Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

(Wow, I am an amazing blogger this, seriously. I am quite amazed with myself.)

So, we went trick or treating with our was a good time. Logan was actually doesn't get any better than that...seriously. I must say, we have some of the cutest puppies around (hot, sweaty puppies...but still cute...Hugh LOVED wearing his costume). I love (love, love, love) animal kids will be wearing them until junior high (and since they'll be homeschooled, they will probably think wearing animal costumes until junior high is cool).

Last year, Jake and I dressed up as the swine flu...this year, I just look like I have the swine flu (and my husband is always camera ready). My witty (witty) husband said we dressed up as a young married couple walking their dog...did I tell you how witty my husband is?!?


Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Par-tay, Par-tay!

So, we had a par-tay to celebrate Hugh turning two. The theme was balloons...his par-tay, his choice.

And decided it would be small to avoid the circus from last year, which was lots of fun...but a little crazy with seventy people.

It was fun. Hugh had a great time.

And there was a pinata...who doesn't love a pinata?!? They are always a good time and I had them at my birthday parties until I was thirteen (or some ridiculous old age for a pinata).

Jake was having "fun" and decided Eli needed to be spun around this year since he is so old...Melissa felt the same way about Jake.

There was a great cake, which I didn't get pictures of...and I didn't get pictures of him par-taying with his little bro...throwing back some juice boxes, but I got pictures of cousins...loving the pinata.

Overall, it was a good time...except for when I brought out the glow sticks...our son bit his and stuck it in his eye...good times. Clearly, he is not ready for a rave.

Oh, and he shares his b-day with his lovely Aunt Cindy...lucky him...there are only a few years between them.

(He was still upset after the said glow stick in the eye event.)

Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us (does that count for my thank you notes?...kidding) was fun.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Morning

Here we are…nine weeks! Our little Judah is nine weeks old! I think we have settled on a couple of nicknames for our guy…Judah Bear and Judah Judah (a name so nice you have to say it twice). Hubey gave us the Judah Judah one and it has stuck. The last nine weeks have seriously flown by. It is hard to believe that two months of his first year are already done. We love having Judah in our family – he is the perfect fit for us! God has blessed us so much and we are forever grateful to Him for His incredible blessings!

So, what did week nine bring for Judah? Well, it brought his big brother’s second birthday party and Judah, of course, loved it…who doesn’t love a piƱata?!? Of course, a good mother would have taken some pictures of her two boys together on the big brother’s birthday…a good mother would have done that…that would not be me…sadly. He did fine at the party and loved lots of hold time from people other than Miss Swing. He enjoyed his first trip to the Children’s Museum…glad he enjoys the Ergo (which happens to be the BEST carrier out there, but Jake hates it) and doesn’t mind getting hit in the head a lot with a camera. He is still sleeping well and sleeps A LOT during the day…no complaints here, it is just so different than Hugh…so different than Hugh, who slept about nine hours a day…no joke. I absolutely love getting Judah in the morning…love it. He always has the biggest smiles on his face…like an all face smile and I LOVE it. We also think he has my eyes…probably not the blue color, but the squinty shape…which are the best shape to have…just ask my sister-in-law. He enjoyed some love from his cousin, Evie,...she is a little Mama to sweet. He spent his first Sunday in the church nursery and did fine…dropping him off this time wasn’t too hard (it helped having his aunt and uncle in there to take him with open arms). He still doesn’t enjoy tummy time, but we continue to work on it. He likes to be tickled and it is so cute…I swear that giggles are just around the corner…and the first ones better be for me! Just kidding…well, not really. He is getting big…too big…and he won’t stop growing…so sad. He is really looking forward to his shots tomorrow…should be an awesome time. Week nine was great and we are looking forward to week ten!

Things are going well with us…really well. I even made it the grocery store this past week with the boys…twice. Honestly, it wasn’t too bad…however, they were two very short grocery trips…still not ready for the big trip. We love our family of four and continue to adjust very well. Hugh is so sweet with Judah…now he wants to hold him all the time…I see some bumps and bruises in Judah’s future. And Judah loves his big brother…big smiles for him…even after he gets kicked in the head. Thank you all for your prayers!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubey!!!

(Yes, one day happens.)

Two years old…really?!? How did that happen?!? When did my baby get to be two years old?!? My dear, sweet boy – I know you are no longer my baby…but are now my big boy (but you’ll always be my baby…all my babies will always be my babies). Rewind more than two years ago…being pregnant with you was so awesome…except for getting sick A LOT. We wanted you so bad and God answered every one of our prayers. You, my handsome, precious son made me a Mama…a dream I had since I was a little girl (and was still asking for dolls into junior high…they had really cool dolls that would eat and some other fun things…yes, it was a closet fetish…playing with dolls in junior high was so not cool). I can say that all my dreams came true when you were born…I was officially a Mama…a very tired Mama after two HARD hours of pushing. Your stubborn side came early. But you know what, I wouldn’t trade any of that pain for anything (and I was in a lot of pain…for like six weeks…yep, still remember). Sometimes, I can still remember your first few weeks like it was yesterday and some days, it feels like it was an eternity ago.

