Monday, October 11, 2010

Week Seven

(Sorry, my creative juices on titles is running low…very low.)

Week seven…here we are (I am not going to do my, “Oh, wow…crazy…already week seven” gig, but seriously…already week seven?!?)! I would say things are going well…honestly, still trying to figure Judah out. He is a sweet boy and we love him so much…and he still has his fussy periods…we are not sure if he is fussy just to be fussy or if he needs a higher dose of Zantac due to tummy issues. Babies are a constant guessing game…at least for me. And I think I am always constantly aware if he makes any noise when we are out or other people are over…don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable with a crying baby…I think I need to get over that one. Not sure why I worry about what others think when it comes to my kids (I am sure I am not the only one who struggles with this)…my focus should be on my heart and their hearts (by leading them to the gospel) and not be whether they are crying or wet their pants. I really want to enjoy this time, so I need to stop with the high pressure (for those of you who know me…know that high pressure and my name go hand in hand)…guess I need to bump up the prayer life because God is always faithful. Okay, enough about my insecurities about motherhood – my boys are going to look back on their one year blogs (yes, I really think they’ll read them one day) and think I needed therapy…then again, they’ll really know me at that point and will know I needed therapy (awesome). Overall, another great week…hoping time will stop soon (but very doubtful that it will).

So, what did week seven bring for Judah? Well, it brought more swing time…can a baby be in a swing too much? Will constant swinging create a baby that needs to be in a motion all the time…like a pirate baby or something? We are trying to create it (how cool would a pirate baby be?!?). Sometimes we feel a little guilty about all the swing time, but he seems to enjoy it and he’ll nap in there. Hubey napped in his swing until like six months (and we only broke him at this point because we went on vacation and we weren’t going to have a swing). He is also now enjoying his naps in his room…call him crazy, but he wasn’t enjoying the random screams from his brother any longer…crazy, I know. We think Judah is experiencing his first cold – he is so congested, but it could also be due to the reflux (again, babies are puzzles with missing pieces for me…trying to figure it out). He continues to love the shower…when he gets a shower – Hugh, we bathed every night…and this one bathes more like his Mama…a little dirt doesn’t hurt. He has been sleeping some longer stretches at night…sometimes…I have no expectations, which works out great. I no longer pump in the night (because his sleep isn’t so scheduled at night)…yeah for me and for the missiles I wake up with everyday now. We’ve been trying to enjoy more time outside (SO excited for the better weather…about time…good night, I thought the heat would NEVER end), but Judah is a little unsure of the double stroller…our walk the other night consisted of us holding the kids and pushing the double stroller…made a lot of sense for sure. I think he is going through a growth spurt…he seemed a lot hungrier the last few days (and is not pulling from his thigh reserves…wish he could pull from mine). We’ll find out how much he weighs in the next couple of weeks…I am guessing he will double his birth weight for sure. It is crazy, but at the two month mark is where we started noticing all the feeding issues with Hubey…no problems with Judah and praise God! However, it would be great if he could master the bottle without gulping and choking. He is giving more smiles and lots of sweet. He has a big zit on his cheek and I put some breast milk on know, breast milk works just like Windex...takes care of everything (I know, very random). Definitely think the eyes are turning brown (I know, I know…I am a roller coaster on this whole eye color thing). He loves to get lots of love from his big brother and his big brother loves to give it, BUT gets very dramatic if his brother accidentally throws him an elbow or half-nelson. He still loves some snuggles and gives some great smiles. He is our sweet boy and we are blessed to have him. We constantly thank God for His incredible blessings on our family.

We are thankful God is faithful and patient when we are not. We are thankful God will forgive us and will reveal our sin to us. Life is too short to get caught up in all the silliness of it all…like crying babies and wet pants. I need my focus to be on what matters…like serving God and bringing Him glory. I think I have some work to do…clearly. We hope everyone is doing well and we continue to lift you all up in our prayers!


Amy said...

Precious! To answer your question, no. A baby cannot swing too much. I think Tyson spent the first 6 months of his life napping and sleeping AT NIGHT in the swing..I'm over it :).

AprilJ said...

I never had a cradle swing (only borrowed Michelle's while Clayton was in Iraq) but I definitely agree that no baby can be over-swung.