart everyday to me and constantly reminding me that my children will see the gospel through me…wow, that is huge! So, I am brought to my knees continually seeking God to guide me as I know I cannot do this on my own. I am thankful that God is the author of salvation and His grace is sufficient. I pray for patience and love for my little ones…the same patience and love that God shows me everyday (that is A LOT). God is good – that we know.

We hope you all are doing well. Thanks so much for your prayers!


Jason and Lisa said...

He is getting to be such a big boy! Way to go Hugh with potting training. Keep up the hard work Jake and Jenn. It sounds like he is getting it.

Filleman Family said...

I heard that he was quite the "sharer" with G with a snack last week. Pretty sure that G might have decided that a mere 8 weeks gives him the ability to follow Hubey around and demand food :) hopefully not. He is a sweet boy! You are a better woman that I for potty training this early -I'm seriously jealous of the no diapers but not so jealous of the stress that accompanies that job . . ugh (two down one to go) Btw - I reserve the right now to pick my musical instrument gift first - I'll give him a drum set - he'll love it!!!

AprilJ said...

Love the SPAD tattoo. Nice shout out for our original home team. I definitely agree that the boy needs a drum set.. Michelle, get him a BIG one! Aunt Jennie gave Kara drums for her first or second birthday..