Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubey!!!

(Yes, one day happens.)

Two years old…really?!? How did that happen?!? When did my baby get to be two years old?!? My dear, sweet boy – I know you are no longer my baby…but are now my big boy (but you’ll always be my baby…all my babies will always be my babies). Rewind more than two years ago…being pregnant with you was so awesome…except for getting sick A LOT. We wanted you so bad and God answered every one of our prayers. You, my handsome, precious son made me a Mama…a dream I had since I was a little girl (and was still asking for dolls into junior high…they had really cool dolls that would eat and some other fun things…yes, it was a closet fetish…playing with dolls in junior high was so not cool). I can say that all my dreams came true when you were born…I was officially a Mama…a very tired Mama after two HARD hours of pushing. Your stubborn side came early. But you know what, I wouldn’t trade any of that pain for anything (and I was in a lot of pain…for like six weeks…yep, still remember). Sometimes, I can still remember your first few weeks like it was yesterday and some days, it feels like it was an eternity ago.

You gave us a run for our money in the first year, but you have changed so much this past year. You went from a professional speed crawler to a crazy runner (I honestly didn’t know if you would ever give up crawling…you were awesome at it, but I guess you had to give it up when you finally got knee caps)…who happens to run into walls a lot because you are always focusing on what is next. You have a normal swallow…praise God! You went from being a mute (a baby) to being a full blown talker…and now you talk and sing ALL.THE.TIME. You say some pretty funny words…and you have two very awesome parents who love to hear you say certain words…so mature. You love to learn and pick up new things all the time…we think you are the smartest, little guy (we are biased). You love to sing ABCs (and know about 90% of your letters) and Happy Birthday – you will make up your own versions to the songs with the same tune…we love it. You are sweet and love to share with others…even your bubbles and balloons (or bayoons as you like to call them), which are your two most prized possessions. You love to be silly…running around in circles and rolling on the ground (Dada has the same moves). You love music and love to dance (don’t worry, I have been teaching you some awesome moves…you’ll be doing the Running Man and Roger Rabbit like a pro in no time).

You pronounce the majority or your Cs and Ks as Ts…cute now, but won’t be cute later. Your favorite foods are maccheese (how you say it), ketchup, pantakes (pancakes), and teets (treats)…clearly, no processed food in this house. You still love to read and could sit all day with books (sorry…Mama actually gets tired of reading…very sad). You are still a Daddy’s boy and would prefer to be at his heels all day…you love to run to the garage when he comes home from work…so sweet. You love your Gramma and Grandma something fierce…you ask for them all the time. You are a wonderful big brother…and we know you are waiting for the day to have a constant playmate (or slave…whatever). You love your nigh-night (blanket) and nukey (which we took away the night before you turned two…I know, I know…so harsh, but you bit all the tops off…no way to treat a lady, no way). You seem to think naps are overrated (which could have to do with the loss of the nukey)…fine by me, you’ll still get your special room time…EVERY.DAY. I love when you come to me and say, “Hold Mama” or “I wanta tiss”…melts my heart…every time. You love to be outside and in the dirt…but you don’t really enjoy the heat (smart boy). You love to run around with all your cousins and you look to Logan for lots of guidance…you two will be great friends. You love stuffed animals. You love puppies…you have lots of them…stuffed of course…your Dada swears we’ll get a real one some day…we’ll see. You know how to test our patience…we won’t even start to discuss potty training (or peeing on the couch). You love to help…with the dishes and the trash…and holding Judah’s nukey. You love to go “bu-bye” and will run at any opportunity to get out of this house. You are silly, sweet, funny, cute, lovable, kissable, huggable…we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

Praise God for the gift of children…they truly are a blessing. We thank God for you everyday…I thank Him for using you to help in my sanctification. I have been humbled and God has brought me to my knees. I have so much to learn about being the Mama God has called me to be. I thank you for your patience and your sweet heart.

Happy Birthday Hubey!!! We love you so much and look forward to the next year…and all the craziness it will bring!


AprilJ said...

Happy Birthday to Hugh! We love you all the way up here in Alaska.

Heidi Cassaday said...

Happy Birthday Hugh! Hope you had a fun day and boo to your Mommy and Daddy who took away your nukey! Actually I am totally impressed, something we are too scared to do around this household.