Monday, October 18, 2010

Road Trip

Week eight and almost two months! Hard to believe we have an almost two month old and two year old! It has been a busy week…first road trip with Judah! My cousin got married in Pinetop this past weekend – she looked beautiful and the wedding was great…seriously, she has an amazing eye for putting things together. We are very similar in many ways and felt right at home with her lists and agendas…love the lists and detailed agendas (with time slots). We are excited to have Jarod in our family – he is a great guy…welcome Jarod! So, this post may be a little short since we are still enjoying time with family and I am writing this in the car. It has been a great week!

So, what did week eight bring for Judah? Well, as I stated above it brought his first road trip, which he did awesome. Very thankful for a baby who doesn’t mind his car seat (of course, as I write this he is screaming like a dying kitty in the car seat…you see, the difference between Hugh and Judah in the car seat is that Judah will give up the fight and Hugh never did…never). He actually did really well all around – slept great, which was a huge answer to prayer…the last time he did night sleeping away from the crib was a very AWESOME night…so awesome. Still is showing Mama some love with the longer stretches of sleep…the nice thing with this little guy is that I’ll feed him and put him right back to bed awake and he’ll fall back asleep (I know…we are so Babywise)…Hugh didn’t really enjoy that too much. He didn’t nap well…his best friend (the swing) didn’t join us on the trip, but he was a trooper. He did great for late nights and everyone commented on how handsome he is…and how much he looks like Jake…shocker. We’ll have another baby that will finally look like me and will look like the baby from that Seinfeld episode and people will say, “Oh, wow…you have a baby.”…awesome. You’ll see all the great pics of the boys with their super cute outfits on below…oh wait, no you won’t…why? Because picture taking is not on a Dad’s list of tasks when getting kids ready by himself…Mamas are much better at multi-tasking…much better. Thank you Jake for getting the boys dressed and keeping them alive…I know pictures would have been too much to ask for…love you. They did have some very cute outfits. He got to meet lots of family and friends…Uncle Clayton and Cousin Clay Clay were a highlight. Clay Clay is a very sweet boy and we are looking forward to more time with him this week. Judah is getting so strong and holds his head so well. He also enjoys standing and showing us his strong legs. He still does not enjoy tummy time. I feel like his nights are getting better, but we’ll see. His hair is growing back…faster than Hugh’s grew back…and definitely faster than Jake’s (we’re still waiting for that one). He is so sweet and lovable…with lots of smilers…we are in love and so blessed!

Oh, and I fit into my bridesmaid dress…the dress was very forgiving. Also, pumping in a bridesmaid dress equals awesome…for sure. Basically, I had to get naked to do it…loved it. Add it to pumping in the back of a car and an airport bathroom…on my all time favorite pumping experiences. Overall, it was a great weekend with lots of family time and it was so fun to be a part of Christa and Jarod’s wedding!

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AprilJ said...

I'll see your naked-in-a-bridesmaid dress pumping experience (Michelle's wedding.. you can hear the pump in her videos) and raise you a battery-operated-pumping on I-10 at rush hour with my Dad driving the car ;) Glad the wedding trip was easy. I wish Kara and I were there.. Clay is in heaven, for sure.