You gave us a run for our money in the first year, but you have changed so much this past year. You went from a professional speed crawler to a crazy runner (I honestly didn’t know if you would ever give up crawling…you were awesome at it, but I guess you had to give it up when you finally got knee caps)…who happens to run into walls a lot because you are always focusing on what is next. You have a normal swallow…praise God! You went from being a mute (a baby) to being a full blown talker…and now you talk and sing ALL.THE.TIME. You say some pretty funny words…and you have two very awesome parents who love to hear you say certain words…so mature. You love to learn and pick up new things all the time…we think you are the smartest, little guy (we are biased). You love to sing ABCs (and know about 90% of your letters) and Happy Birthday – you will make up your own versions to the songs with the same tune…we love it. You are sweet and love to share with others…even your bubbles and balloons (or bayoons as you like to call them), which are your two most prized possessions. You love to be silly…running around in circles and rolling on the ground (Dada has the same moves). You love music and love to dance (don’t worry, I have been teaching you some awesome moves…you’ll be doing the Running Man and Roger Rabbit like a pro in no time).

You pronounce the majority or your Cs and Ks as Ts…cute now, but won’t be cute later. Your favorite foods are maccheese (how you say it), ketchup, pantakes (pancakes), and teets (treats)…clearly, no processed food in this house. You still love to read and could sit all day with books (sorry…Mama actually gets tired of reading…very sad). You are still a Daddy’s boy and would prefer to be at his heels all day…you love to run to the garage when he comes home from work…so sweet. You love your Gramma and Grandma something fierce…you ask for them all the time. You are a wonderful big brother…and we know you are waiting for the day to have a constant playmate (or slave…whatever). You love your nigh-night (blanket) and nukey (which we took away the night before you turned two…I know, I know…so harsh, but you bit all the tops off…no way to treat a lady, no way). You seem to think naps are overrated (which could have to do with the loss of the nukey)…fine by me, you’ll still get your special room time…EVERY.DAY. I love when you come to me and say, “Hold Mama” or “I wanta tiss”…melts my heart…every time. You love to be outside and in the dirt…but you don’t really enjoy the heat (smart boy). You love to run around with all your cousins and you look to Logan for lots of guidance…you two will be great friends. You love stuffed animals. You love puppies…you have lots of them…stuffed of course…your Dada swears we’ll get a real one some day…we’ll see. You know how to test our patience…we won’t even start to discuss potty training (or peeing on the couch). You love to help…with the dishes and the trash…and holding Judah’s nukey. You love to go “bu-bye” and will run at any opportunity to get out of this house. You are silly, sweet, funny, cute, lovable, kissable, huggable…we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

Praise God for the gift of children…they truly are a blessing. We thank God for you everyday…I thank Him for using you to help in my sanctification. I have been humbled and God has brought me to my knees. I have so much to learn about being the Mama God has called me to be. I thank you for your patience and your sweet heart.

Happy Birthday Hubey!!! We love you so much and look forward to the next year…and all the craziness it will bring!

Good Times

We had a good time...

at the Children's Museum...

with Uncle Clayton and the big boys.

I took lots of pictures...

and Judah got knocked in the head many times with the camera.

We love you Uncle Clayton and Clay Clay...thanks for visiting! We miss you already!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Road Trip

Week eight and almost two months! Hard to believe we have an almost two month old and two year old! It has been a busy week…first road trip with Judah! My cousin got married in Pinetop this past weekend – she looked beautiful and the wedding was great…seriously, she has an amazing eye for putting things together. We are very similar in many ways and felt right at home with her lists and agendas…love the lists and detailed agendas (with time slots). We are excited to have Jarod in our family – he is a great guy…welcome Jarod! So, this post may be a little short since we are still enjoying time with family and I am writing this in the car. It has been a great week!

So, what did week eight bring for Judah? Well, as I stated above it brought his first road trip, which he did awesome. Very thankful for a baby who doesn’t mind his car seat (of course, as I write this he is screaming like a dying kitty in the car seat…you see, the difference between Hugh and Judah in the car seat is that Judah will give up the fight and Hugh never did…never). He actually did really well all around – slept great, which was a huge answer to prayer…the last time he did night sleeping away from the crib was a very AWESOME night…so awesome. Still is showing Mama some love with the longer stretches of sleep…the nice thing with this little guy is that I’ll feed him and put him right back to bed awake and he’ll fall back asleep (I know…we are so Babywise)…Hugh didn’t really enjoy that too much. He didn’t nap well…his best friend (the swing) didn’t join us on the trip, but he was a trooper. He did great for late nights and everyone commented on how handsome he is…and how much he looks like Jake…shocker. We’ll have another baby that will finally look like me and will look like the baby from that Seinfeld episode and people will say, “Oh, wow…you have a baby.”…awesome. You’ll see all the great pics of the boys with their super cute outfits on below…oh wait, no you won’t…why? Because picture taking is not on a Dad’s list of tasks when getting kids ready by himself…Mamas are much better at multi-tasking…much better. Thank you Jake for getting the boys dressed and keeping them alive…I know pictures would have been too much to ask for…love you. They did have some very cute outfits. He got to meet lots of family and friends…Uncle Clayton and Cousin Clay Clay were a highlight. Clay Clay is a very sweet boy and we are looking forward to more time with him this week. Judah is getting so strong and holds his head so well. He also enjoys standing and showing us his strong legs. He still does not enjoy tummy time. I feel like his nights are getting better, but we’ll see. His hair is growing back…faster than Hugh’s grew back…and definitely faster than Jake’s (we’re still waiting for that one). He is so sweet and lovable…with lots of smilers…we are in love and so blessed!

