Monday, September 27, 2010

What a Week!

The weeks go by too fast – five weeks already! We love having our family of four – God has blessed us so much. We are still learning new thing everyday and I am still afraid to leave the house with both boys. Will I ever not be afraid? Probably not. I have also realized I am horrible at taking pictures of Judah…the first born gets all the love. I am really going to get better at taking pictures…at least that is what I tell myself. Hugh is still doing great with Judah (or Juah Juah as he likes to call him, which kind of sticks…but we’ll break it) and I love to watch them together. It has been a harder week than normal, but we see God’s faithfulness everyday.

So, what did week five bring for Judah? Another shot! PCH starts their shots earlier than we expected so he got his first poke on Friday…lucky him. Also, we found out he is 9lbs. 6oz. and 20.5in. He is growing and they are not concerned with his weight gain…three pounds in a month…wow! Obviously, we don’t want the weight gain to continue like it has or we’ll have a baby the size of a first grader at the end of the year! We are glad he is healthy and growing. He is getting chunky…finally, we’ll get to see what Hubey would had looked like with a little meat on his bones. He is still having some fussy times, but we are learning to manage…this is our season right now. He got to have Dada take his feedings one night…they had a lot of fun together (just ask Jake…best night ever). He has outgrown the newborn clothes and diapers. We think his eyes may be getting lighter and he’ll have blue eyes…ah, a girl can dream (and yes, I am just kidding with my constant blue eyes comments (even though my sister-in-law would disagree)…I love brown eyes!). I think he smiled at me…Jake would probably disagree, but I am fairly certain it was a smile (you see, Hugh did everything for Jake first…this baby is all mine). I am sure he’ll have lots more smiles for me in the future (and for Jake too).

So, why was this “such” a week? Well, I worked out…that is a miracle…haven’t done that in a LONG time. So, I did the “30 Day Shred” with Jillian (Level 1…I am not trying to be anyone’s hero and I know all of you who do Insanity are laughing at me…keep on laughing) and the next day I was SORE…like SO sore…from my head to my toes, from my breasts to my buttocks, from…you get it, just so sore. Well, I decided to take my temperature and I had a low grade fever…Jillian really kicked my tail. So, I took a nap and woke up with a much higher fever…felt HORRIBLE. I have mastitis…lucky me. And you might be thinking, “how does one get mastitis from a pump?”…well, my pump is one dirty boy…kidding. I kept trying breastfeeding this week and we are all done with it (the ladies could handle no more bruising, bleeding,…they surrendered) – we are assuming the mastitis came from breastfeeding again. It was an emotional week – honestly, I felt like I was less of a mother and wife because I wasn’t breastfeeding and if this was one hundred years ago, what would I do? Well, I have a wonderful husband who reminded me that it wasn’t one hundred years ago and I am still a good wife and mother without the breastfeeding (and we all appreciate the more “sane” me this time around)…sometimes, you just need someone else to say it. (So, now I'll stop blogging about bfing and all my woes...what will I blog about?) So, I am on antibiotics for the infection, but the clogged duct won’t unclog…I have tried everything and will continue to try everything…my supply is TERRIBLE now…very sad. I am hoping it gets unclogged VERY soon…not sure what to do, but I am just going to relax about it…or try to relax about it…this girl is serious about milk. Jake got to take all the feedings for Judah one night (not like I got to sleep because I had the chills for over two hours straight and still had to pump in the night…love it)…it was a very long night for him…he was a trooper (he said he could almost feel like what it felt like to be a mom…except for the labor, delivery, breastfeeding, months of sleepless nights…yep, just what it felt like to be a mom...kidding) – Jake was SO amazing this past week – I am blessed with the most incredible husband!

So, now we look forward to another week and hopefully, a full recovery. Thanks to everyone for your prayers!

(Really need to get better on the pics - I am not doing our handsome boy justice.)


Heidi Cassaday said...

Jenn after all I have heard with your bf woes I would say, ow, yikes and way to perservere. And I can't wait to actually meet Judah...he looks super cuddly. And I love the chunk.

Delan said...

I hope everything gets better with the bf. I'm sorry you've had to be in pain. :( Next time I see you I will bring my pump in case you want to try it.

AprilJ said...

That does sound like a rough week! I had a few cases of mastitis from my pump in the day.. It's vastly unfair. Quit beating yourself up about bf'ing. Do you remember when you and Jake came to visit when Kara was tiny?? Sometimes enough is enough :) We love you guys and would indeed love to see more pics of Judah.

Amy said...

So glad that he is growing well and you are able to feed way or another. It really doesn't matter. La Leche does not have their finger on the pulse of sane mommies :).

Jen said...

I'm so sorry you had such a rough week Jenn, I hope you feel better soon! ...and I'm SO with you on Jillian, level 1 is good enough for me! ;)

Mindy said...

That is a hard week! I remember feeling all the things you did. I broke down to Jeremy crying saying, "What if it was the olden' days? Are daughter would starve!" Fortunately, they don't starve and are just as happy and content with BM from a bottle or formula.

I tried Jillian's 30 day shred at about 6 weeks and peed my pants when I tried the jumping jacks! Hope you are having better luck.

I have no advise for the clogged duct. I had one and was unable to get it out with the pump as well. (Maybe try it on turbo speed! j/k) Hope it passes soon.

The boys look so good. You are a great mother! Always an inspiration to me. I need to come visit soon.

Brandie said...

You did a Jillian workout on week are my hero!
My youngest is 2 1/2 years old and I still pee my pants when jumping. Life can be so unfair. So sorry to hear about your infection. I had them chronically with Ella. Being that sick and having a newborn has to be one of the roughest times for a mom. Praying for you.
Plugged ducts - try a hot shower and gently (very gently) press/massage the area to work it out. I had so many issues that I bought a moist heat hot pad. It saved my life. I'd love to make you all dinner sometime. I'll email you to find a good time. :)
YAY for dads who attempt night feedings. (((HUGS)))