Monday, October 4, 2010

So in Love

Six weeks…our little guy is six weeks! How did six weeks already happen?!? Sometimes, it would be nice to stop time to try and keep them small forever, but God didn’t give me that super power…shocker. Other times, it would be nice to speed it up…didn’t get that super power either. Things are going well…getting more and more comfortable with both boys. We know children are a blessing from God (sometimes I really need to remind myself of this when Hugh is whining for the millionth time…I’ve said it before and will say it again, whining should be illegal…seriously) – we truly are blessed with the two most amazing boys and we wouldn’t change our lives for anything (well, maybe a full night of sleep…you know like the really good sleep where you wake up when you want and have no other care in the world…sleep like when you were in high school…ah, glorious sleep…wow, I really went on about that…just kidding…I wouldn’t change anything…not even for sleep)!

So, what did week six bring? Well, it continues to bring so much love for our little Judah. I don’t want to look back and feel like I missed everything because I am tired or adjusting…I want to remember it now and enjoy it now. I love it how he’ll put both fists up around his bottle while eating like he is ready to knock out anyone who tries to steal his food (Jake does the same thing…not nearly as cute). I love how he’ll clutch my hands when I feed him. I love his kissable lips and chubby cheeks. I love all of his cute facial expressions. I love how his bottom lip quivers when he is cold. I love his sweet coos and his even sweeter voice. I love that he naps…ah, a baby that naps! I love how mad he can get and his ability to really show it (he can have quite the dramatic side…once again, Jake has this as well…not nearly as cute). I love how he really lets you know he is hungry...screaming hunger (again, he gets that from Jake). I love how he tracks all of us with his eyes when he hears our voices. I love how he stares at Hubey (I am sure he is wondering why he is ALWAYS so loud). I love that he’ll calm down in the middle of the night when I say his name. I love all of his smiles (which are normally reserved for me at this point (he knows I am his cow)…Jake gets some too). I love how his “gas” is so loud and sudden that it scares him…and wakes him up (yes, that came from your little body my friend…you probably have me to thank for that). I love how he’ll snuggle with you after he is fed – especially in the middle of the night. I love how he sticks out his bottom lip when he gets really sad. I love how we can already start to read his personality. I love seeing him grow and wondering what each new day will bring. I love how he completes our family of four right now. God is faithful…so faithful. We are in love and our hearts grow more and more for this little one everyday!

Well, I have fully recovered from the mastitis…still trying to remember to take my antibiotics…I am really bad about finishing antibiotics once I feel better. I feel so much better this week and my supply is going back up…thanks to the ridiculous amount of Fenugreek I have been taking. I am starting to smell sweet, real sweet (almost sweet enough to stop showering…almost). I got brave this week and started venturing out solo with both boys on errands…the first one to Walmart, which is fitting – Walmart was my first outing with Hubey as well. It is okay if your kids totally freak at Walmart – they are expecting it since the place is a total zoo. The boys did fine except for Hugh asking for every last thing…”I wan dat, I wan dat, I wan dat.”…ahhhh! We have also made trips to Target and Costco…the grocery store still intimidates me and probably will not be happening for quite some time. I am still in the “tired” season and am trying to convince myself that I can survive on less sleep…myself has a hard time believing that argument. I know this is a short season in the grand scheme of things, so it is all good. I haven’t seen Jillian again…and to be honest, I don’t miss her. I am sure we will visit again in the future. Judah is getting better in the evenings…it is hit or miss on the fussiness…we pray for the misses. Jake had his first alone experience with the boys…all survived, so I would say it was good. Overall, things are good and thankful that our Lord and Saviour is patient and kind with us…we know we need it.

Thank you all for your prayers…we appreciate (and need) them all. We hope everyone is doing well!


Heidi said...

So cute! I have not even met your little Judah yet. And he is already 6 weeks old! Glad to see that you are venturing out, this may not sound encouraging but I still don't take my kids to the grocery store, I am too scared. And Luke is nearing nine months.

AprilJ said...

He's definitely getting bigger. the noise level in AZ will increase substantially when Clay gets with his cousins. Better prepare poor Judah for that eventuality in a week or so :) Miss you guys.

Amy said...

They are so cute and you are doing great momma! :)