Oh, and I fit into my bridesmaid dress…the dress was very forgiving. Also, pumping in a bridesmaid dress equals awesome…for sure. Basically, I had to get naked to do it…loved it. Add it to pumping in the back of a car and an airport bathroom…on my all time favorite pumping experiences. Overall, it was a great weekend with lots of family time and it was so fun to be a part of Christa and Jarod’s wedding!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week Seven

(Sorry, my creative juices on titles is running low…very low.)

Week seven…here we are (I am not going to do my, “Oh, wow…crazy…already week seven” gig, but seriously…already week seven?!?)! I would say things are going well…honestly, still trying to figure Judah out. He is a sweet boy and we love him so much…and he still has his fussy periods…we are not sure if he is fussy just to be fussy or if he needs a higher dose of Zantac due to tummy issues. Babies are a constant guessing game…at least for me. And I think I am always constantly aware if he makes any noise when we are out or other people are over…don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable with a crying baby…I think I need to get over that one. Not sure why I worry about what others think when it comes to my kids (I am sure I am not the only one who struggles with this)…my focus should be on my heart and their hearts (by leading them to the gospel) and not be whether they are crying or wet their pants. I really want to enjoy this time, so I need to stop with the high pressure (for those of you who know me…know that high pressure and my name go hand in hand)…guess I need to bump up the prayer life because God is always faithful. Okay, enough about my insecurities about motherhood – my boys are going to look back on their one year blogs (yes, I really think they’ll read them one day) and think I needed therapy…then again, they’ll really know me at that point and will know I needed therapy (awesome). Overall, another great week…hoping time will stop soon (but very doubtful that it will).

So, what did week seven bring for Judah? Well, it brought more swing time…can a baby be in a swing too much? Will constant swinging create a baby that needs to be in a motion all the time…like a pirate baby or something? We are trying to create it (how cool would a pirate baby be?!?). Sometimes we feel a little guilty about all the swing time, but he seems to enjoy it and he’ll nap in there. Hubey napped in his swing until like six months (and we only broke him at this point because we went on vacation and we weren’t going to have a swing). He is also now enjoying his naps in his room…call him crazy, but he wasn’t enjoying the random screams from his brother any longer…crazy, I know. We think Judah is experiencing his first cold – he is so congested, but it could also be due to the reflux (again, babies are puzzles with missing pieces for me…trying to figure it out). He continues to love the shower…when he gets a shower – Hugh, we bathed every night…and this one bathes more like his Mama…a little dirt doesn’t hurt. He has been sleeping some longer stretches at night…sometimes…I have no expectations, which works out great. I no longer pump in the night (because his sleep isn’t so scheduled at night)…yeah for me and for the missiles I wake up with everyday now. We’ve been trying to enjoy more time outside (SO excited for the better weather…about time…good night, I thought the heat would NEVER end), but Judah is a little unsure of the double stroller…our walk the other night consisted of us holding the kids and pushing the double stroller…made a lot of sense for sure. I think he is going through a growth spurt…he seemed a lot hungrier the last few days (and is not pulling from his thigh reserves…wish he could pull from mine). We’ll find out how much he weighs in the next couple of weeks…I am guessing he will double his birth weight for sure. It is crazy, but at the two month mark is where we started noticing all the feeding issues with Hubey…no problems with Judah and praise God! However, it would be great if he could master the bottle without gulping and choking. He is giving more smiles and lots of sweet. He has a big zit on his cheek and I put some breast milk on know, breast milk works just like Windex...takes care of everything (I know, very random). Definitely think the eyes are turning brown (I know, I know…I am a roller coaster on this whole eye color thing). He loves to get lots of love from his big brother and his big brother loves to give it, BUT gets very dramatic if his brother accidentally throws him an elbow or half-nelson. He still loves some snuggles and gives some great smiles. He is our sweet boy and we are blessed to have him. We constantly thank God for His incredible blessings on our family.

We are thankful God is faithful and patient when we are not. We are thankful God will forgive us and will reveal our sin to us. Life is too short to get caught up in all the silliness of it all…like crying babies and wet pants. I need my focus to be on what matters…like serving God and bringing Him glory. I think I have some work to do…clearly. We hope everyone is doing well and we continue to lift you all up in our prayers!