Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

(Wow, I am an amazing blogger this, seriously. I am quite amazed with myself.)

So, we went trick or treating with our was a good time. Logan was actually doesn't get any better than that...seriously. I must say, we have some of the cutest puppies around (hot, sweaty puppies...but still cute...Hugh LOVED wearing his costume). I love (love, love, love) animal kids will be wearing them until junior high (and since they'll be homeschooled, they will probably think wearing animal costumes until junior high is cool).

Last year, Jake and I dressed up as the swine flu...this year, I just look like I have the swine flu (and my husband is always camera ready). My witty (witty) husband said we dressed up as a young married couple walking their dog...did I tell you how witty my husband is?!?


Happy Halloween!


Amy said...

Sweaty puppies, very funny! They look great! :)

AprilJ said...

So cute! I love your hair cut (it looks shorter, maybe it's just camera angle??). Good times.

Krista said...

They are so cute!!

Cynthia said...

Did you cut your hair? I love the cute kiddos in their costumes! So fun!