Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Morning

Here we are…nine weeks! Our little Judah is nine weeks old! I think we have settled on a couple of nicknames for our guy…Judah Bear and Judah Judah (a name so nice you have to say it twice). Hubey gave us the Judah Judah one and it has stuck. The last nine weeks have seriously flown by. It is hard to believe that two months of his first year are already done. We love having Judah in our family – he is the perfect fit for us! God has blessed us so much and we are forever grateful to Him for His incredible blessings!

So, what did week nine bring for Judah? Well, it brought his big brother’s second birthday party and Judah, of course, loved it…who doesn’t love a piñata?!? Of course, a good mother would have taken some pictures of her two boys together on the big brother’s birthday…a good mother would have done that…that would not be me…sadly. He did fine at the party and loved lots of hold time from people other than Miss Swing. He enjoyed his first trip to the Children’s Museum…glad he enjoys the Ergo (which happens to be the BEST carrier out there, but Jake hates it) and doesn’t mind getting hit in the head a lot with a camera. He is still sleeping well and sleeps A LOT during the day…no complaints here, it is just so different than Hugh…so different than Hugh, who slept about nine hours a day…no joke. I absolutely love getting Judah in the morning…love it. He always has the biggest smiles on his face…like an all face smile and I LOVE it. We also think he has my eyes…probably not the blue color, but the squinty shape…which are the best shape to have…just ask my sister-in-law. He enjoyed some love from his cousin, Evie,...she is a little Mama to sweet. He spent his first Sunday in the church nursery and did fine…dropping him off this time wasn’t too hard (it helped having his aunt and uncle in there to take him with open arms). He still doesn’t enjoy tummy time, but we continue to work on it. He likes to be tickled and it is so cute…I swear that giggles are just around the corner…and the first ones better be for me! Just kidding…well, not really. He is getting big…too big…and he won’t stop growing…so sad. He is really looking forward to his shots tomorrow…should be an awesome time. Week nine was great and we are looking forward to week ten!

Things are going well with us…really well. I even made it the grocery store this past week with the boys…twice. Honestly, it wasn’t too bad…however, they were two very short grocery trips…still not ready for the big trip. We love our family of four and continue to adjust very well. Hugh is so sweet with Judah…now he wants to hold him all the time…I see some bumps and bruises in Judah’s future. And Judah loves his big brother…big smiles for him…even after he gets kicked in the head. Thank you all for your prayers!


Heidi Cassaday said...

Happy nine weeks Judah! Glad to hear he is doing so well...and boy is he cute. I love that little double chin he has!!

Amy said...

Love you so much Judah Bear!

AprilJ said...

He definitely has your eye shape but i'm seeing brown eyes in his future! :)

Mindy said...

I LOVE that face! He is too precious. I can't wait to see him again.